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ReleaseBrad Erkkila
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Rowdy Wrestling

Rowdy Wrestling: Unleash Your Inner Street Fighter!

Play as a real street fighter without rules! Arrange wrestling here with fighters in disguised costumes. It’s a lot of fun, trust me. Arrange a match for the victory with your friends and have fun at the glory. Only now this option is available. Start from a small wrestler to a big professional level fighter. Arrange tournaments, go through a variety of levels or play random mode, where players are selected in a completely different way. You have not seen this before, but now you can download Rowdy Wrestling for Android. Dangerous men will want to win the title of best wrestler instead of you. Don’t let them do it!

Try different tricks, use forbidden tricks or do a backflip. Don’t fall out of the ring or you might be disqualified. Pretty simple rules will understand every new player. You can download the application simply by clicking on the “download” button, and after that everything is installed automatically. After a while, launch the game and start running. The interface at a user-friendly level is very balanced and will work on every device. Try to figure out the settings. Hurry up to download Rowdy Wrestling for Android!

After the interface, start crazy matches for the title of champion. Meet the most famous wrestlers, and you will not be so popular, but after a while you will achieve results. Fans will play along with you, and signs with congratulations and motivating phrases will please any beginner. Use convenient controls for the movement of the army. Two keys and forward to win. Reach the final, and the difficulty will increase significantly!

Download ( V1.1.7 )

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