NamePrincess Mermaid BabyPhone Toy
CategoryNew Game
Size79 MB
Releasehimanshu shah

The Princess Mermaid BabyPhone Toy is an fun and educational game for children that centers around a mermaid princess theme. The game offers various activities and features that engage kids and enhance their learning experiences. Children can explore the underwater world and learn about different marine creatures like fish and seahorses. They can also interact with a virtual mermaid baby, feeding and playing with her. The game includes mini-games that help develop cognitive and fine motor skills, such as puzzles and memory games. Additionally, the BabyPhone Toy allows kids to role-play as a princess and make pretend phone calls, promoting imaginative play. With its captivating gameplay and educational elements, the Princess Mermaid BabyPhone Toy provides an entertaining and enriching game experience for children.

Princess Mermaid BabyPhone Toy MOD

You can't make your own mermaid.

Download ( V5.1 )

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