Papa Johns Pizza is a popular pizza chain in the UAE, offering a wide variety of pizza options. Known for their quality ingredients and fresh dough, Papa Johns is a go-to choice for pizza lovers in the UAE.

Latest of Papa Johns Pizza UAE Coupon Code


Introducing “Magic Crust Deal” at Papa Johns Pizza UAE! Order any large pizza and receive a secret enchanted box with a random fantasy discount reward. Unveil mystical prizes like free desserts, bonus toppings, or even a chance to win a mythical grand feast for free!


“Unlock the mystical coupon lockbox at Papa John’s Pizza UAE! Your enchanted coupon may reveal a mesmerizing buy one get one free deal, a spellbinding 30% off your whole order, or even a whimsical free dessert!”

How to Redeem Promo Code in Papa Johns Pizza UAE

To redeem a promo code for Papa John's Pizza UAE, visit their website or app and proceed to order your desired pizza. At the checkout page, enter the promo code into the designated field and click apply. The discount will be automatically applied to your order total. Enjoy your discounted pizza!

List of Papa Johns Pizza UAE Coupon Code

1. MAGICSLICE20: Enjoy a 20% discount on any large pizza of your choice. Let the magic of Papa John's pizza fulfill your cravings!

2. DRAGONDELIGHT: Get a free side of cheesy breadsticks with the purchase of any medium or large pizza. Indulge in the cheesy goodness!

3. XTRAHOTSAUCE: Spice up your order with an extra kick! Use this code to get a complimentary bottle of Papa John's signature hot sauce with every pizza purchase.

4. UNICORNSLICE: Treat yourself to a unicorn-themed pizza adventure! Redeem this coupon for a large unicorn-inspired pizza and receive a free unicorn plush toy as a magical bonus.

5. FANTASYFEAST: Gather your friends and family for a fantasy feast! Avail this code to get 50% off on your second large pizza when you order two or more.

6. ELVENDELIGHT: Explore the flavors of Middle Earth with Papa John's special Elven Delight pizza. Use this coupon to save AED 20 on your order and experience a taste fit for elves.

7. FAIRYTALECRAVINGS: Satisfy your fairytale cravings with Papa John's new Enchanted Combo. Use this code to receive a large pizza, garlic sauce, and a 1.5L soda for only AED 55.

8. WIZARDWEEKEND: Make your weekends magical with Papa John's Wizard Weekend deal. Get 50% off on any large pizza every Friday and Saturday with this coupon.

9. MYTHICALMUNCHIES: Unleash your hunger and save big! Enjoy a medium pizza, chicken wings, and a dessert of your choice for only AED 50 using this coupon.

10. DRAGOBDINNER: Conquer your hunger like a dragon with Papa John's Dragon's Breath pizza. Redeem this coupon for a large Dragon's Breath pizza and receive a free order of potato wedges.

11. MYSTICMEAL: Unlock the flavors of mystery with Papa John's Mystic Meal. Avail this coupon to get a medium pizza, cheesy breadsticks, and a 500ml soda for only AED 45.

12. MAGICALMONDAYS: Start your week on a magical note! Order any large pizza on Mondays and get a side of delicious cinnamon rolls for free using this code.


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