NameTales of Dragon – Fantasy RPG
CategoryNew Game
Size758 MB
ReleaseX-Legend Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Tales of Dragon is a fantasy RPG game that offers an immersive gameplay experience. Players embark on a thrilling adventure in a magical world filled with mythical creatures, powerful heroes, and epic quests. The game features stunning graphics and a dynamic combat system that allows players to engage in strategic battles with various enemies.

In Tales of Dragon, players have the opportunity to create their own unique character, choosing from a selection of different races and classes. Each race and class combination offers distinct abilities and skills, allowing for a customizable playstyle. As players progress through the game, they can level up their character, unlock new abilities, and acquire powerful equipment to enhance their strength.

The vast and open world of Tales of Dragon is filled with diverse landscapes, from lush forests to treacherous mountains and eerie dungeons. Exploring this world, players will encounter a variety of NPCs, who provide them with quests and valuable information. These quests range from simple tasks to complex story-driven missions, offering a rich and immersive narrative experience.

In combat, players can utilize a combination of magical spells and weapon skills to defeat their enemies. Strategic decision-making is essential, as players must choose the right abilities and tactics to overcome different challenges. Additionally, players can team up with friends or other players online to take on formidable bosses and complete challenging dungeons together, fostering a sense of community and cooperation.

Tales of Dragon also offers a robust crafting system, allowing players to gather resources and create powerful items. This feature encourages exploration and provides additional depth to the gameplay.

Overall, Tales of Dragon is a captivating fantasy RPG game that offers a vast and immersive world, engaging combat mechanics, and a compelling storyline. It provides an exciting and challenging experience for both casual and hardcore gamers who are passionate about the fantasy genre.

Tales of Dragon – Fantasy RPG MOD

bro I love it I just want you to do an update that the dragons can try to escape or be wild with no rider like a function we can do when dragon is at tier 21,thank you . Cluttered UI that doesn't stay hidden. Also too many red dots wanting me to make micro transactions. So annoying. Un-installed.. Is the best movie ever die never saw in my life if you make the move, if you make the game much better, a lot of people's going to play it, the game is so awesome in everything that you guys is so amazing, I love this game is the best game in the world, is so fun that play heavy day, but not heavy day because I need to go to schooland I can not wait until the end of the year, just so I can watch the whole movie in this good, be so fun watching the whole thing by myself playing the game the hall. To be fair it a good game with good graphics and music but all they wanna do is grab your money with any updates or new servers and there customer service sucks. Playing around 2 weeks. Can say that game is waste of time and money. So bad item and gear drop even if you are p2p I was not see long time. So slow progress that server fast die. 2 weeks and now only 3-4 players play. And all what wold help wold be pick up drop rates,'s too late, ppl got bored and left game. Because no point to pay and play if getting 1 orange your class gear per day. Not talking about f2p players. Pass this game, don't spend your time..

Tales of Dragon – Fantasy RPG APK

It is cool but it was boring wen I start withe the game but wen played it for week or more I love the game and it is cool juste play the game and enjoy it so bay. Character classes are gender locked which means u can't be a male mage or a female warrior also there's no customization aspect. devs dont care. our server is broken almost nothing works. we spend a lot of money. still x legend doesnt care for our problem even if we sent tickets. The game is really expensive, Devs they don't care, even you write a complained they just say OK lmao is that a good answer so funny, bugged is everywhere they don't fixed, no maintenance for over 1 month. They just ignored you, I dont recommended this game to anyone at all. They are useless money grabbing.

Tales of Dragon – Fantasy RPG APK

Was nice but half the dam screen is focused on tabs ,buy this buy so it's clear the only way to truly enjoy this game is to spend spend spend the greed is real. Ok idk how ur game works but when it says create a character I expect to be able to change my appearance not get dragged into gameplay. The auto-text-advance and auto-questing is real rough. Way too fast if you have a partner showing you memes frequently, or just any other adhd brain. If you don't care about the game story, then open the game, choose your class, then set your phone down and do dishes Also, the settings menu to turn off sound is extremely well hidden. I spent 5 minutes (and missed untold amounts of plot) in my quest to turn off the sound so I could listen to my other stuff.. Cookie cutter mmo really. Alarmingly predatory and intrusive IAP. One of them actually un-minimized the buttons with all the IAPs in the top right, claimed to offer a "free" outfit, and then when I taped it, there was nothing free there at all. I expected more from X-Legend. They should know better by now..

Tales of Dragon – Fantasy RPG APK

EDIT: after lvl 300+ no one is active, servers are dead, no ones trading & I can't move forward bc I need team members.. I've been crashing a lot more now too & mid battle auto is turning off. I'd suggest this game to someone who wants to pass the time, Play is Easy. Don't spend ur s bc you'll eventually get said item(doing tasks) unless it's wish or key related. it is fun to start off with, you'll be doing the same thing from lvl1 to lvl300+ just "harder".. I liked this game a lot at first but like most of these types of games new servers are opened way to often, levelling up is easy at first then add usual it slows down to almost a stop, and because of the usual high number of whales in a new server on top of New servers constantly opening the server you choose to join dies off in a month. It was disappointing to be in an active server then all of a sudden there's less than 10 active players left.. its good i wish your character was more customizable and you could get different dragons but games really good otherwise. Novamente, a taxa de drop muito ruim, j no era boa, agora t pior. Eu mato bosses direto, mas no vem um equipamento do tier 10/11, nem mesmo de outras classes agora. Melhorem essa taxa de drops!!!!!!!! Eu s consigo equipamentos atravs da guild agora, e eu odeio isso. A sensao de conseguir as coisas atravs do seu prprio esforo vai pelo ralo, por conta disso. (Eu ainda detesto as dungeons).

Lovely game. Just the top up buttons are clustering the whole upper screen. There's a hide arrow but it opens every new loading screen again, so it's pointless. It's pretty annoying to have it lag the game. I get it that you want my money. But please.. Since new update my character has disappeared not happy at all as I spent ages on the account. Is there anyway to get it back at all.... It's addictive it pricey. Be ready to spend a lot of you don't want to have to keel over for the pay-to-win players as much. And don't get complacent about being no.1 anywhere because the constant server merges are designed to keep it competitive and keep one spending as much as possible. Some of the events are a total scam, and on a good day a server might have like 10 active people. Sometimes you might be the only one that's active.. It's not good , I can't understand why they made a game which just plays by itself, all I did was watched my screen for 20 mins and my character was already level 50 and doing tasks.

it's a very fun game.hope u guys will continue making more games like then but can u plzz decrease the things that r needed to be bought by irl money. When the majority of your reviews are 1 or 2 stars (the vast majority) yet have a 4.6 rating it shows you bought review bombers rather than make the game more enjoyable. Depressing. Also this game used to have a 2.6 rating. Yet in 9weeks it jumped to 4.6? Nah lol. Pay to win game. Devs don't respond. Over 130 servers with 3-5 players in each. Don't waste your time and go whale on a different game.. Just playing for 4 days, only playing the same things in circle every days. It's boring.. This is not adventure game..

Good game but they dont explain the events how to play it especially for the dice game event we need it to be explained. I'm trying to purchase gems but every time I try, I'm told I have insufficient funds when that's actually incorrect. I've updated my google play and the game and it's still telling me I have the wrong amount of funds which is frustrating. It's not a *horrible* game, the devs are just extremely lazy with the game... Like half the icons of the characters dont come close to looking like the character (not even the same hair and eye color) THEN the devs use your character as a chat bot to talk with players (and other chat bots XD) You can pretty much complete the game by clicking auto mode lol. Rigged reviews because this game is garbage tier autoplay. Its a micro transaction money trap that is basically every other mobile mmo turned into a cookie cutter advertisement for the pay your way aspect of play. There is nothing special about this game and you will not enjoy the limited forced progression paywalls along the way. Don't make main quests a tutorial. There is no story..

Almost the same as dragonicle but with a few things added. Same systems. Copy paste by xlegends to try to milk money from their players. They killed their other games aura kingdom and dragonicle being greedy. I highly recommend against playing this game.. umm CONFUSED HERE!!..AS I WAS PLAYING THE 1ST VERSION OF "TALES OF DRAGON..A "SCROLL FLASH OF "NEWER VERSION CAME ACROSS SCREEN..NOW, I HAVE BOTH BUT, WHICH DO I PLAY NOW & WILL IT ACCEPT"GOOGLE PLAY???..I ALSO NOTICED THIS *NEWER VERSION, SEEMS ABOUT A "DRAGON KINGDOM & NOT "OZ"...WHICH JOURNEY/VERSION SHOULD I BE PLAYING??. Great looking game honestly... Auto play, money grab af though. But if you are the type to enjoy that kind of game that you're going to love this one!. Kinda weird how this game has so many 5* reviews but after looking at those reviews I'd question if those are real people. Most 5* reviews have 1 sentence with similar sounding reviews, no profile pics with normal sounding names. This game is clearly a re-release of a super p2w game released a year or so ago called Sky Castle. Everything is identical only the name was changed, including the excessive p2w. Can't find the old game, makes sense since they had to close that one to re-release..

It's a good game. Lots to do & ok power growth & vip growth. The usual repetitive grind but dealable. I had a bully who ruined it for me so I just left to keep it simple.. Tried the game and not sure if I'm old fashioned despite being in my early twenties. But game gets boring real quick with the constant lvl ups despite not doing much. Literally had an hour of play time and ended up at lvl 130. Good game for casual people who wanna see big numbers but not for those looking for something like a normal rpg.. Hi, for everyone who's reading this. This is the best game anime. 1. Is easy to get exp and level up even provide dungeons for exp. But when you're lvl 150+ is a little hard, Good luck and hope for new update. this game is actually pretty fun! I've tried to look for a MMORPG like this but haven't had much luck, so I am very grateful for whoever made this .

Drops for gear you can use are non-existent! Screen is covered in swirling buttons to get you to spend money. Bugs in the q and a sections. Cute graphics is all I can say that's good about it.. At first glance it seems nearly spot on from games similar in style, but however it has some of its own quirks and additions that makes it stand out!. I am really enjoying this game and I am looking forward to learning more about this game as I play it. Caps drops of right level gear missing cant update. Long battles with bosses no matter how high levels get. Frustrating daily.

Initially, the game looked quite cute and fun upon launching. Onto the actual game itself, the visuals and music are quite nice and I don't think the graphics were bad. However, the main issue I have with the game is the fact that it plays itself. Little to no interaction needed from the player, you don't even need to read any text bubbles. I think it has a shallow plot and there's not much of a point in playing - you can watch the whole game like a film.. Not a bad game but after a while it's just a never ending grind with no end goal or purpose, and with S1 being completely overpowered with p2w players there's no way to win any cross server events.. It's a cute, quick, easy afk mobile game. However, it's litterly the same as tales of wind, which is kind of boring and repetitive - also, for some reason, I just can't stand the graphics, I just don't like the characters. But oh well. It was nice to try out.. It's an okay game but has a lot of problems, I did manage to get in the game but my graphics would become blurry then crisp which I found funny, I couldn't rotate my screen, the combat was really stiff, and I ended up just playing on auto the entire time. Since everything was auto it was easier to get to level 150 within an hour or so. However, my biggest complaint is how it keeps showing red dots on in-game purchases after you check them. You literally have to pay to get rid of of them ;-;.

When going for boss, you automatically attack human players first. Um I'm here to kill the boss not have to switch over to a different enemy Everytime. Stupid game, just like the last 100 types of same game. Slaving after pvp is wrong even if you have grateful option. game makes me sad. Stupid P2W BS. SEPARATE SERVERS BETWEEN P2W/F2P, F2P NEEDS TO WATCH ADS TO GET AD POINTS THEN USE THEM ON THE PACKS THAT P2W SERVER OFFERS WITH CASH. YOUVE BEEN TOLD. NOW IMPLEMENT THIS FOR FAIRNESS 4 ALL.. Not recommend to play to do anything on this game gotta literally spend money dont waste your time Also if you did pre order you got scammed I didn't get anything for pre ordering.

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