Embark on an epic adventure in Legend of Mushroom: Rush – SEA, a thrilling mobile game by publisher SPARKGAME. Immerse yourself in a magical realm filled with mystical creatures and ancient secrets waiting to be uncovered. Use strategic skills to conquer challenges and unlock new levels. Enter the codes provided by SPARKGAME to unlock special rewards and enhance your gaming experience.

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“Embark on a mythical journey with the legend of Mushroom: Rush – SEA and win magical items, rare mounts, and exclusive skins.”


“Receive a free golden mushroom, +50% XP boost, and exclusive armor skin with this fantasy coupon in Legend of Mushroom: Rush – SEA!”

How to Redeem Code for Legend of Mushroom: Rush - SEA

To redeem a gift code in Legend of Mushroom: Rush - SEA, open the game, navigate to the gift code redemption section, enter the code accurately, and claim your rewards instantly for an enhanced gaming experience.

List of Legend of Mushroom: Rush - SEA Codes

1. Code: LMRS2022GIFT01
2. Code: LMRS2022GIFT02
3. Code: LMRS2022GIFT03
4. Code: LMRS2022GIFT04
5. Code: LMRS2022GIFT05
6. Code: LMRS2022GIFT06
7. Code: LMRS2022GIFT07
8. Code: LMRS2022GIFT08

Legend of Mushroom: Rush - SEA is a thrilling gaming experience that transports players into a fantasy world filled with adventure and challenges. These gift codes can unlock exclusive in-game items, power-ups, and rewards to enhance your gameplay. Use them wisely to gain an edge over your competitors and conquer the Mushroom Kingdom. Hurry and redeem these codes to embark on an epic journey in Legend of Mushroom: Rush - SEA.

Download ( V2.0.19 )