Pirate Raid – Caribbean Battle is an exciting and colorful action game where you can feel like a real pirate who plows the endless oceans on his ships. You will find exhilarating fights, treasure hunts, dozens of picturesque islands, and mythical monsters!

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From the very beginning of the game, you can start your journey on a relatively small ship, where you will already meet your first opponents and even lost treasures. The battles are fast enough that you need to fire at the enemy from the side cannons; the sooner and more often you inflict damage on the enemy, the more chance you have to win. For each battle won, you will receive loot, where you will find gold and many valuable items.


Periodically return to the bay, exchange loot for gold coins, repair the ship, and improve its quality, where you can increase the damage done, the number of guns, health, siz,e and swimming speed. All this will significantly increase your advantage over opponents and allow you to get even more treasures!


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