NameStick War 3
CategoryNew Game
ReleaseMax Games Studios
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Stick War 3

The Real Carnage

Experience the real carnage in Stick War 3, where you delve into the world of real-time multiplayer strategy. Prepare yourself for intense PVP matches, epic battles, and a multitude of captivating moments that will lead you on amazing adventures. With a diverse array of equipment at your disposal, orchestrate outlandish confrontations in open settings that will push your strategic skills to the limit.

Join forces with your friends anywhere on the battlefield to assert your dominance. Engage in thrilling two-on-two showdowns, face off against formidable adversaries, and expand your network of companions. Challenge yourself in single-player mode, embark on a compelling campaign, and experiment with innovative strategies that will set you apart from the competition.

Command large armies, craft strategic combat decks, and unleash unique ability types that will leave your enemies fleeing in fear. Acquire upgrades, unlock powerful features, and make your rivals retreat without a second thought. Equip yourself with potent spells that are sure to aid you in triumphing over any foe that stands in your path.

Download ( V2024.3.1801 )

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