Merge Tactics: Kingdom Defense is a beautiful strategy game in which you must protect your kingdom from invaders. To do this, you will need to competently manage the forces of your army, placing them in the path of opponents. Try to consider each unit’s characteristics to use their capabilities as efficiently as possible!

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The game’s mechanics consist of the fact that you will need to place your soldiers on the battlefield in front of the castle, divided into dozens of squares of the same size. Opponents will attack you in waves, gradually increasing their power. Initially, you will have only a few types of units at your disposal, but even with them, you can fight off the first waves of enemies. Try to place ranged fighters in the back rows to quickly attack opponents, while more protected soldiers will take the brunt.


It is worth noting that during the battle,e you can freely move your units around the ma, within the territory provided to you. Thanks to this, you can respond to enemy attacks and perform the necessary maneuvers at any time. As you progress, you will have access to new types of fighters and various abilities, and you will be able to increase their power by leveling up!