NameMarbel Movie Adventure
ReleaseEduca Studio
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Marbel Movie Adventure

The most interesting movie on your phone. In the Marbel Movie Adventure project, you can choose your favorite movie, buy popcorn and watch it in 3D.

An adventure in the world of cinema where you need to buy a ticket, go to the buffet, and buy popcorn. You can even go to the toilet, visit the waiting room and end up watching an interesting movie. Explore all the space in the cinema, isn’t it interesting? Here you will find 8 fun and very interesting activities. Choose the movie you want to watch and take your seat in the auditorium. Play mini-games, discover all the latest and quite interesting. The cutest visitors, an exciting movie adventure, and watching an interesting movie. An exciting adventure Marbel Movie Adventure in a large cinema, where there is definitely something to do.

Download ( V5.0.7 )