Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest is an addictive role-playing game in which you’ll build a powerful deck and fight your opponents!  Create a powerful deck, and use the unique abilities of the heroes. Collect powerful spells and creatures, participate in exciting PVP battles with other players worldwide, join the coalition,, and fight epic bosses. Collect three-in-a-row crystals and get energy, participate in daily events, and get rewards.

Latest of Magic: Puzzle Quest Codes


How to Redeem Code for Magic: Puzzle Quest

To redeem a gift code in Magic: Puzzle Quest, start by opening the game on your device. Next, tap on the "Menu" icon and select "Store." In the store, look for the "Redeem Code" option and tap on it. Enter the gift code in the provided field and tap "Redeem." If the code is valid, the rewards will be added to your account. Enjoy using the redeemed items to enhance your gameplay experience in Magic: Puzzle Quest.

List of Magic: Puzzle Quest Codes

1. Code: MPQGIFT1 - Unlock a rare card pack and 500 mana crystals to enhance your deck strategy in Magic: Puzzle Quest.
2. Code: PUZZLE8MAGIC - Get a surprise gift in the form of 1000 gold coins to spend on upgrades or new cards in the game.
3. Code: MYSTERYDECK - Receive a mystery deck of powerful cards to give your opponents a run for their money in Magic: Puzzle Quest.
4. Code: SPELLBOUND7 - Unleash the power of seven spell cards with this code, designed to help you dominate your opponents in epic battles.
5. Code: MAGICBOOST5 - Gain a boost of magical energy with 5 poti