NameMy Talking Angela 2
ReleaseOutfit7 Limited

Another talking girlfriend on your phone. My Talking Angela 2 will be your best friend shortly. You can talk, sing, dance, and do many other pleasant things with her. Communicating with her has become much more interesting, and a wide variety of makeup options and other exciting places are waiting for you. They must be explored, looked at all the splendor, and decide what to do next. Angela has long been waiting for you to have fun in your new apartment. She is waiting for friends to visit; there is a lot of delicious food in the kitchen and a game console in the closet. In addition, she has a variety of outfits, jewelry, hairstyles, and more to become truly beautiful. Now you will have something to do shortly. Play with her, do not leave her alone. Otherwise she will just get bored.

My Talking Angela 2 MOD

I never played this game but I download it anyway so wow this game is super fun like yeah so ...but angela is giving me nightmares btw so thanks no thanks I just don't like it ok but since tho I'm jfhncnxhhxjhdbhdhheb uhh yeah. I love Her and she makes me happy and excited about her and I love her so much with her voice l love her game. It's soooo much fun I might start playing it now but one problem ... there's way too many ads it's just way too much for me it's always loading but it's such a nice game thank u 2 whoever made this game thank u ! :)!!'!. I hate it do you see that red thing i her eye thats a camra watching your child...and yes its true.... I really love this game and all and the features and the journeys u can't miss out on!The reason why I rated it 4 stars is because the nerve of the prices and the lags and errors Pls fix all the bugs.Thank you.Im not trying to make a bad impression.

My Talking Angela 2 APK

I really like Angela because she can reapet after us and how we can dressed her up I just like it I rate it 5/5 and I hope everyone can play Angela and have fun playing it. This game is kinda good i am not telling that it's not good it's so good but some changes can make it better uhmmm like custom places and one more thing that we would have control to drive a car and some siblings to not get so bored and a school obviously.from Haven a school it's goona be fabulous and some more outfits will make this game awesome i think you guys will realte this was my opinion i don't know that you guys will realte with this and this was my job to tell u guys... I really like this game but some reason it just gave me 9.5m coins and I don't know how that happened. Angela is really fun there is nothing to worry about its totally fine.. This game doez not show anything but wight on my phone and i would not give this game any rate i would give this a ZERO.

My Talking Angela 2 APK

Try it to me hi good morning thank thank u for your insta profile pic to u for your life is always a good morning you have a good day to the best of you are very good morning you are the most beautiful you have any questions please come hi nahi ho raha to the group is me and your life and your insta the you so you will get it in a good morning t. Too awesome and too good for making videos! And shorts of angela 2 i much more like it! Also free huge reward i get them! Also love the New items and Stickers for dress This is the best game ever! Of angela guys also should can downland it! Its too rewarful game. This app is soo creepy and talking Angela hack your phone and and talking Angela eyes is soo creepy and do not download pls pls anymore .. It would be best game for me.There is many things to do just like making cupcakes, dancing, singing etc. and many outfits for Angela and also hairstyles and I most like travelling and get new I gave it 5 stars you also play this game..

My Talking Angela 2 APK

I really like the game very much but what I really want is all the clothes to be free if we need a lot or any accessories we have to play the games or we have to level up the leveling up and the buying is ok but I don't like that we have to play the Spooky game again and again especially the and the flower powder I want everything to be free I just want to purchase all the clothes like all Halloween clothes and all the special events clothes with the game money. This game is the best game ever I've played in my life Thanks to the team who made this kind of Masterpiece #loveYeah And I've nothing to complain about this game . This game is actually very fun to play with Angela really it has ads but when you will turn out ur data there will no ads. That's simple! Here also I am going to reach 200 level however my sister also like this game and I also it is really good game. Like to this game but one problem and that is when I wanted some new dresses so I need to update. So, when I update there are some premium dresses which I did not want. Please fix this major update and return to past update.. I like this game why because it's very fun and task fully ready and making clothes and do that all things are very good that's why I will I will choose this game to play all the children's fun also and it will be nice and it will be meat game it will be laugh and eating and give it and go to that this that that's why I like.

I love this game so so much I can have any problems of this app , keep up the good work. Nice game of thrones season and your family a video of the day leave a reply to your family and friends odda pair of the day leave sir please find my resume for your family a very happy birthday Anna my gift card make a video of the day leave sir please find the attachment file type PDF multi-page multifunction device location to all the day leave sir please find the attached file is scanned image in PDF format you happy birthday Anna my gift card make a video of the day leave sir please find my. This talking Angela are so so good nice fun and funny ,cute And having a great dressed cause many t-shirt and , is many hava a games so I rate this app fiva star. this game is very cool! but the problem is if we buy a cosmetic items it should be ours forever. It should not have a timer..

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