Realm Defense is a tower defense game in a magical world. Epic heroes will fight and defend the kingdom. You have to fight the Death Knights, and knights, dragons, wizards, the ice queen, and other ancient gods will aid you!

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The forces of evil are growing. Who are they, and where are they from? No one knows. The visions of the prophets are hazy; the soothsayers see little on their maps. Other? They run. The Allied Kingdoms are struggling to survive—fields and trees on fire. There is complete devastation! The Allied Kingdoms have only one choice: to defend themselves. Are you ready? Travel through dense forests, snowy mountain peaks, and epic deserts, fighting hordes of slugs, goblins, skeletons, and more.


Deploy your archers! Slash the battlefield with magical rays! Let the guns go! Call allies! Rescue helpless citizens in Realm Defense game, collect necessary resources, and recruit legendary heroes with deadly abilities to stop evil in this outstanding tower defense game.

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Over 100 levels with different game modes, several worlds withotherent towers in each. Participate in the tournament to show your tower defense skills and win a big prize; powerful heroes with unique abilities: Archer Phi fires deadly shots, Knight Lancelot brings down the Fist of Justice, Dragon Smoulder fireballs, and many other heroes. Fight epic bosses like the Skeleton Mage, who rides a giant slug and entangles your heroes, and the Goblin King, who rides a mammoth and throws bombs. There are many enemies in Realm Defense. Burn them, freeze the,m and usefour4 types of spells against them—beautiful landscapes and animation.