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Latest of Magic Arena: Battle Royale Promo Codes


Magical Amulet of Power, Dragon Egg Companion, Enchanted Potion of Invisibility, Phoenix Feather Wand, Spellbook of Infinite Spells.


Coupon Reward: Unlock 3 new spells, gain extra gold, double XP, and exclusive character skin for next match.

How to Redeem Code for Spell Arena: Battle Royale

To redeem a gift code in Spell Arena: Battle Royale, open the game, navigate to the settings menu, select "Redeem Code," enter the code accurately, and tap "Confirm" to receive the rewards instantly. Enjoy your gifts!

List of Spell Arena: Battle Royale Codes

1. R4TH-5J7K-8Y2D
2. Q9LM-3VRX-6N8P
3. F2GH-1K0S-4T6W
4. B7ZN-3QRV-9I5M
5. H8DC-2F5G-4K1Q
6. S6VA-9PLX-3R2N
7. W0EZ-7YKG-4X8D
8. L3PO-6MNQ-2R8W
10. D7HB-1Y5G-9X2P
11. M4CR-8ILK-2N9X
12. J1WT-5PAZ-6F3Q

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