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This superb software program is a cease resolution for all your stay-streaming necessities. You may make Mango Stay a pleasant addition to your cell social app pool. It’s straightforward to use, and you’ll love being part of this device. The straightforward-to-use interface will make you a fan of this software program.

Mango Stay is likely one of the best methods to get your life online. Irrespective of your family and friends’ distance, you may always keep linked with them at no cost. As well as you may watch different stay TV stations. See what is happening in the lives of associates and strangers. Why not be part of or create a web-based clan? This provides depth to online socialization with the Mango Stay platform.

Mango live MOD

App isn't that bad but when trying to talk with customer service to delete my account and information, they give you the same responses; first they ask you why you are deleting the app and then give instructions on how to "delete" your account but it doesn't work. Then they don't respond back to you on why their instructions don't work or give any additional help. I've tried 3 times and have been given the exact same string of messages...probably some type of automatic response from AI.... Very bad customer service! I am having problem with my top up. The payment was successful but my diamond didn't add up. All the customer service said was "we will check". It has been three days and I have made 2 reports. Overall the app is good, but my star will remain one until my problem is fixed. Really stupid app simply banned my account without reason I'm not host I'm just a viewer and they just took my 20000 worth diamond.... Really disgusting apps stealing people money easyly.... Scammer ! Already top up but haven't received it at all , and it's already 4 days . Already contact CS , feedback also but no action at all for this. Hello i would like to put up an agency. In your streaming app. So i message you in your email provided but still no response..

Mango live APK

Teruk..bila buat aduan tiada respond..nk contact customer service pom susah..dah la bila buat pembelian selalu gagal..tapi duit tolak..bila buat aduan langsung tiada respond..babi punya app macam ni. Last update is really bad. It shows only people from Egypt, Morocco and other 2 countries. What i used to like most about this app is that we can see people from a variety of countries.. TOTALLY SCAM!!! I was top up diamond but not receive the diamonds, WHY??!!! give me back my money!!! WHERE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!!! My problem still not solved, please respon my messenger and my email for my refund, thanks.... Gw sumpahin bangkrut nih aplikasi !!! topup gw gak masuk terus, udah laporan lewat FB, jawaban tunggu terus, padahal ini udah 1 Minggu lebih !!! Bangke !!!.

Mango live APK

When i am starting this i can see live from all countries.. Now can see only from Arab live only... Even not see in live of who have i followed.. This app intentionally, trying to find a violation of a host for them not to get paid their monthly salary... This app is a scam... Poor models that i know.... This apps very good..i got more friends here..but suddenly my acc has been Banned n device Also..i did email and messenger to the customer service..Please Help to my issue..i used much money in this apps but please fix my problems..if got anything wrong tell me what it is..I will not do ut again.. because i never making harassment or such as scamms behavior in this apps..Please reply me on Email/Fb messenger ASAP..Thanks.. I have been using it for a few months. I really like this app. I have a problem within uae today. I can't connect live streaming from any Asian countries except the Middle East. What is that issue?.

Mango live APK

your service is not got mango app it is true ?????? taken coin and run ?? Plz ad it good think so aome is true and injoy it your app my coin is free your app thinking so i happy. PORN INSIDE , Thank you mango !! For training our girl to to do porn , I reported few porn accounts, you said it will banned , but nothing! PORN INSIDE. I already paid for the premium cash but it didnt give me ! (Dah dibayar 165ribu tapi gk diksh diamondnya !) parah ! 1 star !. I'm unable to join an agency neither can I create my own agency, it's like the app doesn't work in Africa.

One of the reasons why Mango Live may be considered cool is because of its interactive features that enable users to engage with their followers in real-time . Give back my suck when u recharge cause it cost money and no diamond are given.please fix this type of problem.. Please fix the connection it's to high need more signals to open this apps Even my signal is okay but my live is not please fix this sir/ma'am. I already buy diamond but not yet receiver 5days already , make report on feedback but not reply and refund my money . Scammed apps.

They said pornography is prohibited at their app. But my report doesn't make the host banned permanently. I think this app support pornography content as long as it's give them a lot of money. This kind of app can't be at play store or apple store.. I want to do live but I'm not allowed coz its for the host?! So what am supposed to do with this app,just to watch..Do i hve to pay just to do live broadcast?..And why always lag? Its very bad app. it says service unavailable for device ,before i login from my phone now i cant login,why??? i problem is not yet solved ,i already chat in messenger but i didnt got any response from mango. really disgusting. The app is very good and active but I tried register as a streamer, it won't let me because of my region (Africa Nigeria ) please do something about it I've been waiting for months and I will still be waiting because my gifters from other apps wants to come with me to mango app.

I want to work as an admin of Mango Bangladesh, give me some advice on how to get the opportunity. no respone about my refund because the diamond not entre i pay that at 26 DEC 2022 until now no respone about my REFUND!!!!. I give 1 star rating because Password room is no longer available. I will change to 5 star if Password room is available.. Very nice adult only 18+ live steaming app similar to bigo with more nudity and less banning alot of potential need alot more broadcasters if you've been banned from other apps for showing too much skin try this app. edit 11-20-22 no longer working just says network error please fix.

This apps very worst.could not allowed to take screenshot/ store must banned this apps if not allowed to took screenshot. ,is the ru DC do we G editiont r, decided to the next Baby q usually Duke edge dwell in my I e vehicle. This can not be accessed through google Facebook or by phone number and I used to use it all the time.. It's a lovely and pleasure apps,it will be more better when you will add some more payment options like Google pay, nexus pay, PayPal etc.

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