Swordman: Reforged is an exciting platform game where you’ll collect epic swords and fight funny monsters! Help the main character discover why inanimate objects began to come to life!

Latest of Swordman: Reforged Codes


Swordman: Reforged – the second part of an exciting action game with a brave hero who fights against various monsters holding a formidable weapon. Something strange happened in this world; inanimate objects suddenly came to life!

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But our character is not the first to face all sorts of anomalies; therefore, he will meet this test with dignity! Of course, not without your help. Defeat unknown creatures, find new weapons in swords, lightning, and other excellent battle means, and unlock new skins that will change the hero beyond recognition.

How to Redeem Code for Swordman: Reforged

To redeem a gift code in Swordman: Reforged, follow these steps:

1. Launch the game and go to the main menu.
2. Look for the "Benefits" or "Gift Code" option and select it.
3. Enter your gift code in the designated field.
4. Click on the "Redeem" button.
5. Wait for the game to verify and process your code.
6. Once the redemption is successful, you will receive the rewards associated with the gift code.
7. Enjoy your newly unlocked items or bonuses while playing Swordman: Reforged.

List of Swordman: Reforged Codes

1. PVH8G9L2B: Unlock a powerful rare sword in Swordman: Reforged and enhance your slashing skills to dominate your foes.

2. X5R4W3K6T: Unleash the fury of the ancient gods with this divine weapon, granting you unparalleled strength and abilities.

3. M2D7S1H9F: Equip a mystical cloak that grants you invisibility and dexterity, allowing you to strike your enemies swiftly and silently.

4. Q8A6Z4P3E: Forge an impenetrable shield that deflects all incoming attacks, making you invincible in the heat of battle.

5. Y9W2C7R1D: Gain access to a secret training ground where you can learn powerful martial arts techniques to defeat any opponent.

6. L3K9H4T7F: Acquire a potion that boosts your health and stamina, making you almost indestructible on the battlefield.

7. E6B2P9A1R: Obtain a set of legendary armor that grants you increased resistance against elemental damage, ensuring your survival in the most hazardous environments.

8. G4S3N8K6D: Discover a hidden treasure chest filled with rare artifacts, including a legendary sword and unique abilities that will turn you into an unstoppable force.


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