NamePerfect World Mobile
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ReleasePerfect World Games

Incredible adventures await you. Download Perfect World Mobile for Android, in this game project you can meet beautiful landscapes, a crazy choice of heroes, and all the best.

Together with your friends you will go on an unforgettable adventure, find yourself in a huge world and see how everything is created here. Here you can find quite strong marriage alliances, skills, guilds, and teams that will confront enemies. You can team up with your allies, fight against the most powerful enemies and win in an unequal confrontation. Boundless skies, crazy and mysterious depths of the oceans, as well as endless possibilities.

Live your very interesting life in this project, find magic items, develop skills, and move forward confidently. A large number of heroes, cutting-edge graphics, a huge world, and all the best that this project can present you are waiting for you.

The most exciting battles, a large number of classes, as well as unique features for any player. Participate in powerful confrontations, show all your best qualities, and move forward in your development. You will be the best in this story that will keep you interested for a long time.

Perfect World Mobile MOD

El juego no abre con la ltima actualizacin. Se queda trabada la pantalla de inicio en blanco, sin siquiera dar acceso al men. Ya somos varios con el mismo problema, segn he ledo comentarios de amigos.. There's NO SOUND in this Game I have No Idea what's the issue here. I tried Uninstalling, Re downloading, Client FIX but nothing works. My phone is definitely not the issue here because the game runs smoothly and even Downloaded everything. However, there is JUST NO SOUND nothing . WHY?. This is TOTAL TRASH. Edit- I deleted your game days ago. Your replying now? And I said THERE'S NO SOUND! Your asking me to send screenshot of no sound? How do I take screenshot of SOUND. YOU DUMB? FUKOFF!. I play this game before in my loptop 2012. I love it too much. I love the graphics the hero and all. Im happy now i can play in the mobile. But now im dis apointed after i downloaded no have sound and too much time waiting to login. I deleted all my games in my mobile but still not working the games .after 20minutes login then no gave sounds. Please review the update and fix the problem if you want to make many people to not boring to play this games.. It's been 5 years since I have played this game it is really amazing the graphics are stunning the character customization is very great I love how the NPC interact for people who are complaining there game is getting crashed it's there own problems on their phones if the the phones support the games but for me it doesn't cause any lag or crashes perfect game 10/10.. I liked this game on the pc. Really enjoyed playing the mystic class. Seen this one and thought cool, but sadly not on the mobile version. I would gladly instal it again if you guys could add that class in..

Perfect World Mobile APK

this the 4th time I had to start over cause I cant retrieve my data from any of my accounts when are you going to fix this issue I have spent to much money on my account for me not to have my characters. is there going to be anymore options coming for customization for creating characters such as the untamed race? Like for the barbarians? would like to have more variety of animals and not just a tiger or panda or a moose.. Not to mention the auto stuff. Of course it takes longer for people to play without it. To have time to process and experience everything. Whole point of playing an rpg. I dont want to have something that does everything for me which defeats the purpose of it.. The game has improved since 2019 a lot but stupid quests like Wraith Gate keep player from progress and matchmaking always give error when selecting automatic bots quest like Clear Gate of Wraith never seems to work always error on the end with infinite confirm.. Auroria doesn't have auto play. When it releases, this game will absolutely die.. all the work, time, and money put into this game will be all for nothing, because your response of, "without auto, the game takes longer to play" is utter nonsense.. that's the actual point to an adventure/survival/mmo.. again, your game has a low rating today and will die because of your incompetence.

Perfect World Mobile APK

I have a suggestion,It's great but the graphic skin and mount annoy me eg. flying the stamina is short am looking forward for futures updates. Would love to try the game, but for some reason this 'mobile' game does not connect to the server when using mobile data. Will change review if this is fixed and can try the game. (All the other games on my phone work with mobile data, just this one doesn't). This game is a money hole I played pc version and it was horrible lag and always upgrading gear. People I knew in game spend over 20k to get max end game gear. How horrible! Scamer game.. Update: Loved this game but I wonder if they ever turned off auto play, literally kills one of my most favorite games. Last time I played this is was all auto and we already have too many of these games. Take away the auto play and this game would be awesome. All we need is maybe auto tracker and that's if we choose to turn it on. We need the same mechanics as the old one with everything else updated. Some should update PWI as well, really miss being able to play this actually "Play it"..

Perfect World Mobile APK

Keeps crashing update it still keeps crashing I have proof I screen record my phone to show proof that it keeps crashing and show proof of my phone storage either fix the game the right way or remove it from the app store games that doesn't want to work it should be shut down and remove.. Game is constantly booting me out/disconnecting in the middle of EVERYTHING. if I am on the game for any length of time, it kicks me out completely.. Do not play this game, most high powers use mods and pwm refuses to ban them, if you play DO NOT TOP UP, YOU'RE THROWING MONEY AWAY SINCE HIGH POWER PLAYERS ARE MODDING TOO BYPASS TOP UP ON IOS, they lied recently and said they banned modders, nope all still there and killing each server as soon as it releases, DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME FOR YOUR OWN SAKE. Hi can u make another character name link make him female or male with the master sword and hylian shield.

Love everything but auto feature, get rid of it or option to disable it altogether. Most players don't want this in a game. I won't play a game that auto plays for me. I want a challenge. Why do all these games do that. If not for that it get 5 stars.. its says i need to free up some space but i got a new phone and this is the only game ive downloaded. This is the number 1 game I keep coming back to tho I do wish top ups where more affordable especially since I enjoy playing multiple characters. Everything is fine but I feel alone the server language is deferent the guild is like no one there, the zoom doesn't work good, there are beautiful grafic but I can't see it clearly.

Always enjoyed playing PWI on PC and also even more on mobile, but the countless amounts of dailies were driving me crazy and every week they invent something different to make you spend. If you don't spend, you'll be left behind. There is no real option of grinding like in the PC game, or you'll need tons of ALTs and tons of time to do so. In view of this, I am lowering the rating.. I played the original PWI religiously. This is nothing like it. This is not what an MMORPG is supposed to be. I am extremely disappointed in how much of a let down this is to the original PW on pc.. I like the game. I've been trying to play it, but since day 1, there has been no sound at all. I deleted it twice, now back for the 3rd time, still no sound. Can anyone fix this ? Deleted it 4 times and sent a ticket about the sound issue. I'm going to try again. Hopefully, it'll work. Still no sound when I play 12/4/23. Oof R.I.P your $$$$ Edit: no room for anything in your wallet. The amount of top ups pop ups and spend to win is disgusting. Uninstall. Rethink life..

Game is at max brightness and cannot be changed. (Changing in system does nothing and changing in game does nothing.). I'm still so confused why we don't get to have the tideborn race like guys come on I wanna be a mermaid so bad please add the tide born please edited- I understand what u mean by your response but it doesn't actually tell me whether ur gonna add tideborn to the mobile version or not. I loved the PC version which I started when the game first opened . I played for 6 years and then they start to add more and more stuff to the game that starts to confuse people and to to to much to worry about and becomes annoying. This phone version has to much to upgrade , refine and more that's becomes an annoyance having so much to work on . Keep it simple people. I like open world games like this but they added to much to the game way to fast . Let people learn first before adding a lot.. Horrible game. Same 100 people with 50billion alt accounts. No help no nothing the servers are dead the game glitches customer service never fixes the issue or gives a refund ALWAYS blames the customer. Well soon this game will completely die. The real population of this game is 100 people divided up to ALL the servers played for 2 years there's no way to do mm if no one logs in to get the free silver ingots there's no one to do mushroom village to get free silver ingots and house items..

I can't even play this game. It gets stuck loading at 80% saying that it's getting the server list. Untill this problem is fixed, the game gets a single star. Edit: The developers responded and told me to free up some device memory but I already have 11.15GB free on my phone.. For a mobile game it exceeded my expectations. Use to play pwi on pc back in 2011-2013. Stays true to game but is simplified to a point. Games gives daily rewards as well which is nice. In 7 days of game play I'm level 59 now. I play 2-4 hours a day in total depending on free time. Still trying to find an active guild though I'm on a new server and that has been my biggest challenge. All the active guilds are sadly full. If you enjoy MMORPG games give this a try it's easy and fun to play. Well the game is fine... but WHY YOU ADD MODERN CLOTHING in a chinese fantasy world its looks AWFUL AND RIDICULOUS. My eyes are bleeding when I see a player in a modern suit in a traditional Chinese world, it looks HORRIBLE... you ruin totally the traditional chinese fantasy experience. 2 stars because you can't disable auto run. Trying to farm or collect seeds and boom!!! my toon just starts auto running. no way to turn it off according to my own researching and the reddit community..

This is a fun enough game, but it's next to impossible to do dailies as you need a party of 5 for most content. I spent hours trying to join a party or waiting for others to join mine. It's a shame cause the dungeons are fun. After 6 months hiatus I came back but unable to access my it because characters are sever bound? My account hasn't been frozen, and neither have I forgotten the login details. When I sign in with my Google i only have the option to make a new character.... It's an exceptional game. However the only issue I have is when you guys make new servers the previous servers become dead and my charecter(s) I have spent so much money on just sit there and can't do anything because there's no player base on those servers. I have to be honest I would spend more money on the game if you guys slowed down on making servers. I understand business. But I feel robbed of being able to play my charecter with people.. Cinematics are game runs slow, this was when I played it on my tablet. Galaxy view , however I put the game on my galaxy S10 note and it runs smooth. The cinematics are amazing and so is the story. Beautiful game. perfect now on my galaxy s20 I love the new Archer. It. The stupid game won't even open it crashes the moment I try to open it ove reinstalled it many times no help.

Can't even read the classes when trying to create a character. Luckily there's a long graphic when you switch between each one when looking through them. Went through maybe 4 or 5 and gave up. Why such little print? EDIT: how would removing stuff stuff from my phone and redownloading the game make the print bigger? What a stupid response. Was a Fun game, I thought coming back to it would been nice but unfortunately I can not. The game freezes when trying to load, gets to 80% and then crashes. I hope this issue gets fixed. Been down loading the new update since 8:00am this morning is now 4:15 pm and still only at 20% downloaded. I would expect this if it was a new game I was downloading not one I have been playing for over a year.. Adventuresome; I would be interested in becoming an admin and engaging more with others and providing great service and feedback..

It's pretty at times, but sometimes things don't load properly and characters look like they are floating, and in action scenes they look kind of stiff. I was excited about the character customization and it was pretty good, the only downside is that there isn't much variation of body types, so I was disappointed when I could only make a tall skinny woman. That isn't bad if course I just wish they could've added something more to it. In all the game feels soulless, that could just be me though.. If i wanted Autoplay, i would be watching a movie. Seriously ITS A GAME, NOT A MOVIE. GET RID OF THE AUTOPLAY THIS IS BEYOND OLD, THIS IS USELESS AND POINTLESS. MAKE A MOVIE IF YOU DON'T WANT US TO CONTROL OUR CHARACTERS 100% OF THE TIME. I LOVE CREATING THE CHARACTERS, BUT ONCE I SEE AUTOPLAY I DELETE THE GAME. AUTOPLAY=0 STARS HONESTLY.. Very good! Specially considering the game is in English. I dislike the fact the PC version being in Portuguese. I just prefer the the game like this. IN ENGLISH. Please, NEVER change that.. Can't figure out how to turn off auto questing. She keeps going back to it even when i cancel. Graphics are nice and it runs smooth though. Also, id like to be able to change the brightness before making a character. And a skip dialog option would be nice for talking to npcs..

The game says it is not available in my region. My region is Estonia. Why? Estonia is on the list. Tried my danish google account, same error message.. can all the things that the toon has like loots stuff and etch etch can be use by the other toon for those in one account like what we have in perfectworld international? "Account Stash" stone. PWM is the only MMORPG on mobile which actually *feels* like an actual MMO. Autoplay exists but is designed to only be viable when running trivial content. This is a great way to be respectful of the player's time while avoiding the self-playing state most mobile titles embrace. There is some jank to be had and the clarity of the translations could use some work, but this title is by far the best MMORPG available for mobile.. The nostalgia is overwhelming, this game is almost exactly like I remember when I was a child. Keep up the good work!.

It's OK. The auto feature ruins the fun that the computer version had. The computer version is better in everyway. But the graphics are good and the game flows easily.. Returned after a while and tried the game on a better device and its as worse as it was in the past, the devs want you to finance for a failure of a game whit bad loading textures, slow and dead game as your matched with bots who do nothing but follow you! Will not play again!. Too many bots. People use them to farm and build up characters to sell for real world currency. Constantly adding more servers, and constantly merging them makes this process even easier and leaves so few spots for actual players and guilds on each server. Avoid this one. There are better auto play games out there.. I love the graphics and the fight mechanics are amazing. However there are a couple of things that could be fixed. 1: when trying to dye my characters hair white I have trouble with the color sliders. Could there be an option to just select colors without the hassle of the sliders? 2: my eyes are extremely sensitive to light and the game is very bright and I can't turn the brightness down. Anyway for that to be fixed? Other than these 2 things I would recommend this game to everyone!!! .

This game has interesting storyline and is genuinely addicting. Problem is the cutscenes and controls, especially in battle it's very buggy and sometimes the character I'm playing moves on it's own/ sometimes "advice" pops up in the middle of battle, which is very frustrating. You have to reach a certain point to battle major enemies so sometimes if the game is buggy the fighting controls don't come up, I can't fight but my character still loses XP from being hit by the enemy. Please fix that!. I remember playing this game back in 2020 stopped cause it just kept giving me trouble lots of lag issues and the eventual players pay wall hopes it alot different now would try it out again but don't wanna risk the disappointment. Nice graphics and very good controlls! But please add server with time-line that can match india time. Because in currently servers important events happens very early 4:00AM or very late 1:00AM so i can't participate in this events now.. Really sick of these games that auto play. Like are there any good developers on Google play? Line games with Undecember is what these devs need to look at for inspiration. It's like every developer has a severe case of OCD or something. But I couldn't attack enemy's that were next to me, it auto pathed me to one that was literally 7 seconds away. Unreal. So so unfortunate. This games rating is a sham. Unless yall want a game that plays for you...I wouldn't play this one. Space and time waste.

This game has the worst Devs and moderators. They intentional push a fairness agenda but in truth they purposely allow certain individuals to pay way less than you, allowing them to take the top spot to push competition and force more cashers. The potential of the game has been constantly tarnished by their lack of effort to oversee fair use of their own rules. They are lazy when it comes to rectifying issues and will seek to take the easiest way out to band-aid issues that players have.. Ok it's a perfect game lol. Yes there are some issues like bugs and it does lags (or maybe it's just my phone) but it's really fun to play. The storyline is good and you have complete control over your character or you can go auto if you hands are tired. AND the most fun parts is being able to choose different races and marriage! 4 races in total and you can pick different heros in each. Graphics and game play is also awesome. The only problem is that is doesn't work on every phone.. Game is cool but there are some things it's missing and one thing I don't like. What things are missing is I want to be able to use black makeup for Eye Shadow, Lips and the option to have demonic solid black eyes instead of just white. And what needs to be fixed that I don't like is Auto Running, like to be able to turn it off. Because I want to control the character myself. Can't get passed 10% on the initial loading of the game, cleaned all apps and over 20 gigs open space.... Even tried going to the store apps they suggested and still can't play it.

Meh. Turn off auto and does it anyway, speeds through text and overlapping talking too. Changes languages randomly. Could be a great game but some of these things were mentioned in reviews years ago so they clearly don't intend to fix it.. I am not 1 for auto play games at all. This however is a great game other than that issue. I do understand that the feature is time saving for thoughs that cannot do events manually. But it would be nice to give us the option to toggle it auto play and auto path off that it will show us on the map the path for our active quest. Then play through completely manual if we want.. Update. Even worse playing it after getting it to work. Ive restarted the game multiple times. The intro only had audio. In game audio does not work. The auto function is unnecessary & makes the "game" pointless. Whats the point in "playing" when auto takes over after 3 seconds of not touching screen. I couldn't find any setting on the HUD to turn it off as well as look at anything because the freaking auto kept making me chat with npc & randomly attacking enemies. Leave the MMORPG to consoles.. Would give zero stars if possible do to can't even make name because says no spaces in name. Put no spaces several attempts and random names choose by game all said same. Therefore can't even get passed making name requires zero rating.

Really great game. I used to play this on pc. I would say they improved on the game with it coming to the mobile platform. The touch controls are fluid and the battle animations are beautiful to the eye. Landscapes and other environmental factors look spectacular when you pump up the graphics quality. Found the MMO i'll be playing on android for awhile :). How is it that a dungeon that is on easy all of a sudden do hard that's what I want to know.

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