NameMLB 9 Innings Rivals
CategoryNew Game
Size115 MB

MLB 9 Innings Rivals is a popular mobile game that centers around the Major League Baseball (MLB) world. Players can build and manage their own baseball teams, competing against other players around the globe in real-time matches. The game offers an extensive roster of MLB players, allowing users to draft and train their own dream team. Players can strategically choose their lineup, hone their skills, and customize their team’s strategy.

Additionally, MLB 9 Innings Rivals features a card collecting system where players can unlock and collect cards of their favorite players. These cards can then be used to enhance the team’s overall performance and give players an edge in matches.

The game offers different game modes, including quick matches, league battles, and tournaments. In quick matches, players can engage in casual, fast-paced games to improve their skills and earn rewards. League battles allow players to join or create teams, competing against other teams in weekly leagues. Tournaments provide a more challenging experience where players strive to become champions and win exclusive prizes.

To enhance the gameplay experience, MLB 9 Innings Rivals offers stunning graphics, realistic player animations, and immersive sound effects. The game also provides regular updates to reflect real-world MLB events, including player transfers, injuries, and performances.

Overall, MLB 9 Innings Rivals provides an exciting and immersive baseball experience for fans of the sport, allowing them to compete against other players worldwide and build their ultimate MLB team.

MLB 9 Innings Rivals MOD

Give us who had 120 oa plus teams in the old game a free sig any how the game looks great so far. The pitching is great the game is great and all but the batting sucks I waited a full month for this. I LOVE THE GRAPHICS!! I have not seen a game with this good of graphics for a while. I can tell that a lot of love was put into it! . Phenomenal graphics and ease of gameplay mechanics. My only issue is I can't play Full Play in exhibition mode even though it says you can in the game manual. Game crashes every time you finish a game, doesn't matter what mode... Game also freezes and bugs out saying (Abnormal Connection) then freezes entirely... Please fix this.

MLB 9 Innings Rivals APK

This game is power hunger, and it's totally worth it. But seriously, developers need to do something about this power hunger. U.I is complicated, and for someone who always wants easy and done, this U.I. is a major problem for beginners. The tutorial is for intermediate user, for beginner I don't see why they want to continue to play this. Match making? I think developers need to solve the problem of optimization issues first before the server. And there are bugs in full gameplay.. The worst in the Innings series, imagine doing an event where only the first 5 pitches are hittable and somehow after that every swing is very early or very late. Garbage pull rates and overpriced packs, typical of a cash grab game with no balance whatsoever.. This company makes online only games that don't work online. The only part of any offering that works as intended is where you enter your credit card info. It won't work on 5 bar 5g and this company is never able to fix anything.. I really like this game the graphics are really good and it's a huge time waster if you like baseball this is the game for you.

MLB 9 Innings Rivals APK

Wow.What can I say.For a portable,it is amazing.The graphics are clean,AI got smarter.Only played one game so far and it's been fantastic.Love updating the crowds and more animations as well as the replay.The batting is MUCH improved.Strikes and balls are far easier to see plus you slowed down batters swing to more realistic.Its more timing now.So far 10 thumbs up.Again ty.Your THE BEST.. Not really a fan of the vertical screen setup. Was kinda hoping it to be an improvement of the MLB 9 Innings regular version. Unfortunately you guys at Com2us have disappointed me again. Thanks so much...I think?. App made avaliable but official service not ready to begin by developer. Please remove this from the store till developer is ready as this is very misleading..

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