NameMarbel Movie Adventure
ReleaseEduca Studio

The most interesting movie on your phone. In the Marbel Movie Adventure project, you can choose your favorite movie, buy popcorn and watch it in 3D.

An adventure in the world of cinema where you need to buy a ticket, go to the buffet, and buy popcorn. You can even go to the toilet, visit the waiting room and end up watching an interesting movie. Explore all the space in the cinema, isn’t it interesting? Here you will find 8 fun and very interesting activities. Choose the movie you want to watch and take your seat in the auditorium. Play mini-games, discover all the latest and quite interesting. The cutest visitors, an exciting movie adventure, and watching an interesting movie. An exciting adventure Marbel Movie Adventure in a large cinema, where there is definitely something to do.

Marbel Movie Adventure MOD

banner ads permanent blocking the games I can't play, that its not google ads but that is educa permanent ads, blocking the point of the game, please be aware this game for educated kids not for profit at all. i hate it whenever i put the bag in the shelf it is allways say wrong guys do not download this app it is stupid. I thought u could do this your self or u were going to be the character instead it was lame and i hate the ads 100%. I think it glitched cause you can not move characters all of a sudden,never install it lol lol lol lol lol lol lol.. Do not install worst game ever I have ever played you don't move the people a round you have to do stupid things do not install.

Marbel Movie Adventure APK

Boo! Worst game ever so so so stupid if all of your games are stupid then erase it on google!. this game is sucks because this game is black and out on my phone please fix this and you fix it a give you a five stars. Omg. stfu "Denise leontgf" or whatever the hell your name is! They're not as popular which means they don't make as much money as "Toca Boca" does. Which also means they can't create as quality games, You're annoying, Illiterate and retarded!. WTH WORST GAME ALL OF YOUR GAMES ARE BAD DO SOMETHING LIKE TOCA BOCA BUT MAKE IT FREE AND I WOT SAY ITS HIRRIBLE I WILL RATE IF DO THAT .

Marbel Movie Adventure APK

This game is good but for playing only for 1 time....but l liked this game.... not bad but make it more good..

Download ( V5.0.7 )

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