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Introduction to Club of the Lost!

Embark on an exciting role-playing adventure with the game project Club of the Lost! This game promises to open up a whole new and wonderful world of stories for players to immerse themselves in.

Meet Evelina, the Protagonist

Our main character in this captivating adventure is the 16-year-old girl named Evelina. As a high school student, Evelina has faced her fair share of difficulties, leaving her on the verge of despair. However, her life takes a surprising turn when a mysterious new acquaintance disrupts her routine, leading her down a path she never expected.

Evelina is compelled to undergo a transformation, only to find herself transported to a peculiar place that holds the potential to change her for the better. As the story unfolds, players will witness forbidden love, partake in thrilling adventures, experience a myriad of new sensations, and delve into the complexities of serious relationships. Throughout the game, players will be tasked with making critical decisions, navigating through challenges, and progressing through the narrative.

An Engaging Plotline

Club of the Lost! boasts an intriguing plotline that comprises numerous chapters brimming with exciting twists and turns. Each chapter presents players with dilemmas, obstacles, and opportunities to unravel the mysteries that surround Evelina’s journey. The game’s storyline is crafted to keep players engaged, eager to discover what unfolds next, and inclined to revisit chapters to explore alternative choices.

Download ( V1.0.43 )

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