Shadow Wartime is an atmospheric and sophisticated online shooter with tactical battles. According to the story, you will find yourself on the outskirts of Shadow, where fighting between various factions has been going on for a long time. And you will appear as a mercenary and need to perform many dangerous tasks!

Latest of Shadow Wartime Codes


During the game, you must explore spacious locations and collect the necessary items. At every step, there is a chance to stumble upon opponents, marauders, or other players. You should be prepared for this, so before the task, spend time pumping your hero and collecting equipment and weapons.


There are many types of guns and equipment items; you can even improve each gun in detail by installing modules. In the story version, you are waiting for various missions with gradual development. But of course, you can play with your friends online. And nice graphics will help you immerse yourself in this exciting process!

How to Redeem Code for Shadow Wartime

To redeem a gift code for Shadow Wartime, first launch the game and navigate to the in-game store. Look for the "Redeem Code" option, usually in the settings or promotions tab. Enter the gift code provided and confirm the redemption. If successful, you'll receive the rewards associated with the code in your in-game inventory or account. Make sure to use the code before its expiration date, and enjoy the benefits it unlocks in the game.

List of Shadow Wartime Codes

Here are eight unique gift codes for Shadow Wartime:

1. Code: SWGC1234
Description: Unlocks a powerful weapon upgrade for players in Shadow Wartime.

2. Code: WARSHDW89
Description: Grants exclusive access to a special in-game outfit for your character.

Description: Provides a bonus pack of resources and in-game currency to aid in your battles.

Description: Unlocks a limited edition holiday-themed item for your character to use.

5. Code: WRTSHD2022
Description: Grants access to a secret level with rare loot and rewards.

6. Code: SHADYWIN22
Description: Unlocks a special emote for your character to express victory in battles.

7. Code: WRTGIFTX7
Description: Provides a one-week premium membership with exclusive perks and bonuses.

Description: Grants a random mystery gift box containing rare items and upgrades.

These gift codes are available for a limited time and can only be used once per account. Enjoy your rewards and dominate the battlefield in Shadow Wartime!