NameTeeny Tiny Town
CategoryNew Game
Size84 MB
ReleaseShort Circuit Studio

Teeny Tiny Town is a game that allows players to build and manage their own miniature city. The game offers various features, such as constructing buildings, expanding the city, and managing resources. Players can choose from a wide range of building options, including residential houses, commercial buildings, and entertainment venues. They must carefully balance their resources, such as money and energy, to ensure the smooth functioning of their town. Additionally, players can interact with their friends’ towns and participate in community events to earn rewards and unlock new content. Overall, Teeny Tiny Town provides an immersive and engaging experience for players who enjoy simulation and strategy games.

Teeny Tiny Town MOD

Very similar to Triple Town which I love. No disruptive ads, and a lot of content to explore. Highly recommended!. Got noticeably bad drops/items the less space I had. Tier 1 to tier 2 exclusively. Just made the game bad for me.. This is a very great game, I like puzzle games and it's like I am creating more problems as more objects are placed, I like the idea that there are limited turns to it like getting a break for a while.. Occasionally it'll freeze and I have to close the entire app. It happened A LOT when I first downloaded it but it rarely happens now. And anyway, when I had to close it, I didn't really lose anything, just like one or two unsaved moves. Super fun game to pass the time, slightly addicting. Edit: just saw there was an update released so that answers that's. 4 stars to 5 stars.. This game is a copycat of Triple Town, which is unfortunately no longer available to download, likely because Netflix acquired Spry Fox. Anyway, the gameplay is fun, so was Triple Town. This game lacks the charm, polish, and of course uniqueness of the game it attempts to emulate. The interface and animations are clunky in comparison, and there's no personality. Triple Town oozed personality. 5 stars for the gameplay, 0 stars for lack of originality..

Teeny Tiny Town APK

Different take on merge, puzzles and town building. Love it. Wish I had my own land that I could build on as well as different levels.. Modern take on Tettris Easy gameplay, chilled out but requires some forward thinking. Really good gameplay, enjoying it. Hitting 2k moves on single map, that could be nothing it could be alot. Kinda what I love about this game.. great game. simple to play, but is challenging in a very good way. it's free, what have you got to complain about?. Freezes during intro tutorial at "Line up 3 items". There are no items. Update: I reinstalled to try again, but still the same bug. I can get as far as: "Line up and 3 of the same kind to Merge them".

Teeny Tiny Town APK

Same as other reviews. Game just randomly stops accepting touch input. And it happens a lot, breaks my immersion and disrupts the whole reason I'm trying to play the game - escape and relax. Can't relax when I'm constantly anticipating the game requiring a force close and restart. It's alright, it's fun enough. Not enough to put up with the issues though. *Edit: the issue persisted after the update; I left my review after said update. I'll give it another try with a fresh, post-update install.. Trash, Every timeI get 7 moves into the Zen map it stop functioning. Can't place anything, undo moves, go back to the level select screen or anything. Would have liked it probably if I actually got to play past the tutorial.. The gameplay seems alright but I keep running into this bug where I can't touch anything on the screen of the game. It can be in the middle of the game, settings, and purchase menu seem at anytime and any place. It makes it unplayable since the only way to fix it is to close the game. I've cleared the cache, uninstalled reinstalled. Still running into the same issue.. Very easy gameplay. Requires strategy to figure out your next move and there are no ads in-between. Graphics are also very cute. Simple game! I like it..

Teeny Tiny Town APK

Endless waste of time I mean the idea is good but there are many restrictions which hamper the gameplay overall. I would not want to strain my brain so much after a long day at work just to play what could have been an easy going game. Its more complicated than easy and I don't want to invest my time in such time consuming game.. Love this game but it glitches out a lot. Just freezes mid play and the music continues when I leave the app. If I force close it, I lose all the progress made on my current map. I have to just ignore it for ages in the background until it decides to save and close itself. The recent update has improved this but it does still happen occasionally (fortunately less often). Can't even pass tutorial as I'm supposed to press a tile. I tried them all and I can't do anything. Too bad :/. The app is very well designed and looks amazing... but the game play is... downright too simple. You mix and match bushes and trees and wood..

Got it on second try. It's the first time I do a merger game - now it doesn't seems so bad.. best to my desire. Not too time consuming but still a mind freshing peaceful game. Totally worth it to try. only cons: Initial instructions are intimidating and hard to work around.. EDIT: Developer responded saying they fixed the issue. However the issue is not fixed. Original review: Couldn't place anything. Buggy. 5 stars for the game, 6 stars for the devs. Reported some very frustrating bugs, within 15hrs I had not only a reply, but an update issued that successfully resolved all the problems. Very chilled long form puzzle game, keeps you scratching your head, but very rewarding when it comes together. Hats off!.

I just started the game and can't understand what should I do. Nothing is clickable or touchable... There l is no buttons on bottom or top. I stuck on screen "place your item on an Empty tile". Samsung Galaxy S23 ultra.. Simply doesn't work. After the intro, takes me to a screen that says 'click on an empty square to place' but it won't accept any clicks any where, although I can zoom and change the camera view. Also no menu button or any way to quit out of the have without force quitting. THERE ARE NO ADS! THANK YOU, FINALLY A RELAXING GAME WITH NO ADS !! I love this game so much, it's strategic and relaxing at the same time, I could play for hours BUT, here's the red flag, you can play just 400 moves unless you pay for the game. It's just 1h to wait until you get new 400moves (which is not bad) AND you can watch an ad to have them back. And I understand as a noadsgame that they need to make money so Its largely forgivable :) I recommend this game!. Generally very fun game, but the moves mechanic is absolutely stupid, why do I need to drain my moves in order for all of them to restore?.

New update added a glitch. Now if you gain an item via award or purchase, it automatically places the item in the same place where you tapped the screen to accept the award or purchase. This only started after the most recent update.. Can you pleaseeee add more level building? I got at the top of it and just wish it kept going love this game, I don't wanna stop playing. You can only play the game for a few minutes an hour until it locks you out, unless you pay more.. Even candy crush didn't rob me that much, as this game goodness too much micro-transaction and unable to play at times due to wait times.....

Wonderful game marred by too many crashes. Easy 5 otherwise. Edited review to remove 1 star because I realised I paid for the ad free version, and a paid app not working as advertised (crashes) kind of sucks! :(. A nice simple game to play on the train. Not sure how long it's appeal will last, as the scope seems limited. Maybe the addition of events or disasters that rearrange or alter your tiles in some way. Worth a download, definitely.. a game called kiip is just like this one it's all about the high score have to pay four dollars in order to be in this one though. Although it is a bit laggy on my phone (Xiaomi redmi note 10, so not the best one) I still give it 5/5, no pushy ads, simple yet you need to think in advance, It is very refreshing not having to close ads every 5 seconds like with almost every other mobile game Good job !.

I enjoy this app, but it freezes regularly and when i restart the app i've lost a lot of progress. Regularly clearing the cache doesn't make a difference. Extremely frustrating.. Crashes heaps on the Fold 5. Looks pretty and is a sound idea for a game but hard to love a game that crashes all the time. Great game, but not what I thought it was. I thought it was like SimCity meets match 3, but really it's multiple maps with different challenges.. This is a fantastic little game but it keeps freezing after about 10 minutes and losing all my progress, fix and it's be 5 stars.

Really cute merge game with decent strategy involved. BUT the turn limit is deplorable, made me delete the game within the hour.. The second "Create-3" I play, after Puzzle Forge 2. It does what it promises. It would be better if players had some more options to plan more ahead, but deserved the 5 stars!. No hate but this game its rigged ,i tried many ways and for some reason i get infinite bushes like where u want me to put them. This is a great game, one where you can spend hours on or even a spare few minutes. Runs smoothly, music is relaxing, and generally love the concept of the game. One small feedback for the dev: the swaps are ridiculously expensive!! I understand it gets increasingly expensive to make the game more difficult as you progress, but the stage I'm at right now it's costing me over 350k for just 1 swap. Kinda off-putting. I'd rather watch a short 15 or 30 sec ad to earn a swap tbh..

Great, beautiful game.. BUT! It gets stuck sometimes and doesn't save the progress! This sucks.. cuz you can lose a lot of progress (just autosave more often) Also it's VERY power hungry.. Don't you programmers remember anything of algorithm efficiency studies?? Acting as if mobile has PC resources.... This is a very nice and relaxing puzzle solving game. The premise is using different elements of a town and leveling up by merging 3 or more similar items. Must try . Nice little merge and building game, its the perfect mixture of both ! love the art style and the game mechanics. it's runs smoothly and it's relaxing, really fun to merge and see you're little town growing. there are tons of maps to choose from also with different terrains and some fun obstacles. you can play this if you have a few minutes of for hours.. Fun take on the match 3 style. Challenging enough to be fun without frustration. Good time killer and it automatically saves your board so you can come back at any time, whether you have 5 minutes or an hour..

I like it I wish the drag and drop qnd mix science chemistry was there like drag this one to the left on top of that one and merge it together yonow but that is confusing works good to I guess I killed two mice tonight r.i.p. mice their outside in the pop tart box two mice in two traps. interesting concept, was enjoying myself right up until they hit me with the x amount of turns per hour... I don't really enjoy that type of constraint on a game. And for that reason I will have to pass. too bad.. I don't like the mechanics of the game. I thought it would be easy as dragging or swiping to merge, plus I can't seem to select whatever cell I want. Very Cool game. Before you walk ,gotta teach yourself to crawl. You start off small ,then your stronger than the Law..

Great game, this has become my favorite puzzle. Love the mechanics, really easy to understand but can get tricky to keep matching combos. Just great!. One of the better "combine 3 things to make the next thing" games. Works well and for a couple bucks you can remove all ads and time-based refreshes. That alone gets it 5 stars. The small levels are where this game is best -there is actual challenge to keep the game going after a while. In the larger levels, it's not hard to keep them going indefinitely - boredom with the level will probably be why i end the game. Overall a good game and definitely worth the price to remove ads..

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