Sumikkogurashi Farm is a farming game where players can cultivate and harvest crops, take care of adorable animal friends, and decorate their own virtual farm. As players progress, they can unlock new crops, animals, and decorations to create their ideal farm. The game also features special events and challenges to keep players engaged and entertained.

Latest of Sumikkogurashi Farm Redeem Codes


Congratulations! You have earned the magical Sumikkogurashi Farm reward! Your farm will be blessed with abundant crops, rare mythical creatures to roam the fields, and a secret treasure chest full of golden coins. Enjoy the enchanted abundance!

649zTepuXXX Get

“Congratulations! You’ve earned a fantasy coupon for Sumikkogurashi Farm! Enjoy rewards such as free in-game currency, exclusive character skins, and a special mystery gift box filled with rare items. Redeem now!”

How to Redeem Code for Sumikkogurashi Farm

To redeem a gift code in Sumikkogurashi Farm, tap on the menu icon in the game. Select "Settings" and then "Redeem Code." Enter the unique code provided and click "Redeem." Your gift will be applied to your account, providing you with exclusive rewards and items to enhance your gameplay experience. Enjoy your new gifts and have fun playing Sumikkogurashi Farm!

List of Sumikkogurashi Farm Codes

1. SGF1-8H7T-FV9R-2C65
2. SGF2-Y4KD-3M7P-BAR1
3. SGF3-L6J9-EP5Z-Q1UO
4. SGF4-2B3N-Y8KQ-DFR7
6. SGF6-1R4D-Q2CO-5H6N

These codes can be redeemed for exclusive gifts and rewards at Sumikkogurashi Farm. Hurry and use them before they expire to enhance your gaming experience and collect rare items for your farm. Share these codes with your friends to spread the joy of playing Sumikkogurashi Farm together. Enjoy the fun of farming and building a beautiful virtual world with the adorable Sumikkogurashi characters!