NameStick it to the Stickman
CategoryNew Game
Size64 MB
ReleaseGameFlex Studio

“Stick it to the Stickman” is a game that revolves around a stick figure protagonist facing off against hordes of stickman enemies. The game offers a variety of weapons and abilities for the player to use, allowing them to perform stylish and brutal combos. As the player progresses, they unlock new levels and face stronger opponents, earning rewards for their victories. The game also features a unique art style, with hand-drawn stickman characters against vibrant and detailed backgrounds. Overall, “Stick it to the Stickman” offers an entertaining and action-packed experience for fans of stickman games and combat-focused gameplay.

Stick it to the Stickman MOD

Bad crazy copy game Terrible. Game have manyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy adssss . Absolutely fantastic. Going to get it on steam as well.. he here very a on to the a step by the way I and him you his I will not be returned in a the to with gb and data am will with of same help a few single things electronic love have and so love will. Worst rip-off. It's not like in the picture AND you can't even kill anyone. Just explore THAT'S IT. When you load the game it tells you to tap to play so I tap the screen and I'm immediately presented with an ad. After the ad I wanted to see what the options menu had to offer so I open the menu and guess what...another ad! It would be nice if players get a chance to play the game before being innundated with ads. On pc this game is pretty cool but in the mobile version you can't even jump. Hopefully they fix this or this game will go nowhere fast.

Stick it to the Stickman APK

1: this is literally a copy of 'Stick it to the Stickman', a game which isn't even out yet 2: it crashes instantly. High chance of malware.

Download ( V1.8 )

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