Rise of Cultures is a strategy game from InnoGames. The player has to travel a long way from the Stone Age to the present while researching critical technologies and defeating all hostile conditions. Can you lead your civilization to world hegemony?

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The game begins with a small piece of land containing a starting supply of essential resources and a group of people who will soon become the foundation of a great civilization. Having founded the first settlement, it must be improved by raising the level of buildings. The construction of new facilities will give an additional bonus to obtaining any elements. Somewhere, a good increase in the received gold will be accepted, and somewhere you can instantly research a complex technology. However, technologies that are designed for the early centuries will be highly inefficient in the future.


Properly use the received territories: demolishing buildings will seriously affect the economy, and expanding existing settlements will force you to spend some gold. You can get valuable resource increases with a unique arrangement of buildings about landscape objects or to each other. Exploring ancient cultures is an essential part of the Rise of Cultures. You will be able to find Egyptian pyramids or other significant elements of the culture of various peoples – and this will increase the researched technologies. Send scouts to distant lands to see other civilizations and get support!


The combat system is presented in real-time battles, and the control is divided into squads – just like in Total War! Use the full power of long-range units to cover melee units, plan and execute complex tactical maneuvers to defeat an enemy that outnumbers you, but does not forget about the morale and general condition of the troops. Upgrade your forces in time, control the squad composition, and experiment with different types of units.

How to Redeem Code for Rise of Cultures: Kingdom game

To redeem a gift code in Rise of Cultures: Kingdom game, follow these steps. Open the game and locate the "Settings" menu. Tap on it and look for the "Gift Code" option. Select it and enter the gift code provided. Once entered, tap on the "Redeem" button. If the code is valid, you will receive the rewards associated with the gift code. Enjoy your rewards and continue playing Rise of Cultures: Kingdom game.

List of Rise of Cultures: Kingdom game Codes

1. GIFTROCK1: Gain 10,000 gold coins and 100 gems to enhance your Rise of Cultures: Kingdom gaming experience. Conquer new lands and build your empire!

2. CULTUREPOWER2: Unlock a powerful hero and boost your army's strength in Rise of Cultures: Kingdom. Dominate the realm with this advantage!

3. KINGDOMGROW3: Expand your kingdom with extra resources, unlocking new buildings and technologies. Rule over your competitors in Rise of Cultures: Kingdom!

4. CULTUREART4: Acquire rare artifacts and valuable relics, providing you with unique advantages and insights into ancient civilizations in Rise of Cultures: Kingdom.

5. BATTLECHAMP5: Equip your troops with legendary weapons and armor, ensuring victory in battles against formidable opponents in Rise of Cultures: Kingdom.

6. CULTUREGIFTS6: Receive a variety of special in-game gifts, including speed-up items, extra troops, and resource boosts. Rise to the top of the leaderboard!

7. EMPIREPACT7: Form alliances with powerful players, strengthening your influence and gaining strategic advantages in Rise of Cultures: Kingdom.

8. CULTUREREWARD8: Enjoy exclusive rewards, bonuses, and perks tailored for passionate players of Rise of Cultures: Kingdom. Enhance your gameplay and dominate the realm!