NameRodeo Stampede Sky Zoo Safari
ReleaseYodo1 Games

It is here that you can meet a variety of animals in this incredible world. You can try to tame these animals and add them to your collections in this beautiful zoo. All visitors to this menagerie will immediately fall into the sediment at the sight of many animals. Download Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari for Android, where incredible adventures await you in this wild place. You can jump on the most exotic animals, break the most impressive records and do everything without staggering into a cake.

Destroy, destroy everything on your hard way, traveling on giant elephants. Outrun crazy animals on rabid ostriches, feed scary lions, and don’t linger near them long. Any of these predators will try to devour you at any convenient moment—incredible races on the backs of big buffaloes, elephants, and exotic animals. Constantly you will meet many obstacles; it is them that are so easy to pass. The story will take place on difficult obstacles and other sites—tame animals of various types and sizes in this exciting Sky Zoo.

Rodeo Stampede Sky Zoo Safari MOD

Not sure when crashing every 5 seconds became passable as a game, but apparently thats what these people seem to think, i press the play button, crash, I swipe to dodge, crash, I even try to watch an AD, crash, the sad thing is the game was good BACK WHEN IT WORKED, but im not playing a game that has to restart every 2 minutes, and all the fixes ive seen require updating the but the games updated to the latest version so I cant even do anything to fix it, I'd delete it if it would save my game. When I load the game up it loads slowly then it kicks me out before all of this happend I had so much animals and I was getting better at the game then it's started to kick me out and I tried deleting the game and reinstalling it but it didn't work but I really love the game great game but plz tell me how to fix it if you are able to help me thank you. I used to have this game and i had unlocked and bought some things, but i tried to play again with the same account and all my progress is lost :(. Quite a challenging game: If people like that and when you unlock animals, I'm quite happy I accomplished. Money/ coins are easy to get and the game is fun!. Can yalp fix your game i watching an ad and it takes me to the apps store and then it restarts the game WHICH MEANS I DONT GET MY REWARD (not mad).

Rodeo Stampede Sky Zoo Safari APK

I would not recommend this game. No matter how long you play or even if you spend money, your progress is not actually saved even when logged in with Google Play. It's pretty embarrassing for a developer to have a game out this long and still have this issue. I played through much of the game twice, I will not do it a third lol. Shameful. An awsome game to play gives me a lot of childhood memories but sadly it got deleted from my windows 10 pc for a reason that i don't know. anyways go further with your project of this game your making it great. It was good at first but it said I have to do some weird username thingy and everything I tried didn't work and now I can't play it screw this. Just started playing the game and so far I am very interested in it. But so far I've had one issue... I went to buy the $4.99 pack, and I have yet to see my new animal and character and my coins... please help....

Rodeo Stampede Sky Zoo Safari APK

Used to be an incredible game and now years later coming back to it... it's impossible to play, this game had an awesome concept and very fun to play but the amount of visual pollution and things they implemented on the main menu is so overwhelming and unnecessary and the amount of absurd ads (that just pop on randomly) really do surprise and disappoint me because I thought this game did well enough to no depend on this kind of embarrassing monetization... what a shame.... This game is better than brawl stars at getting boring quickly XD. They told me to update this to say something else so Imma just say there is no way they are actually gonna tell somebody about this. They read this, cried themselves to sleep, and forgot about it. :| L. There is a kind of tiger, it's name is: H.R. Tige. And the look of the tiger a little scary and unique. Moreover, the description box of that animal literally said "freaky". WOW, what a great insulting and mocking for this type of career.I don't mind the look of the tiger however, I mind the name of this animal. I'm totally DISAGREE and whish to remove whatever this kind of insulting.. This is a good game BUT THE DOG WATER PART ABOUT IT IS THE DRAGON CITY ADD WHEN IT COMES ON IT GIVES ME A BLACK SCREEN!?DANM IT.

Rodeo Stampede Sky Zoo Safari APK

It's a pretty fun game for the most part but for me I always forget about it or get bored of it and just deleted.. Everytime I play I get an add that I cant even click out of and this happens while the game is still going on the game is fun but the advertisement thing is annoying. The game is fun and all but why does it keep kicking me out the game like I just start to run and it keeps kicking me off the game and restarting. Love the game, but having an issue with a purchase and support has not responded to me regarding it. I will change this review to 5 stars if/when they decide to respond and rectify the situation. I purchased the platinum combo option of current season pass "Dreamy Trip" but none of the stuff has unlocked or been received. Messaged support and no response. I would like to have what I paid for, or at the very least if that isn't doable then a refund. Really love the game but this isn't cool..

This is worse than pay to win. It's pay to play. Or you can grind your life away for enough coins to play the next level. Your choice.. The game was much better early on in its life. Still fun now but way too many ads and predatory pricing. They charge 10.99 a week just to have consistent access to quality of life stuff like unlimited missions. Really disappointed with the direction this game took. They scam you from your time, you watch a video for extra rewards and they don't give you the extra reward under the pretext that you have to watch the complete ad even thought it is a playable ad that redirects you to a download when you touch the screen. Absolutely disgusting game. This game is really fun and you can run your own zoo with reskin of animals along with the other reskins or just the normal animal like a collection but the gameplay is awesome.

FAR too many obstacles. Just takes the fun out of the game. Game would be perfect if the track was a little wider or there were just less obstacles. Vultures are near impossible to tame. To the point where I don't even bother with them Finally money is ridiculously hard to come by. Actually shocked how little money you make by playing the game... its just bizarre. The only wY for you to make money is with the zoo visits which are few and far between. So disappointed by the game. The best game on Phone its endless. Sometimes you have to wate for something ( but you can just change your Phone time ) Good game for on vacation. Honestly I enjoyed this game because I love games were you collect things and get rare things. But the loading screens take a bit too long and the game play can be really tricky to play. Sometimes near impossible. But appart from that it's kinda fun. IMPORTANT: Hey i need to contact you. I love this game, it's my favorite. I played this game years ago, using my google play account. That account still shows all my achievements from the game. I'm logged into my account on the game currently. The problem is, none of my progress will load. It even asks to load progress, and I click yes. But, still no progress is loaded. How do I fix this? If not, how can you fix this for me?.

Why is it still not a thing to be ae to steer with both fingers? Like the way the game works, my finger is already at the edge of the screen and I can't go any further so I constantly crash into everything cus of this. Why can't I use both thumbs to steer at the same time.... I CANT PUT MY NAME IN THE PVP AND I CANT CONTINUE UNTIL I DO THE PVP BUT I CANT. i wish i could reset my progress in order to play it again but there's no way to do so. Make sure to make the subscription service a one time thing, then I'll play. As well as making event animals always available to get. I need to complete my zoo. And for that, I'd need for the event animals to be there even after the event. And I mean every event. And the outfits. Those are my only two complaints. Remove the energy too. That would be good as well. listen to your audience for Pete's sake. and make the dreamy stuff available after the events..

I love the game and I have for a while but I don't like that they say the upgrade is 0 dollars a week and they it's really 7.99, just false. Kinda recommend but be careful of predatory practice. Its a very good game, to be fair ive been playing it on and off since i was a kid, i love the controls and the feeling of playing it, my only problem really is that it takes so long to get anything done in it, i love all the animals and the exploration, but it just feels as if it takes aaaaaaggggggeeeeeeesssss to get to the higher levels that you see in the ads and stuff, but overall, highly recommended! Love this game, love the creators. I had almost every animal up to mountain 1 and I uninstalled and lost all my data the game was fun until I lost everything. Is there any way to get it back?. I was having a lovely time up until it forced me into multiplayer it would not let me progressing till I can pick a name for myself, is it so long that I want to play a simple seemingly imprint Runner game by myself without having to deal with other stupid humans.

Fun game and love the new features, modes and challenges. But still alot of bugs. Eg. After reviving you often immediately get through of either when you touch the screen or not with foces you to watch more ads. Makes me think if it could be deliberately so, so that they make more mony from the ads. But besides the many problems its fun.. So I used to play this game a lot and loved it. I recently downloaded it again and on my second run an ad popped up on my screen and the run was still going causing me to crash. What's up with that? Why did you put ads in the middle of it? That makes no sense. This game is honestly awesome 0retty addicting and its a nice time killer its worth spending money on too cant wait for more updatws thank you for this game yodo!. Haven't played for a year or so, and I wanted to come back, but there was no button for me to restore my progress?? Restarting to play the game is absolutely tiring since I had so many things back then..

I used to enjoy this game, now watching the ads doesn't work, and the game is automatically installing the apps from the ads even though I'm just trying to click X to leave the ad. I have to say I'm extremely disappointed with how this game changed.. Everytime im on an animal i would jump off with out even taking my finger off my screen and this happens so much i would give 5 stars once this is fixed. This is my second review. I love this game and I love the new update but my game keeps crashing almost everytime a popup ad comes up and sometimes while aim just playing or looking around in the menu it just crashes on me I will give it a full stars once this bug is fixed because Its literally unplayable. Android v 10. Came back to this app after a year. Not much has change. Controls are still bad, hit radius is garbage, everything feels rigid and either play to win or ad to win. They respond to people reviews but all in all they haven't changed much expect made it worse..

I have only kept this garbage on my phone because my progress isn't saving and I have sunk way too many hours into the game to just drop it all.. It forces you into a area where you have to make a user name. You can't leave this screen untill you do. I have tried everything I know friends names or my favorite things nothing works. I hope this is just bug, but until it gets fixed I won't be able to injoy the game. It is wonderful but trying for hours to make a user name and everything failing makes this game not very well I hope there is a way to fix it.. When I try to even get on it it kicks me off and doesn't load so i couldnt evem get in tge game thats why im giving it a 1 star. Worst app i could have got i would have given it 5 stars if it didn't take my money even though the app says the thing costs $0 it charged me and put me into the negatives i want my money back this app is a scam.

Not giving it a real rating yet because I had it on my old phone and just reinstalled it in the new one and it's still connected to the same Google account but I've lost all my progress. Is there any way to get back to where I was?. I'm giving this game a 4 star rating for one reason. The volcano gorilla is so hard to get. (For me) it's always this one that I can't beat. I do hate how it resets the time on the capture meter. Does anyone else have this issue or is it just me?.

Download ( V3.5.1 )

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