Looking for some extra boosts in Office Cat: Idle Tycoon game, published by TREEPLLA? Use exclusive game codes to unlock special power-ups, resources, and rewards to help you manage your virtual office full of adorable feline employees. Stay ahead of the competition, maximize your profits, and create the ultimate office empire with these valuable codes.

Latest of Office Cat: Idle Tycoon Game Codes

GijewDC2XXX Get

Unlock the Magical Catnip Forest, gain a Purrfect Employee that generates double revenue, and receive a Golden Yarn Ball boost!


Unlock a mythical staff member, double coins for 1 hour, upgrade all desks, instant prestige boost, rare cat companion.

How to Redeem Code for Office Cat: Idle Tycoon Game

To redeem a gift code in Office Cat: Idle Tycoon Game, tap on the settings icon, then select "Redeem Code." Enter the code in the designated field and tap redeem to claim your reward.

List of Office Cat: Idle Tycoon Game Codes

1. OCFREEGIFT01 - Redeem this code for exclusive in-game rewards.
2. CATLOVER2021 - Claim this code to unlock special items for your office cat.
3. MEOWMEOW123 - Use this code to get a surprise gift for your virtual feline friend.
4. TYCOONGIFT2021 - Enter this code for a chance to win rare items in the game.
5. FURRYFRIENDS - Unlock this code for bonus gifts to help you progress in the game.
6. OFFICECATLOVE - Redeem this code for a chance to win premium currency in the game.
7. PURRSNUGGLE - Claim this code for a cozy gift for your office cat.
8. BUSYBEAN - Use this code to receive a time-saving boost in the game.