Murder in the Alps is a mystery game where players investigate a murder in a remote hotel in the Swiss Alps. To progress in the game, players can redeem codes for in-game rewards and bonuses, helping them uncover clues and solve the mystery. Using these codes strategically can enhance the gameplay experience and provide an extra edge in unraveling the gripping storyline.

Latest of Murder in the Alps Promo Codes


Unlock the enchanted chest to receive a magical sword, rare armor, and a potion of invisibility. Defeat your foes with style!

ZUCkmpexXXX Get

“Unlock a secret clue, gain 100 coins, reveal a hidden room, receive a detective hat in Murder in Alps.”

How to Redeem Code for Murder in Alps: Hidden Mystery

To redeem a gift code in Murder in Alps: Hidden Mystery, open the game, go to settings, select "Redeem Code," enter the gift code, and tap "Confirm." Enjoy your rewards!

List of Murder in Alps: Hidden Mystery Codes

1. Code: ALPS2021GIFT1 - Unravel the secrets of Murder in Alps: Hidden Mystery with this exclusive gift code!
2. Code: MYSTERY2021FREE - Explore the chilling landscapes and solve mysteries with this special gift code.
3. Code: HIDDENSECRETS100 - Dive into the world of Murder in Alps with this mysterious gift code.
4. Code: ALPSTHEMYSTERY - Crack the case and reveal the truth with this intriguing gift code.
5. Code: PUZZLE2021HUNT - Use this gift code to unlock hidden clues and solve the murder in Alps.
6. Code: SECRETSCODEX12 - Uncover the dark secrets of Murder in Alps with this cryptic gift code.
7. Code: ALPSINVESTIGATE8 - Investigate the crime scene and catch the culprit with this gift code.
8. Code: MYSTERIOUSALPS25 - Embark on a thrilling adventure and solve the mystery in Alps with this exciting gift code.

Download ( V11.0.0 )