NameLogicross: Crossword Puzzle
CategoryNew Game
Size85 MB
ReleaseUnico Studio
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Logicross: Crossword Puzzle

Logicross is a crossword puzzle game that offers a unique twist to traditional crosswords. Players are presented with a grid containing blank squares, and instead of having clues for each word, they are given a list of hints that they must solve in order to uncover the correct words.

The game provides a challenging experience as players must use their logical thinking skills to deduce the correct answer based on the given hints. The hints can include statements that narrow down the possibilities for each word, such as “The word starts with the letter ‘B'” or “The word is an animal that lives in the ocean.”

As players progress through the game, the puzzles become increasingly difficult, requiring them to carefully consider the relationships between the hints and potential words to arrive at the correct solutions. Logicross not only improves vocabulary and word association skills, but also exercises the brain’s problem-solving abilities.

With its unique gameplay and increasing levels of difficulty, Logicross offers an immersive and thought-provoking crossword puzzle experience for players who enjoy challenging their minds with logic-based games.

Download ( V1.7.1 )

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