NameTaylor’s Secret: Merge story
CategoryNew Game
Size241 MB
ReleaseMerge story

Taylor’s Secret: Merge is a captivating and immersive game that revolves around an intriguing storyline. Players find themselves in a world where a secret organization known as “The Merge” controls everything, and their goal is to uncover the mysteries behind it.

The game offers a rich narrative that keeps players engrossed. As they progress through various levels and challenges, they come across different characters and locations, each hiding a piece of the puzzle. Players must gather clues, solve puzzles, and complete missions to unravel the secrets that lie within the Merge.

The gameplay of Taylor’s Secret: Merge is both engaging and challenging. Players have the option to choose their character and customize their appearance. They need to strategically plan their moves and make decisions that will determine the outcome of the story. The game includes interactive elements, such as mini-games and quick-time events, adding excitement and unpredictability.

One of the highlights of this game is the stunning graphics and realistic audio effects that create an immersive gaming experience. The beautifully designed landscapes and intricately detailed characters make the world of Taylor’s Secret: Merge come alive.

Overall, Taylor’s Secret: Merge offers an enthralling gameplay experience with its gripping storyline, strategic gameplay, and captivating graphics. Players are sure to be captivated as they dive deeper into the secrets of the Merge and uncover the truth behind the organization.

Taylor’s Secret: Merge story MOD

Never got to play actually. The first tutorial merge is bugged. The game is only allowing you, to attempt to merge 2 different items, but not the matching items.. Cute game ,but not enough energy! I pop in when killing time and lasts about 3 min. I've never seen a game that does this before. Not gamer friendly to me!. I have tried to get customer support to help me get my game back. They told me to send them more information. I sent them what they asked for 2 days ago and I haven't heard anything back from them.. Wow this game is so fabulous? It's so much fun. I love all the fab animations and the animals omg, the characters....!!!!. Meeting new characters and opening new areas and figuring out the secret and mystery involved in the game is intriguing..

Taylor’s Secret: Merge story APK

It's a decent enough merge game, but the constant forced 'tutorial' for every event gets really annoying really fast. There's so many pop ups already when you start, and then you're still forced to tap everything they highlight for the event (5-10 taps) before it allows you to actually play the game.. It has become a riviting game. I can not stop playing. I want to get to the next place to play. Will be deleting as it's easy to accidently click to purchase extra boosters. The payment often says it's failed, however the payment gets taken and you don't receive the stuff you purchased. Makes the game feel like it's not worth having.. Wow the amount of engery it takes to make a hamburger is outrageous 200 plus some new stuff added like a match 3 game why would I want to play that in a merge game if I wanted that type of game I would of downloaded it I played this before but now I realized why I quit playing can't complete orders in timely fashion without tons of energy why can't someone create simple merge board game without needing tons of engery and space I don't get it that's all we want.

Taylor’s Secret: Merge story APK

Nice game but too much necessity to buy with cash instead of in game earnings.... still fun tho ... Great story line... I paid for an event..the money got deducted from my account, but it showed payment failed on the app. This is literally a scam. So the developer responds after 2 months!!!. RIDICULOUS. THESE INAPPROPRIATE ADDS ARE AWEFUL.... KIDS PLAY THESE?!? A PREGNANT WOMAN WHO GETS CHEATED ON AND TRIES TO OD ON PILLS..... ARE YOU KIDDING ME? OUR KIDS SEE THIS. THE ADD IS WHY IT IS NOW UNINSTALLED. Loved playing this game, now they have cut your rewards, don't get a free energy box unless you pay in diamonds. Don't get as much chances to watch ads to get the 15 energy now only 2 ads. Disappointed in the new update.

Taylor’s Secret: Merge story APK

It won't open when I download the game and go to play it , it just close the game and go back to the play store I even restarted the game and it still do the same thing just go back to the play store. I brought up the issue with getting kicked out the game after watching a add to get more lives and it is still not working!! And now still after so long that I complained about watching adds and getting kicked out the game it still doesn't allow me to watch adds to help me get lives. Very . I am SO disappointed in how this game has changed. You can't get the energy chest w/o paying now, you can only get 30 w/ ads instead of ~100+, it sucks. If you use the double energy boost (which i think most do bc its easier) you get about 50 moves before you can't play anymore, and usually that's not enough for an order. Sometimes I'll buy the .99/200 pack but only if I have google survey credits and the offer appears so randomly. What was once 2+ hours of play a day is now <20 mins :/. You used to get a video in the daily rewards shop for energy chest, now you have to pay 10 diamonds for it. I've had the option to purchase w/diamonds before, if an ad wasn't ready, now you HAVE to pay 10 diamonds. Also, it now only allows 2 ads for 15 energy each every 24hrs instead of 6 ads. And the max diamond item only gives 30+, it used to give 40+ Don't waste your money on a game that gives you less over time. Fun at first, but not worth it if they're going to remove all off our bonuses..

Hi I have broufht a pack of Friday for 1.99 and now 4.99 and it's gone through on my account but the app saying error and not giving me anything . Used to enjoy this game once I got into it but suddenly got stingy at giving daily energy and crystals think I'll be deleting it. Too many pop ups when you open the game. Why must there be soo many things to click on and skip before you can actually play the game? It's so annoying.. I like this one a lot it's like when you have a park you can set up and fix up something.

Run out of energy to do anything way too quickly for the goals you are supposed to reach. Starting new levels doesn't always give you rewards..... Love the game. I've been playing it for a few months now. but as of today the freezers stopped giving macaroons.. Would be a five star but the update remove the option to get an energy box by watch an ad daily, for some reason they removed that, otherwise there would be a 5 star review cuz I think it is a fun game. I always start these types of games and never stay playing long. For some reason this one is different I love it I am now waiting for new levels and I still play every day. The last update fixed a lot and made the game better which is not the case for many games. They keep the side tasks going good so even while waiting for more levels it feels like I'm progressing. Mistplay still has this game that's where I have played since the start. Great game thanks..

Just gotten useless, cut off constantly, you got to get your priorities right (useless games and gamers don't pay) hope that sinks in, deleting soon if no updates to fix YOUR problem NOT ours..... Flustrated with make a purchase in the game then have to contact the game developers to get only a portion of the item bought . This happened twice in a row for purchases. It wont happen again.. I used to love this game. 5 stars. But I got a new device, and it kept giving me a failed attempt message when I was trying to save it so I could transfer to my new device. I tried contacting support and got no response. I played for a pretty long time and was, what I consider, relatively far. I have no desire to start over.. have no issues with the gameplay however there are a few spelling errors that need to be corrected. also I'd suggest make the store have ad rewards..

I've given two starts because the app keeps on freezing all the time and sometimes i have to quit and start it all over again which is very bad please fix that for me and I don't know if I'm the only one facing this problem and because I love the game I can't uninstall please fix it. It is very money grabby and I hate the constant pop ups to buy things especially if you run out of energy. Everywhere you turn its trying to sell you something. The energy is much more costly than other merge games ive found.. It is similar to other merge games, no ads, it's a good time killer. I still play it, but just as a back up more so.. Was a great 5 stars but now the game board won't load if I click it then I get sent back to the map. I like the game except it takes eternity to get the right things to merge together. End up wasting energy on the things you don't need. Then to by more energy keeps increasing until you're forced to buy gems. Not worth it..

Some orders do take time to complete but if they didn't you would blast through the game really fast.. I'm currently waiting for new levels .. I feel like progression through levels was timely. When I first installed there was a crashing issue that has been resolved for the most part. I had a crash today for first time in a long while.. but most likely a result on my end.. it need more energy when u get to the higher and harder levels 100 does not get it and I am not going to keep buying them. I just got game and really like these games never stop playing thank you very much you guys for this game still playing it xxx thank you keep them coming xxx if you have new ones xx. It's a good game, just the story seems to be made by a 5 year old basically it's a stupid story other than that it's a good game.

Fun game, but gets boring and frustrating after a bit. Most Generators stop before you can eve meet one goal. I've had one goal sitting there for weeks, but just when I get make progress, the generator stops, filling upmthe board. I've played other edge games and this is the worst.. I like the story line, it's a fun game and it gives you a lot of opportunities to win things you need instead of always having to buy.. Would give higher review if when you upgraded machines, it didn't make the output less than if you had two separate ones of a lower level. Bad logic!. I've been stuck on you downloading more areas for the last 3 days. It says it's coming soon. Like to know when.

I absolutely love this game, but I'm honestly sick of all the forced competitions. They should create an option in settings that will allow the player to choose whether they want to be put in competitions against other players or not. I don't want to do that! I just want to play the game, not play against other players! Please consider making an option like that. Let the player choose whether they want to do that or not.. Most merge games will let you watch ads for extra energy. You only get 2 of those. When completing tasks you don't earn energy either. I have sent to emails through their app and there has been no response. There are better games.. It's okay for the first few levels. Now it's just a waiting game for items to reload and energy to refill. It's not a puzzle game. Logic is not needed. The story flows slowly. I don't care about the characters... Too many tries to get needed items. Makes game less enjoyable. Room runs out on the board before getting needed items to complete tasks..

The game started out fun but the story line is getting depressing. Time to delete. There's also not enough room on the screen.. Items from the game keep disappearing. For ex i had 2 green chests reword from the game. When i opened the game 1 of them had vanished. It is not the 1st time when is happening. Again a red chest has dissaperead.

Download ( V1.5.3 )

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