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Introduction to Project Night Watchman

An exciting action game for survival.

The Concept of the Game

In the game project Night Watchman, you will have to choose a certain light in order to confidently move on.

Gameplay and Challenges

Be careful, because you can only move to the green light, and the red one will be able to drive you into a trap at one moment. That is why you need to be careful, look at the light and move according to certain rules. Your further game, advancement and excellent bonuses will depend on this. You will play with enough dangerous teddy bears that can destroy you in one moment. Move confidently forward, do not break the rules, look around so as not to run into trouble. There are a lot of scary moments when you can be at the edge and run into a terrible enemy. Go around obstacles, deceive your enemy and be afraid of nothing, a valuable reward awaits you ahead.

Download ( V0.3.3 )

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