Looking for an edge in SMASH LEGENDS : Action Fight? Unlock exclusive benefits and rewards with codes from publisher 5minlab Corp. Dominate the battlefield with powerful character skins, in-game currency, and more. Level up your gameplay experience and stand out from the competition. Enter the codes today and unleash your full potential in this thrilling action-packed game.

Latest of SMASH LEGENDS Codes Wiki

AqBmvzdtXXX Get

Receive a mythical pet companion, a powerful weapon skin, and a rare costume set in your favorite color scheme.

uGb08xgXXXX Get

Unlock a rare skin, gain 1000 in-game currency, receive a powerful weapon upgrade, and double XP boost for a day!

How to Redeem Code for SMASH LEGENDS : Action Fight

To redeem a gift code in SMASH LEGENDS: Action Fight, open the game, go to the settings menu, select the ‘Coupon’ option, and enter the gift code to claim your rewards. Enjoy the game!

List of SMASH LEGENDS : Action Fight Codes

1. GHJ67-FG54D-1R3P9
2. KLM12-7JH98-4D6BQ
3. S92L3-AB4F6-6G7HJ
4. P8D4F-5H6J7-K9L1A
5. 3H7F9-K8G2S-M1L6D
6. B7N2M-6J8K5-H4G1F
7. QW4R6-8L3F9-2H5G7
8. D1F4H-6G7K9-V8BX2

These gift codes can be used in SMASH LEGENDS : Action Fight to unlock various in-game rewards, such as character skins, weapons, and power-ups. Make sure to redeem them quickly before they expire! Enjoy the thrilling action-packed battles in SMASH LEGENDS with these exciting gift codes.