NameMultiplication and Division Tables Training
ReleaseN/A Studio

The most fun math for your kids. Multiplication and Division Tables. Training. will help your children develop, gain new knowledge and solve interesting problems.

Develop multiplication, and division, solve interesting problems, gain more knowledge and go through the game to the very end. You will find a fairly convenient multiplication table, division for the whole family, and unique innovations. Your kids can easily learn how to multiply, divide and solve problems. There are statistics on the answers that will help you gain new knowledge. Can you get three stars on all levels, solve more difficult equations and become a leader? Learn the multiplication table, develop in the most qualitative ways and move on. Absolutely in all tasks, sections will be available that you can choose for yourself in full.

Multiplication and Division Tables Training MOD

Very good i tried it myself and it's free , it does have some ads but i think it's so worth it.i recommend. I also recommend for parents to try it themselves.. I love this game it teach my children to grade 1 to 3 and now there are grade 7 the auther one is grade 12 and I'm glad they passed full in mathematicians. I loved it, it is so much fun and very entertaining your kid with love it free and fun and your kid with love it and learn a lot. This app is amazing! No paying and a lot of options to learn! Even though, i gave 5 stars, there is still something that i will like you to add. I would like that there would be an option in the settings to remove the choice answers. So, instead on pressing the right answer, we could just write down the answer, if you understand. The last comment is: Wow. It's a very good app but the reason why I gave it 4 stars because it goes up to 10 but I still recommend it.

Multiplication and Division Tables Training APK

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