NameStyle & Makeover: Merge Puzzle
CategoryNew Game
Size135 MB

Style & Makeover: Merge Puzzle is a game that combines the elements of a puzzle and a makeover simulation. Players are tasked with merging different fashion items together to create new and stylish outfits. They can mix and match clothing, accessories, and hairstyles to come up with unique looks for their virtual models.

The game offers a wide variety of fashion items to collect, including dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes, bags, and more. Players can unlock new items by successfully merging existing ones or by completing various levels and challenges.

In addition to creating fashionable outfits, players can also design and decorate their own virtual fashion studio. They can choose from a range of furniture and decor items to personalize their space and make it a stylish and trendy environment.

The gameplay involves strategically merging fashion items of the same type to create higher-level items. As players progress through the game, the puzzles become more challenging and require careful planning and strategy. Successful merges earn players points and rewards that can be used to unlock new fashion items and studio decorations.

Style & Makeover: Merge Puzzle offers a fun and creative experience for fashion enthusiasts who enjoy puzzle-solving and virtual makeovers. With its visually appealing graphics, diverse range of fashion items, and engaging gameplay, this game provides hours of entertainment and fashion exploration.

Style & Makeover: Merge Puzzle MOD

Your not designing in this one, the game does it for you. Also items bounce around alot on the screen giving you hints thru the entire game...not for me.. It's okay, the game is pretty glitchy overall. Ads do not give rewards as they should, and the times for merging itmes is way too short. After leaving the game all night and then coming back you only get 5 taps before it needs to recharge for 30 minutes. And the ads for that also do not give faster recharge as a reward. I probably won't keep the game.. Love the game and the challenge except for the update or the level ups with the xp is leveling up I'm stuck with racking up the coins . I don't think I care for the game as much as I use to . That's why I rate this game two stars. Tried this game a while ago, there were few things i thought would make this game even better but then i stopped playing it, few days ago I saw the icon change and thought about trying it again and to my surprise it was much much better, graphics improved, feasibility improved and above all gameplay improved. loved it. staying tuned for what devs are coming up with next. Absolutely love this makeover game! The graphics are stunning, and the variety of styles and options make it incredibly engaging. The attention to details is impeccable, making every makeover a delightful experience. It's become my goto for creative and relaxing fun -a solid 5 stars.

Style & Makeover: Merge Puzzle APK

The game is fun with nice graphics and all that, but you need to be online anytime you're playing. It's not an offline game.. I can not pass level 11, are there any more levels? Can I get a response from Creator are you gonna create any more levels or is 11 the max?. How to in this game we can open the purse? I I can't open it ! Can you plz tell me ?. How long will it take to show the third client I've been waiting forever,and I'm beginning to give up on the game.

Style & Makeover: Merge Puzzle APK

An absolute gem! The merging feature adds a unique twist to the classic makeover genre. Its so satisfying to watch the characters and their spaces transform. High-quality graphics, smooth gameplay, and abundant creativity - all deserving of a five-star review!. The perfect blend of merging mechanics, character design, and interior decorating had me hooked from the start. Every makeover feels rewarding and personal, making this game a must-play!.

Download ( V1.0.4 )

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