NameMakeover Master – Home Design
CategoryNew Game
ReleaseBigcool Games

Makeover Master – Home Design is a popular game that allows players to unleash their creativity and design skills in order to transform ordinary homes into stunning masterpieces. In this game, players take on the role of a home designer and are given a variety of tasks to complete, such as selecting furniture, choosing color schemes, and arranging décor.

The game offers a wide range of styles and themes, including modern, minimalist, rustic, and more, allowing players to cater to different clients’ preferences and create unique designs. Players can also unlock new décor items and furniture by completing levels and earning rewards.

Makeover Master – Home Design also features a challenging match-three puzzle game. By successfully completing these puzzles, players earn special power-ups and boosters that can be used to speed up the design process.

Overall, Makeover Master – Home Design provides an engaging and fun gaming experience that allows players to express their creativity and design skills, making it a must-play for home design enthusiasts.

Makeover Master – Home Design MOD

Way too difficult as it doesn't always show you where the items are you have to eliminate. Just wants you to spend money buying eliminators.. Uninstalled this game and bubble shooter kingdom not because I don't like them I love your games but for a few days I can't get my spins because of a stupid ad that's telling me to install games and it will not go away tried everything so done with it might come back to them at a later date.. I like it because this game is offline and I have no words for this game and the game was really great I love the level 120 it was superb. I love this game it is the best game and I have no problem with it, it has surpassed my expectations. The game is so amazing I love it so much it is much better than project makeover I love the game.

Makeover Master – Home Design APK

260 levels done and it says new level are coming soon : / I enjoyed playing it please bring new levels soon P. S the ads are annoying. This game is so amazing bohot maja ata hai jitna level complete hota hai utna tape level ata hai or usko solve karne ma or jada maja ata hai it is very amazing game I love it. This game is a fake copy of project makeover and the grafics are very very bad . Project makeover is much better than your game (Makeover master). That's why I am rating it 2 . "Worst cheated game ever".. This game is perfect but you always need to play when you need money and it gives you less money can you please increase the amount of money .

Makeover Master – Home Design APK

I should have give all the five star the game is really good I really enjoyed play it, but I have problem with the game it have been almost 2 days now the other level is not open Why, they are telling me it coming soon but it is not open. Went to the game clicked update game in lobby to play brought me to google play store and there is no update button it says play or unistall . I'm in middle of level 220 haven't finished rooftop garden . I look my other post to see if there was reply but there all gone . I liked the game up till now . Can't find it in app store so I can only play it on computer. I don't want to get rid of game and if i unistall and then install i will have to start over I don't want to do that .. The design is elegant and nice but , why do i need to play? Without paying me .. waste of time .I feel bored playing this games.. I really love this game no adds and the decor is beautiful and the storyline is easy to follow it's amazing game and the match 3 is challenging but fun I gave this game 5 and you don't have spend real money that's the best part you need diamonds you can watch adds thank you and hope you all have a wonderful holiday.

Makeover Master – Home Design APK

Awesome game!! I appreciate that I can choose to watch adds for extra score and I do. Well done devs. so far so good game,done level 200, waiting for new season like this game, thank you so much for bringing this game.. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME PLEASE READ MY REVIEW I DELETED this game IT SUCKS, WORST match 3 game I've played. Support team don't care if you play or not, they WON'T change any issues about this game. It should be removed from the playstore ASAP Some levels are EXTREMELY HARD to beat It took me 24 tries to beat level 142 and I played level 143 25 times and still didn't get past it! Takes to many gems to get 5 extra moves, hard to get boosters, takes to many coins to get decorations.. Just as your pic shows on your video - I was hoping the game was like this but it's not. It'd be nice to see this game like the 1st/pic shown. I see that I alone am not thee only 1 whom has commented about thee exact same issue. My suggestion is to remove this pic and not give game players like myself false hope. Sadly to say this is complete false advertisement. It would be great to see a game made to be played just exactly like the pic you have shown. Please create 1 and notify me too..

Really like it even the ads aren't that bad. Like that you can watch an ad to get more power ups and get more lives. Good story line also..

Download ( V1.6.0 )

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