NameSkibydy Craftsman Survivor
CategoryNew Game
Size105 MB
ReleaseQQGame Studio

Skibydy Craftsman Survivor is a game that incorporates crafting and survival elements. The player assumes the role of a craftsman who must navigate through various challenges in order to survive. The game offers a range of materials and tools that can be gathered and crafted to create items for survival, such as weapons, shelter, and food. Players can explore different environments, fight off hostile creatures, and complete quests to progress in the game. With its focus on crafting and survival, Skibydy Craftsman Survivor provides an immersive and challenging gaming experience.

Skibydy Craftsman Survivor MOD

This is literally a rip-off of that other skibidi survivor game created by OnePublishGames so I rate 2 stars you can literally just play that game it's a 50/50 because it is the same type of game just bad names..

Download ( V1.8 )

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