In the high-octane world of MerX, players engage in intense multiplayer PvP battles, armed with powerful weapons and tactical skills. Published by Thematica Point, MerX delivers a thrilling gaming experience with its cutting-edge graphics and immersive gameplay. Sharpen your aim, strategize with your team, and dominate the battlefield as you unlock the codes to victory in MerX.

Latest of MerX: Multiplayer PvP shooter Codes


Legendary loot: enchanted armor, powerful weapons, and rare skins. Unlock exclusive maps, emotes, and unlimited in-game currency. Experience ultimate power.


Coupon Reward: Enhance your MerX experience with random fantasy loot – rare weapons, gold, XP boosts, exclusive skins, and more!

How to Redeem Code for MerX: Multiplayer PvP shooter

To redeem a gift code in MerX: Multiplayer PvP shooter, open the game, go to the settings menu, select "Redeem Code," enter the code, and confirm. Enjoy the rewards in your game!

List of MerX: Multiplayer PvP shooter Codes

1. Code: MRXGFT01 - Unlock exclusive weapon skins and boosts in MerX!
2. Code: SHOOTER88 - Redeem for in-game currency and rare loot drops in MerX PvP!
3. Code: GIFTBATTLE - Get a special character skin and bonus XP in MerX multiplayer battles!
4. Code: WARZONE19 - Claim powerful gear and premium perks for your MerX PvP experience!
5. Code: SNIPERX7 - Receive a sniper rifle upgrade and unique emotes for MerX PvP play!
6. Code: GAMERGIFT - Enjoy a bundle of rewards and bonuses to enhance your MerX gaming sessions!
7. Code: VICTORY22 - Unlock victory-themed cosmetics and boosts for your MerX character!
8. Code: RIVALRY13 - Redeem for a competitive edge and exclusive content in MerX PvP matches!