Pepi House Codes 2024 July (By Pepi Play)

Last update September 11, 2023

Pepi House is a virtual game where players can explore and interact with different areas of a house. They can take care of family members, cook in the kitchen, bathe the pets, play in the backyard, and more. Through fun and educational activities, players can enhance their creativity, problem-solving skills, and imagination while having a great time in the virtual world of Pepi House.

Latest of Pepi House Codes

pemLIWyrXXX Get

Congratulations! You have unlocked the Mystical Treasure Chest! Inside, you will find a magical unicorn mount to roam the lands, a powerful wand that grants three wishes, a flying broomstick for ultimate speed, and a pet dragon to accompany you on your adventures. Enjoy your fantastical rewards!

xJq3piuEXXX Get

“Unlock the magical code: ‘FANTASY30’ and receive a treasure trove of rewards including a fairy pet, a mythical costume, and a enchanted furniture set in Pepi House!”

How to Redeem Code for Pepi House: Happy Family

To redeem a gift code in Pepi House: Happy Family, follow these steps:
1. Launch the game and click on the "Settings" button.
2. Look for the "Gift Code" section and tap on it.
3. Enter your gift code accurately and click on the "Redeem" button.
4. If the code is valid, you will receive your reward instantly.
5. Enjoy your new items or resources and continue playing Pepi House: Happy Family with your happy virtual family!
6. Note that gift codes may have expiration dates, so be sure to redeem them promptly.

List of Pepi House: Happy Family Codes

1. Code: HAPPYFAM1 - Unlock new furniture and decorations for the living room in Pepi House: Happy Family. Create a cozy and stylish space for the whole family to relax and enjoy.

2. Code: PLAYFULKIDS - Redeem this code to unlock new mini-games and activities in Pepi House: Happy Family. Keep the kids entertained with fun and educational games that promote creativity and learning.

3. Code: GROWINGGARDEN - Unlock a beautiful garden for the backyard in Pepi House: Happy Family. Plant flowers, fruits, and vegetables, and watch them grow with care and love.

4. Code: FURRYFRIENDS - Get new adorable pets for your family in Pepi House: Happy Family. Choose from a variety of furry friends and take care of them, feed, groom and play with them.

5. Code: COOKINGTIME - Unlock a fully equipped kitchen in Pepi House: Happy Family. Cook delicious meals for the whole family and explore different recipes and ingredients.

6. Code: PARTYCELEBRATION - Host the best party in Pepi House: Happy Family with this code. Decorate the house, invite friends, and have a blast with music, dance, and lots of fun.

7. Code: ARTISTICCREATIONS - Unlock an art studio in Pepi House: Happy Family. Explore your creativity and create beautiful artworks with different materials and tools.

8. Code: ADVENTUREAWAITS - Unlock new exciting locations to explore in Pepi House: Happy Family. Go on adventures with the whole family and discover hidden treasures and surprises.


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