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If you are a fishing enthusiast but don’t have time to go fishing, this app will be an excellent outlet. Play My Fishing World to go fishing. As you understand, this application allows going fishing without leaving home. That is, you don’t have to pack up, buy gear, make time for a trip, and sit in the pouring rain early in the morning. Here launch the app, choose a location, and enjoy the gameplay. At the very beginning, you will be given a beginner’s kit, and with it, you will go to one of the available locations to start fishing.

Here you can satisfy your desires, enjoy high-quality gameplay, and admire the beautiful landscapes. Notably, all events in the game take place in real time. The developers have also added real-life fish species. For variety, quests and quests have been added; by completing these missions, you can get good money to buy new equipment. The game makes changes to the time of day and weather conditions. Download My Fishing World – Real Fishing and continue to collect valuable loot.

My Fishing World MOD

Is there a chance to catch a fish if you wait over an hour ? I hope so cus I am waiting for that catfish. This fishing game is good but fishing planet is the ,but if your phone doesn't have high grafices This is the best game on play store. It's ok but gets very tedious very fast. Items cost WAY too much to purchase and everything needs to constantly be upgraded/repaired/etc. Takes too long to advance in the game and certain items/areas would take you an eternity to save up for unless you fork over real cash. It's a good game but they're money hungry.. Good game for on shore fishing, lots of selection for bait, tackle, gear and maps in all over the world, love it. I really love this game, not sure what the heck I am doing but it is very relaxing and pleasant on the eye! Great!.

My Fishing World APK

Great game, I really like the beautiful graphics, but unfortunately the chat doesnt work, it was written that after the fifth level chat will be available, but its not there, please fix it. How fishing games on mobile should be. It eliminated unnecessary features from PC/console games in a way that it feels optimal and easy to just pick up and play from your phone or tablet. Not pay to win, you will enjoy the grind. Fishing is a grind in real life anyway.. Good so far I'm at level five and I haven't been having any problems with the game that's a good thing another fishing game it was giving me a lot of problems but this one isn't giving me any problems and I really. Loving the accuracy of the maps. Also it seems that time of day, depth, bait selection, speed of retrieve on rapala style all change based on the clock .. day and night fishing. There are different species on different styles. So much fun. I can't see getting bored...... Thanks! Great game..

My Fishing World APK

Very enjoyable and easy to play. I suggest that anyone who sees this app should at least give it a go. You won't be disappointed.. This is the best fishing game I played so far. There are a few things that make it really nice. The controls are easy. you can play all the way through without spending a penny. If you watch an add you get 50% more reward. You can play without being online. The only problem I'm having is when I login on other device it's not starting me at the same place as other device. Even after downloading save. Otherwise it is a fantastically designed game that is really fun to play. . Looks great has great options but even with three add-ons I can't catch a single fish,not even a single bite....are people actually catching fish on here?. Excellent game. It's European, so if you're from North America be prepared to fish for fishes you've never heard of. The developers seemed to want to create a fun and relaxing game first, without bombarding you with ads and extras to purchase. Ads are an extra that give you a nice bonus. Graphics are great, sounds are wonderful and I fully recommend it..

My Fishing World APK

Have any of the people who made this game ever gone fishing? Small usually nibble at the bait causing the bobber to move up and down. It's not 1/4 to a 1/2 second hits.. Amazing game, you can play it without internet and has alot of different fish species unlike other fishing games, simple game, if it was 3d it would we the best fishing game.. I really enjoy this game. It's fun finding bait and rod combos for what fish you want. The different lakes are fun too.. surprisingly good tbh. i didn't expect this game to be so awesome and addicting, i know there is a lot that need to be improved for example when a fish eat the bait i need to wait until the green text to disappear in order to press the reel button. i hope devs keep updating this game. totally worth playing 10/10.

Wish there was more information on what preferred bait each fish like when checking the details of the lake instead of having to search bait information. It is very very nice game. I having lot of game in my mobile but when I start the mobile firs I play this game only.. One of the best fishing game in play store I hope to see new features in the coming update please. Not bad of a game, graphics amazing, I think they need lower the pricess, Its easy at first then pay to win when it gets harder.The pricess of stuff do not alligne with what you catch.other that great game and praphics, just wish the fish gave more money..

Great game. Probably the best one I've played yet. I would recommend a few things though, like how you can't catch European fish in an American Lake. Add a few more fish that are native to the area as well. Like adding Lake Michigan, as well as adding more fish from the perch family, like walleye, add some more bass. Just need more native fish to the regions. Great Game. The graphics are out of this world, game play is easy and simple, controls are easy and simple, good information about each type of fish. But I would suggest adding tips about what types of baits and lures work best in the different weather conditions, that would be awesome, also make earning gold coins a little bit easier, and the main thing I would fix is to be able to cast all the way over the the right side of the screen. Love the game though, best fishing game I've found so far.. Great the graphics were great I can not stop playing and for someone who loves fishing but can't go I would recommend that you play it. Definitely the most realistic and enjoyable fishing game out there, no pay to play, no adverts, all in all my favourite #1 go to fishing game and relatively easy and relaxing to play, so many fishing locations, I wouldn't waste my time with any other fishing game, the fact that the developers don't have to advertise this game speaks for itself, awesome game keep up the excellent work developers :)).

Game does not give you enough time to set the hook phone only vibrates for 1/4 of a second and on top of that the game is not good at all would not recommend to download. This is a very good game fishing line thermometer system is good plese update this game add other features, add new fish,add Monster fish,add new fish rods , and new levels ,new place. Really good game. Easy but challenging at the same time. By far this is my go too game to play.. 'sup, I read the reviews and agree that the audio and visuals are nice enough to enjoy whilst out fishing even, (course, of course) but as free player, I found it hard to make progress into what is clearly a well developed game, I enjoyed this for a couple of weeks and fished for probably 2 or 3 hours..

This game is ok but could be better if there was wilidlfe like birds that are native to the reagen swimming arond and maby ever once in a while see a an eagle flying over hesd or diving in to the water for its lunch of mabe see a bear swinng out off the shore or mabe a beaver swimming arond .. Wonderful game 5 stars. 1. No Ads (I believe) 2. Addictive. 3. Endless 4. Fun 5. Nice graphics. If you are looking for a fun game to play in a long car ride or you just bored at home this is a perfect gamr. I used to play this game often, and it was one of the best fishing games I have downloaded. I picked the game up again recently, but now you are unable to reach the daily bag goal. I reach three or four fish before I earn the gold coins and it stops registering. I am going to uninstall it. The game is not entertaining anymore.. I Wald rate it a 3 but this is far better than some other fishing games and it's not very complicated.

The buying bait you need to get more for your money 18 for one worm is too much in real life you can get a container of worms of that price But other than that, I like the game. Hey developer I've emailed you twice on June 23 I purchased 100 gold coins for $1.49 and I've still not received them. I was charged for them but where they at..

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