NameShadow of Death 2
ReleaseBravestars Games

Shadow of Death 2 is a seemingly effortless stickman-preventing sport that has become common for its addictive gameplay and storyline. On this sport, you’ll reside as Maximus, a courageous knight affected by amnesia and compelled to combat to outlive at nighttime.

In this sport, there’s some hazard lurking inside every single place. So your mission is to remain alert and defeat them in any respect prices to outlive. As you go alongside his epic journey, you may steadily see fading recollections of what occurred to the land of Aurora: so many questions and so little time. However, the essential factor is that you do not cease beating the enemy to outlive it! Are you able to destroy all of them? Learn to study extra about this beautiful sport.

Shadow of Death 2 MOD

This game is super great I can play it all day, with different carectors to choose from, its super addictive you go through different challenges that are are cool,you get to buy weapons and get rewarded at the end, I love this game its super cool big up to the creators of it good job guys keep up. Best game better than it's predecessor and graphics is good but it's a bit hard to earn the money and sometimes the weapon you win is very bad. I like your game but only thing I really want more stuff to do and for that said I will going back to Shodow of death I. Fix the Facebook login now I lost my all game data because I can't login in with my Facebook account.. It's good to come back to the game, but I'll point this out. 1. The analog is too small, and it's too low for my device, MAKE IT BIGGER FOR CRYING OUT LOUD 2. Why can't I auto rotate the game, the position is annoying. Other than that the game is ok I guess a tad hard, but OK. 3. How is one to start with low weapons to fight tough guys. Make it fair But at the end, deleted. I'm coming back for it tho, just hopes it will be better and more Rpg worthy.

Shadow of Death 2 APK

Its grate game but if you add a new character demon king sukuna then it would be better than any other fighting and action game. I think this is one of the best game I have ever played..... Great work done.... Guys give it a try and I hope you will love it.. I don't know what's wrong with the game these days, but whenever I play in the Arena,which is the most fun part to play and win rewarda ,even if I win it shows that I've lost. It didn't happen once or twice, many times already. They seriously need to fix it.. My friend showed me this game, I was sceptical cuz it was a platformer, but I was wrong. The graphics, gameplay, attacks, and in game stuff is really good! It's very grindy and you gotta have patience cuz I died A LOT! I highly recommend this game if you love a mix of 2d and 3d gameplay.

Shadow of Death 2 APK

Very bad.An awful game.I could not play it for even once.It just showed me a black screen. It disgusted me totally but if you want 5 stars from me remove this pug please. Hi everyone .,this game downloads very slow and make me anoying that my player stuck in the middle of the game and it lacks too.pls fix this problem as soon as possible...... Thanks. One of the best offline games I have ever played and the gameplay is quite smooth i personally like this game. There is a hillarious bug, i bought souls for the marksman but it was deposited for the swordsman instead. But the game itself has distinguished itself from the other games of this group with its gameplay, control, and progress. The rewards are a little bit lacking, thats all!.

Shadow of Death 2 APK

During the boss fight the game gets stuck in the deathblow animation and stays in that animation until I exit and also my controls freeze.

Download ( V2.2.0.3 )

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