NameStrange Case 2: Asylum
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Strange Case 2: Asylum is a thrilling game with a compelling storyline set in an asylum. Players take on the role of an investigator tasked with solving the mysterious case of a missing patient named John Doe. As they delve deeper into the asylum, players encounter eerie and challenging puzzles, as well as immersive gameplay that keeps them engaged throughout. The game’s atmosphere is dark and haunting, utilizing haunting sound effects and stunning graphics to create a tense and suspenseful experience. With its gripping narrative and captivating gameplay, Strange Case 2: Asylum delivers a unique and unforgettable gaming experience for fans of mystery and suspense.

Strange Case 2: Asylum MOD

I played it and loved it so much! I love that the ghost vision came back which was a surprise to me and also the new art is amazing and there were very little ad interruption. I have been waiting for this for so long Thank you so much and I hope there is a part 3. Not a bad game really. Probably a bit too many mini games with no bearing on the story but otherwise nice. The level of difficulty is also a bit steeper than the last one, which is ok for us veterans but might be off putting for others.. Good game so far...puzzles can be a bit tricky...some areas don't register when clicked, so I had to watch a walkthrough video to get close. I really like it. The puzzles are not too simple or too hard. In my opinion is verry good, but the game is verry short.. Boring story, puzzles make no sense, hints show you answers to puzzles you already completed. Significantly worse than the last game, pretty disappointed..

Strange Case 2: Asylum APK

Little less fascinating than the first. Really wish the ghost vision was more of a factor in this one. But it was still a very engaging game.. Love it! Nice game, I like solving game and it's little spooky and not predictable, waiting for more adventures from you in the future . Extraordinary!!!the game play and process was too fantasric but the only thing is the last puzzle of the 2nd chapter is very disguisting,it's impossible to solve.Because of that I even can't enjoy full game.So please developers try to fix the puzzle or try to give any gameplay if its possible.Or else the game is fully worth it to play. Ok game. I def needed a hint to get chap 3 started & it's a pretty challenging game but very short and I escaped but it seems like there was stuff missed. We're the slides significant? And the brain? Were they mini games? Or just pointless. Idk.... Not a really impressive game. First one was a lot better. Imo..

Strange Case 2: Asylum APK

For me, there was a glitch in the laboratory I was unable to move past. I had to un- and reinstall the game in order to get through. Also, in the 3rd chapter, it cut me off before I did anything and said, "Thanks for playing". I hadn't yet solved those puzzles, I only looked up the stairs, the doc said I'm not getting out and the game ended.... it was a good game even though i had to finish it with a walkthrough of the game because some of the things have to be done seemingly at random? i also find it a bit annoying that if you lose you have to start again the app. it was still good overall and would love to see a 3rd part. The graphics are becoming more personal. And the controls have changed. But it remains a very original game My only criticism is that it is a bit too short.. I agree with the other reviewers. I was excited for this one because I really loved the first game but this didn't live up to my expectations. It's still good but I expected more puzzles and a longer game. This was pretty short and I wished there were more to this. I'll rate this 3.5/5 but I'd like to expect the next games to be more fun and engaging..

Strange Case 2: Asylum APK

So far I really loved the game, even though it was a bit short. The storyline and graphics ard really lovely. But, I feel like it may have been a bit too hard and some solutions were a bit illogical, therefore making it harder to solve. I'm not sure if there is now a walkthrough, but when I played there wasn't any and I struggled so much I almost quit. To sum it up, this game is really good and challenges you, if you're up for a mind twist try it, but start with the alchemist first. :). My only issue is that there's no assistance with difficult puzzles and no option to reset a puzzle. If you can't figure it out...well you better because otherwise you won't progress in the game.. I'll give 3 stars just because i preregister for the game and were waiting to play it then unfotunetly it tooks me about only an hour to finish the game.. It's too short and the story line in ch1 was even better.. I really need a game to play at least for a week lol Thank you anyway keep on going. Very nice, however, i found the first one was more intriguing. Other than that the game went smoothly and easy to play along with the graphics compared to the first that improved. The storyline went smooth along the first game. Im hoping we have another game of his adventures and him finding out more of himself and whats within him. .

Doesn't show during a normal search on play store. Glad I looked under the creators tag. A high quality game that's just difficult enough without being impossible. Very enjoyable.. Good game, but very obviously rushed for the release on the promised date: this can be seen from how things don't maintain their state when you zoom in and out (the grates that appear locked after you open them are one example). If you lose, you have to restart the application to get back to the checkpoint. However, the main reason I'm rating low is the terrible performance that drains battery and immensely heats the phone for no reason. As good as this is, it could have used more beta testing.. This game could really profit from some beta testers AND better game design (even if i adore the creativity) Problems: - why do i use a shoe on a tile?? - why did i have to move the tile to the top left? - the vault with the numbers: i didn't even see that you could put in numbers because it was so low - i can't open the safe, I've been trying for so long it's frustrating. A much anticipated sequel to the original, there's a good level of logic to the puzzles although some points I have found it difficult to know what to do next, where it seems like everything has been wrapped up and everything has been explored. Overall has a great atmosphere to the game and continues to impress..

The game was good. Puzzles were very tricky and hard, but the most important thing is that some puzzles contain a lot of bugs. The developers should put an eye on that. Otherwise, the experience was amazing.. This one is worse than the prior, in my opinion. I credit the dev for the aesthetics and theme, and the story is not bad, but: - more often than not, the puzzles made no sense. I wasn't sure what I was meant to be working towards, especially in chapter 3. It's not like other games of this ilk where you know what to aim for; some just didn't make sense. - the writing needs a proof read if releasing to English audiences I play as long as he makes them, but a little frustrating.. I like your game, but short, to be continued? Not 5 stars because of that i don't know what the aim is on the some machines. I remember Alchemist also had this kind of machines. Thank you.. I played all the chapters such a amazing and tricky game I enjoyed very much... When the next part is going to come..? I m very excited .

Overall, I think the first one was better. It started well, the puzzles weren't easy but also weren't impossible to complete. Then it started getting a bit all over the place. Some of the answers to the puzzles didn't really make any sense, and I'm not sure how you're supposed to solve some of them using logic and not by just clicking around and trying to guess. The story seemed rushed as well, some things were left unclear. In the end, it was fun to play, hope there's a next one.. Amazing and completely left field and odd in the best way. Also kind of difficult in a good way. This group makes great games. Love everything you do, my one sudgestion is having a tips button (for an ad atleast) so people don't need to use walkthroughs. I have been eagerly waiting to play Strange Case 2 for a long time and I was able to finish it in a day. There were a lot of bugs in the game which was really annoying but overall the puzzles and storyline were really good..

Pros: nice graphics and storyline Cons: no hint system which could've been used to place ads instead of awkwardly having random pop ups in the middle of the game. The puzzles don't have any instructions either so it can be confusing to figure out for harder puzzles. If there won't be a hint system anytime soon, I suggest posting a walkthrough video on the same day as release date.. Hi this is really good game and I really enjoyed playing it, hopefully you will download this game after seeing my comment . I like it even tho I'm stuck, we need a tutorial in case we can't solve a puzzle, but other than that, it's a really good game full of puzzles.. Fun game so far but had to uninstall halfway through. Couldn't figure it out as there's no walkthrough for it..

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