The Sun – in 2050, the Sun threw an extreme amount of energy into space, plunging our planet into chaos for many centuries. World-class scientists and astronomers predicted this. In forums and conferences in all parts of the world, they tried to reach out to governments bogged down in world redistribution.

The game world here is built on a catastrophe of a cosmic scale. Many scientists predicted a global collapse associated with our luminary, the Sun. Entire scientific conferences were making successful calculations, but everyone was so busy with daily life that they forgot about the cost of their lives.

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At one delicate moment, the world’s end happened: the star’s energy began to spread over long distances, not forgetting about the Earth. Radioactive particles scorched the Blue Planet, and only the most knowledgeable survived. Those who managed to hide in the bunkers came to the surface and saw the wastelands, but their faith was strong, and the survivors set about restoring humanity and the previous stream of life.

Putting the problem aside, they tried disregarding the symptoms and signs until it was too late. The Sun threw myriads of tiny particles into the galaxy. After that, a vast number of radioactive particles rushed to the Earth. To equalize excellent and evil, rich and poor, military enemies, friends, and opponents. A small number of people survived, people who were warned and heeded the scientists’ warnings. They hid in bunkers built in case of a nuclear war. On the surface, radioactive death harvested crops, killing, changing, and redistributing the world.

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You are one of those survivors. The post-apocalyptic world does not shine with something good because there will be disagreements about resources and survival sooner or later, so prepare to survive. Marauders have begun their raids on civilians, among which you may be. The main character resorts to weapons to protect himself: more than 70 models of various pistols, shotguns, rifles, and more have been prepared for you.

In The Sun, chaos and hunger have become the norm on Earth. Food and water have become the most valuable things in the world. Those who rose back to the surface were engaged in the restoration of agriculture, the creation of new societies and ne,w laws of life. Crow was born and raised in one of these societies.

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Various locations will not make you bored – you must visit 40 unique places where rare resources are located, and anarchists rule. But not all the inhabitants of this world will be hostile to you: someone may offer you a job or trade. You will also find a dynamic change of day, dangerous pockets of radiation, cunning opponents, a crafting system, and character development. Install The Sun Evaluation and try to survive in a dangerous world where supporters of peaceful life and lords of chaos try to get along!

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