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Lost in Play is a game that allows players to immerse themselves in a digital world where they can explore, solve puzzles, and embark on exciting adventures. It offers a unique gaming experience where players can freely roam around an open world, interacting with various objects and characters.

In Lost in Play, players are given the freedom to choose their own paths and make pivotal decisions that shape the outcome of the game. They can customize their character’s appearance, abilities, and equipment, allowing for a personalized gaming experience.

The game also features a captivating storyline filled with mystery and intrigue. Players delve into a narrative-driven gameplay where they uncover secrets, unravel the truth, and confront challenging enemies. They can team up with friends or embark on solo quests to face various challenges, including intense boss battles and mind-bending puzzles.

Lost in Play boasts stunning graphics and immersive sound design, creating a visually stunning and atmospheric game world. The developers have paid great attention to detail, ensuring that players feel fully immersed in the game’s environments.

Overall, Lost in Play offers a compelling gaming experience that combines open-world exploration, puzzle-solving, and a captivating storyline. With its customizable characters and engaging gameplay, players can get lost in the immersive world and indulge in countless hours of thrilling adventure.

Lost in Play MOD

I was immerged by story, all the puzzles (even the one that I failed to succeed at ) and the graphic I loved it ! Could relate to the character too was viewing my brother and me in them 10/10. This game was amazing, it made think abt all the good times of being a kid and having a fun, wild imagination. If I could replay this game over and over like I was playing it for the first time I would.. Utterly brilliant and enchanting. Enjoyed every moment and every challenge. Puzzles were perfectly balanced and the imaginative narrative full of humour, emotion and fun. Totally lost in it. Well done.. It was a great game until it crashed, now it just keeps crashing and I can't play the rest. It's a shame, I was really enjoying it.. Hands down one of the best games I played. Loved the puzzles, the art work, and just overall the storyline..

Lost in Play APK

** Update: I still love this played through the whole game. It was so amazing that i can't wait to play more games by your team. Such an amazing storyline, beautiful graphics. Well worth it. I hope everyone gets a chance to plays this. I love it. Will purchase the full version when im less broke... but very well made, great graphics, very much enjoyed what i was able to play. Highly suggest playing if you enjoy, Point and click. Style games.. Truly amazing game. Positive, creative, great graphics and sound. Immersive story. The best mobile game I have played in a while. Highly recommended and I am waiting for part 2. Thank you devs! :). Fantastic game with a cute story that keeps you on your toes! Beautiful artwork! The puzzles weren't terribly hard or super easy! This is what everyone wants in a point and click adventure! Loved it! Wish I could play it for the first time again or find games similar to this one!. This... Was Amazing! The puzzles were cute and challenging. And the story had be hooked. I couldn't help but give a genuine smile at the kids antics. Also, this REALLY helped scratch that need for Owl House, Gravity Falls, and Hilda need that I had. Heck, I got my wife wanting to play this. (and she is as I type this. Lol) I can't wait to see if there is more of this series in the future..

Lost in Play APK

Super fun little game. My only complaint is I was so sad when I beat it, I wish there were more levels, i wasnt ready for it to end! Lol. Fun game and wonderful story telling. What a pleasant experience. I'd say good for all ages, though it might be challenging for those under the suggested age of 9. I hope there's more to come from these developers.. Truly the best puzzle - storytelling game out there. Not only the story is amazing, the art style is adorable, but the puzzles are generally well considered. An experience I will never forget. . I liked the game and thought the story was really cute! I just wish you didn't have to pay in order to play the whole game. You only get to play the first 4 levels for free. If it didn't require you to pay, I would have given it 5 stars. You only have to pay $6.99 but I still wish you didn't have to pay. I like how you don't have to watch ads to skip a puzzle or get a hint..

Lost in Play APK

Best game ever I played the demo and it was amazing I would like to play the full version but it's for 29$ it's alot and I wouldn't be able to afford it if you made it 20$ I would appreciate it thank you. "Puzzle Adventure: Lost in Play" offers a captivating journey through its intricate puzzles and immersive storyline. With stunning visuals and atmospheric music, the game draws players into a world filled with mystery and intrigue. Each puzzle is cleverly designed, providing just the right balance of challenge and satisfaction upon completion. The game's narrative unfolds seamlessly, keeping players engaged as they uncover the secrets of the game's world.. Brilliant. Simple, witty, unhinged, cute, a bundle of joy that left me misty eyed. Some puzzles or interactions can be tedious but they are easily overcome thanks to a lenient clue system and forgotten because everything in this game, from the music to the animations and the lore, is fantastic. A work of love.. I really enjoyed this game, it was super unique and very imaginative! It's actually the first mobile game I have ever paid for after playing the demo. I was, however, a little disappointed when it ended when it did after paying 6.50. I am really hoping they are planning on expanding the game somehow. I, for one, would love more levels..

That was actually a great game, don't be fooled by the childish drawing thinking it's for children,the art is actually one of the greatest I've seen, relaxing, fun, eye candy, this game forced me to use brain cells I didn't know I have, it's fun, relaxing, and really challenging, Bravo creators, bravo!!. Misleading, full game is available for PURCHASE! No where is this stated before wasting data. Disappointing to say the least. $6.99 think much of yourselves. Playing the "legal language" games doesn't scrap the scum off. Really good modern point and click. Great animation, fun puzzles and works great on phone. More of this plz. Showing my age but the no speech reminds me of goblins 3 . I love everything about it. The animation, the puzzles, the interactions, it's everything i expected in these type of games and this blew my expectations. The only thing I hate about this game is how short it is. Please do make more games of this type. I'd happily spend without a second thought..

Absolutely in love! This is such a sweet and nostalgic game. It reminded me of my childhood and all the silly make believe games I used to play. It's quite evident throughout the game that the makers have put their heart into it. From the animations to the music to the puzzles, everything was beautiful. Truly one of my best gaming purchases!. Very cute and imaginative. As if 2 kids were playing and anything they imagined came to life. One issue: when fishing for coins, after getting 5, DO NOT COME BACK TO THE FISHING POLE. LEAVE TO THE MAIN ISLAND. I got stuck in the middle of the rope bridge trying to see if there was more to do. There was not. I had to restart the episode.. well you can play 6 or so levels then you have to pay to continue it is a good game tho. I'll give it 4 stars I do like the graphics and the story line but the only down fall of this game is the vibration hopefully you guys can remove it and replace it with sound effects instead or put an option for that. I honestly dislike it how you guys put the vibration on apakaoa guys...

awesome game! the puzzles are really entertaining and the art style is cute so it doesn't get boring quickly. sadly I don't have the money to purchase the full version but I'll definitely try the other levels out once I do. I really like the game so far except at times it "freezes" like I can mov3 the character but nothing else or I can click on things but the character does not move... I have to back out and get back in. This usually fixes it most of the time. I completed the game, very interesting and amazing game. Cartoons are really good and that launguage sounds are so cute. I am waiting for the 2 version.. Probably one of the most interesting and innocent high quality games I've played. Awesome graphics and sound. Very childhood like relatable characters. It just sucks you in by grabbing your innocence and inner child. If you like innocent games that are high quality and engaging, look no further. Just a great game. I promise you won't be disappointed..

Wonderful game! Amazing world, gripping but lovely story, exiting and full of discovery. Gamification flows and supports the story perfectly. Love this, great work all yous designers and developers.. Beautiful puzzle game, some of the puzzles were quite hard to crack even for an adult, but still very enjoyable.. After we bought it, literally, the skip mechanism is no longer available, and my kids no longer like it as it does not deliver the same feature set as it did in the "trial" version. The kids don't comprehend why the game would just change the mechanics. Dislike any game that changes after you buy it; classic bad game design. I feel this game is pushed by the "community" as a best educational game, but it falls short for kids. Maybe there are too many reviews from adult players, but not by kids.. This was an amazing cinematic puzzle game! The art and play was just flawless. Could not even begin to rave about how the story and game just pulls you in..

I happened to see this game and thought the animation look good. Then I played it. And it's a straight 10! Animations, bgm, sfx, and the voice dub. Straight 10. Really like how the conversation is in a strange language but you will understand anyway thanks to the clear guide, body language and character's expression. And love how they combine a storyline of family love and adventure puzzle, with a whole new world, creatures and villain. The puzzle is moderate level, not too hard, but super fun!. Fun game with funny animation! I only played the free episodes (there were 4), and I enjoyed them. The game was easy to follow, especially with the free hints. If only the other episodes were also free to play... Thank you to the developers for this lovely game.. I loved the game. Good story and really felt like I was being drawn into it. Old concept new and fun Packed with something different than the dead hidden object puzzles. Unfortunately, negatively, I felt that a lot of the story was skipped, some adventures on the way home had a lot of opportunities to make the game twice as long.. This game is so fun! No glitches, no ads. The puzzles are challenging, and the animation is awesome. I don't usually rate game apps I download but this one was so fun! The language is not English, but the developers made it easy to play even though it's not in English. Don't let that be the decision you don't play it. I would download another game by this developer..

Dreamworld worth every penny. Even the credits reminded me of my kids and their imagination. Honestly best game ive e.ver played.. This game is beyond the words of appreciation, I love the each of the puzzles and animations in this game, This game is somehow different from other puzzle games, I love the way that the game reflects our imagination perfectly.. This was a wonderful and enjoyable game. Beautiful and fun story and graphics. My boyfriend and I had fun playing through the puzzles together. The only downside? I finished it. Though it is fun enough I will play it again. Thank you!. Wow. I loved this game. Engaging puzzles. Funny character interactions. Entertaining little stories. I only wish there were more levels but over all, I give it 5 stars. Hopefully they make a sequel..

Oh my gosh this game is one of my favourites but I've played the game SO MANY TIMES i think it would be nice if you could add some more levels?. Mnh cha chi bn y , nhng li chi n gin, th v, ha d thng style ging gravity falls, nhc nn hay, c nhiu mn kh tng dn rt tuyt. Beautiful game with so much effort start to finish. Even end credits are really beautiful. Made me feel like i can meet all the families shown.. Gameplay is fun but NOT worth the expensive price tag for a relatively short game (I completed in one night!).

Just completed it and loved it! It's aimed at children but the puzzles require enough logistical thinking challenges to satisfy adult needs too. The innocence of children's play & imagination is captured brilliantly and it even has comical elements that made me chuckle out loud several times. As other reviews have stated, there is no language really, so the story & instructions are conveyed through the power of pictures only, which makes it perfect for players of all ages & nationalities. 5* !!. I'm pretty sure in the years that I've played any game on my phone this is the first game I've rated a 5 star. It was fun and challenging at the same time with ease of play. You guys should make more!. I cannot express how amazing this game is. The style, story, and soundtrack all took me by surprise, and I absolutely love it! I had to tell others about it in hopes they'd play as well, haha.. OK so the fact that I have to pay to play the game is kinda stupid, especially since you advertised it as a FREE game. Like maybe you could make the main game free and add on extra special chapters that you have to pay for, and get your money that way. I also recommend that you make it CLEAR that you actually have to pay to play this game before people install it. Like, say it's only a demo, cause I was really excited to play, but then I found out I had to pay AFTER installing it. Cute though..

Amazing game. The Story is fun the music and character sounds are awesome. The puzzles are difficult but not so hard you want to quit. If you play till the end there's a really cool feature in the credits. I don't like playing video games on the phone, but this one was the first game ever I finished completely on the phone =). This game is great and fun though its events don't make any sense. But playing it is very enjoyable.. Great little game. Nice story. Fun and sometimes Challenging puzzles. Couple of times was hard to figure out what to do..

Such an awesome game! So cute and well made. I love that it took me a good amount of time to complete, although I didn't want it to end!! I'd love a sequel!!. The best Android game I've ever played. The graphics are great, puzzles are challenging but doable, the story is intriguing and cute, the game is very fulfilling.. Falsely advertises itself as a free game. This is just a demo. Game itself was okay. Puzzles seemed wildly inconsistent in difficulty level. Most were obviously aimed at children, but then you randomly get a spike in difficulty with no middle ground. Difficulty should ramp up, not look like a polygraph chart.. Thankyou for develop a good game, im realy loved your art style, the story line was simple but awesome. Thank you again..

Played just the trial of the game and I'm already in love with it. The graphics are amazing. Gameplay is very fun and amusing. The animation is also very cute. I love the creativity of things and the little puzzles here and there. The trial showed a great preview of things. I look forward to the rest of it!. Incredible production value, from animation to gameplay. I am an adult who is pretty good at puzzle games, and some of the puzzles took me several tries and some brain power. Besides the obvious story and animation, I'm surprised based on the puzzles that this is targeted at a young age. It's good for adults too!. Wasn't too bad, nice story, and well-made animation. Would have liked it to have been a bit longer as it was really enjoyable.. Hope there will be another game like this. If I could have given more than 5 stars I would have. Funny, exciting and a real brain tease (but doesn't make you frustrated). Animation is amazing... The game is so addictive, finished it in a day. Really enjoyed this a lot..

The team seems to have people who have a good understanding of animations. Felt like playing through a cartoon. Loved the story and puzzles as well..

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