NameStellar Knight Idle
CategoryNew Game
Size933 MB

Stellar Knight Idle is a game where players take on the role of a knight, tasked with protecting the galaxy from various enemies. The game features idle gameplay mechanics, meaning that players can progress even when they are not actively playing.

In this game, players can recruit and upgrade a diverse group of heroes with unique abilities to assist them in battle. They can also unlock different weapons and armor to enhance their knight’s abilities. As players progress, they will encounter increasingly challenging enemies and bosses.

Stellar Knight Idle offers a variety of game modes, including campaign missions, resource gathering, and PvP battles. The game also incorporates a guild system, allowing players to join forces with others and take on tougher challenges together.

Progression in the game is based on earning resources, which can be obtained through various in-game activities. These resources can then be used to upgrade heroes, purchase equipment, and unlock new features.

Overall, Stellar Knight Idle provides an engaging and strategic gaming experience, combining idle gameplay mechanics with a sci-fi fantasy setting. Players can enjoy the game at their own pace while continually improving their knight’s power to overcome increasingly difficult challenges.

Stellar Knight Idle MOD

>2GB to play Blade Idle with a fancy skin. There are tons of games with the EXACT same goal/progression. A couple years ago this game would have been interesting, but now it is just a lazy cash grab mashed together with some purchased assets.. It's an ok idle game if you're looking for something with a female only character. Nice graphics and some group raids.. It's a good game. They should bring this to console. It would run so much better. I know there's a lot to that, but if it's in any way doable, they should. It would run so much better. The only drawback to this game is the way it runs. Other than that it's a solid game.. just installed and play a coulple hours, and when i open the game again, i'm stuck at signing in forever.. I thought this game has character creation but this game has none, i wanted character creation but sadly no. after login and cliche boring story screen you're directly thrown into Game or tutorial but still no character creation. plus game is Auto & super boring nothing interesting in this game. plus graphics on Default are trash it's super pixelated & blurry if i increase in settings game lags so hard. I was gonna give 1 star but yeah atleast I get sleepy playing this game cause it's boring..

Stellar Knight Idle APK

When i strat the game, there's no customize charather. And then i relize yep these game can not change gender, only female charather. And i dont like it play female charather. So im gonna uninstal these game and nvr instal these game again.. Nice idle game. I noticed we can play manually. Is it a good idea to have a slight advantage when we play manually? Like we can dodge attacks or have skills synergy with other players in raids? The raid limit makes it hard to form a party late in the day before reset. We should be able to help each other even if we don't have a raid ticket. Just no rewards for those without a ticket or an alternate one. Maybe a 'help' leaderboard for a reward at the end of the week. Take this review with one. It's not good. Horrible UI and it feels like an old game that's been reskinned and renamed. I do not recommend even trying it.. Think of it as idle blade but super early access. Reused enemys and stage backgrounds, just with higher enemy healthbars. The game runs smooth but can make my S22U heat up pretty badly if left on for a while. Unfortunately, this game is bare minimum f2p friendly. The chests feel like a joke, and the 10-minute gap per ad is ridiculous. (Paid for ad removal, but I still have to wait 10 minutes per). BUT! I'm am in love with the 3d high-res aspect of an idle mobrix game. So I will see..

Stellar Knight Idle APK

I'd rather you fix the issues. First off they completely disregard there community trying to make a quick buck for over priced low option micro trans and horrible success rates. The arena is BS, power I'm 29th in the game but can't get past 168th rank since they constantly pit me up against the player power rank instead of arena rank. Meaning there is literally about 140 players weaker than me that are higher in the arena because the devs have there heads up there ***. Well it doesn't event record offline time properly. Logged in the 2nd day after like 8h and it gave me only 51 minutes worth of offline time. Kind of joke.. It's a clone of a clone of a clone. Graphically, it's not too bad, but the server disconnects are terrible. Nothing new, really, rewards are generous, grind is real, set it and forget it. This game works great no lag or glitch issues but I didn't give 5 stars because when you start the game it's straight up puts you in fight after visual novel type story if it had more story or something in between before you are in combat I might give it a 5 star rating anyway game is great no issues yet. So far it's not disappointing. I think I found a new bug with yesterday's update where my character becomes invisible I don't know how but after 3 minutes the character becomes invisible.

Stellar Knight Idle APK

Started the game w/o me creating character(name, appearance, etc.) And the game plays itself. So, 4 stars_so far..... Not a big fan, it has nice graphics but you hardly see it because you're always in some menu tweaking stats and equipment so the high quality graphics feel a bit pointless. I won't focus too much on the technical aspect because the game is new and will surely improve. It's worth trying if you like the genre. I would like to see a more integrated stats menu so you can tweak stats while playing the game.. This game doesn't know what it wants to be? When the game starts, it just throws you in without any guidance on how to play. If it wasn't for other idle games, I wouldn't understand what the hell I'm doing. The graphics are super choppy and low quality. You will get stuck in the early stages. I'd been waiting to play this game for a while now, and I'm very disappointed. Was hoping for a good 3-D idle game, but this just isn't it. If they can fix the graphics, I'll try again 3/10 overall.. Not able to create a character, game starts and dumps you in the middle of a fight you have no clue how to play.

Very bad game first its only one gender where is the male character second its very laggy for idle game !! Graphics not good. One of the worst idle game I've ever played . The fonts are so small that you cant read anything , horrible summon rates , confusing mechanics and extremely laggy. A well deserved 1 star for this garbage.. Not bad. The game is fresh. Just need some improvements and adjustments on stages. Because it's too early to get stuck in stages which is not good. Some are missing, like Login Rewards, Attendance Rewards. Players would love if you add these. Overall good job. I like it.. only one class made more class and make event make more costume and make pvp or make open in yhe other rpg.

I cant play the game at all. im stuck with the screen where you log your gmail acc or apple id. The game itself is ok but it only has 1 class? Hope the dev,s will add more class for us to enjoy then i will make this 5 stars. *Sigh. Nice graphics mobs and skills. But too boring auto attack plus 1 location only. It is better to make this open world. It easy to uninstall.. Woii dev..hp ku ni ndakdanya d root..apesal game mu ni detect hp ku dh d root..ndak ka bongok....

Download ( V1.3.3 )

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