McDo+ is a new loyalty program introduced by McDonald’s in France. It offers exclusive deals, personalized offers, and allows users to collect points and win prizes. The program aims to enhance the customer experience and strengthen their loyalty to the brand.

Latest of McDo+ Promo Codes

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Introducing the “Enchanted Adventure Discount” at McDo+! Embark on a magical quest with every purchase to unlock extraordinary discounts. Discover mythical coupons for free desserts, enchanted toys, and secret menu items. Join the adventure today and let the magic of savings transport you to a fantastical world! ✨


“Enter the magical realm of McDo+! Unlock the legendary coupon and enjoy marvelous benefits like a free enchanted meal, a mystical dessert upgrade, or a potion of unlimited fries. Adventure awaits with McDo+!”

How to Redeem Promo Code in McDo+

To redeem a promo code in McDo+, open the app and navigate to the "Promotions" section. Enter the code in the designated field and click "Redeem". The discount or offer will be applied to your order during checkout. Enjoy your savings on delicious meals from McDonald's!

List of McDo+ Coupon Code

1. Code: DRAG0NM4ST3R - Get 10% off on all fantasy-themed meals at McDo+.

2. Code: ELVENFEAST - Enjoy a free dessert with the purchase of any main course at McDo+.

3. Code: W1TCHESBR3W - Buy one potion drink and get the second one at half price at McDo+.

4. Code: MYST1CCHEF - Receive a mystery gift with any purchase of a family meal at McDo+.

5. Code: F4IRYTALE20 - Get 20% off on your next order of enchanted fries at McDo+.

6. Code: KNIGHTSRULE - Enjoy a complimentary upgrade to a deluxe burger at McDo+.

7. Code: SORCERERSPECIAL - Buy one enchanted shake and get one free at McDo+.

8. Code: DRAGONSSNACK - Receive a free side dish with the purchase of a magical combo meal at McDo+.

9. Code: PIXIEPARTY - Get a discount on your next order of mystical milkshakes at McDo+.

10. Code: WIZARD10 - Enjoy 10% off on all fantasy-themed beverages at McDo+.

11. Code: UNICORNMEAL - Buy one unicorn burger and get the second one half price at McDo+.

12. Code: MAGICALFEAST - Receive a special prize with any order of a legendary feast at McDo+.