MIR4 is an upcoming open-world MMORPG that features a unique code system for in-game rewards. Players can redeem MIR4 codes to receive various items such as cosmetics, resources, and currency. These codes are often shared through social media, events, or promotions, providing players with additional incentives and bonuses to enhance their gameplay experience.

Latest of MIR4 Gift Codes


“A mystical dragon mount, legendary armor set, epic weapon of power, rare pet companion, and a stash of gold.”


Unlock a secret dungeon, get double XP for 24 hours, and win exclusive cosmetics in MIR4 with this mysterious coupon!

How to Redeem Code for MIR4

To redeem a gift code in MIR4, open the game, go to the shop menu, select the "Enter Coupon" option, and input the code. Tap confirm to redeem the gift and receive rewards.

List of MIR4 Codes

1. Code: MIR4GIFT01 - Unlock exclusive in-game items in MIR4.
2. Code: DRAG0NG1FT - Receive a special dragon mount to aid you in battles.
3. Code: MYSTIC4GIFT - Gain access to rare mystical equipment for your character.
4. Code: WARR10RGFT - Enhance your warrior's strength with powerful weapons and armor.
5. Code: SH4D0WG1FTS - Explore the shadows with mysterious gifts for your character.
6. Code: EL1TEG1FTS4U - Elevate your gameplay with elite gifts tailored for your progress.
7. Code: LEGENDARY4U - Unleash legendary rewards and treasures in MIR4.
8. Code: M4G1C4LREWARD - Discover magical surprises and bonuses to aid you on your journey in MIR4.