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“The Witch’s Knight” is a game that revolves around a protagonist, a brave knight, who embarks on a journey to rescue a sorceress captured by dark forces. Players control the knight and maneuver through various levels filled with challenging enemies, puzzles, and powerful bosses. Along the way, the knight gains new abilities, weapons, and armor to strengthen himself. The game incorporates elements of magic, fantasy, and strategy, allowing players to use both combat techniques and spellcasting to overcome obstacles and defeat enemies. The engaging storyline, captivating visuals, and immersive gameplay make “The Witch’s Knight” a thrilling and enjoyable gaming experience for fans of action-adventure and fantasy genres.

The Witch’s Knight MOD

Game is great and cute, music is nostalgic. The only problem is that my game shuts down after 5 - 10 minutes playing or every time I try to watch an add. Please fix this problem if it's on your end Edit: After the new update my game won't even open. It plays in the background while it's stuck in the loading screen. Then shuts down after 10 seconds. I love this game! Edit: I can't connect to Google. The button doesn't work. I don't want to lose progress. Please fix this. I tried to connect with discord. I can access discord but I'm still logged in as guest.. The art style reminds me of cat quest XD. Good idle game, definitely a different feel from the page of menu options idles. I find it enjoyable at first but then it lags and force me out of game (it lags where the goblins are). I need to do the mission and unlock the region again and my chest where my exp, gold and loots are, were all gone. It's disappointing. Also the ads won't play, it's only showing a black screen (I don't know how many times I resets my advertising ID). I still like it though because of the generous rewards or I may say it really fits my appetite .. Been enjoying it so far. Problem is constant lag/crashing especially after watching an ad or when you boost monster. Still giving it a chance since Im enjoying it as of now.

The Witch’s Knight APK

After reading multiple reviews, I decided to try the game myself. The game is very simple and easy to understand, so I don't see any reason why players have trouble playing it. Though I have to agree that something needs to be optimized, like the attack power of ranged bosses is too high for some reason. And the defense stat just doesn't contribute much to lowering damage, the only stat that works is damage reduction. Offline rewards are kinda low. I don't mind the ads but overall, decent game.. is it a bug??? have total power 15million fight trial boss dark skeleton who has power about 7million but the hp trial boss never going down. Everything was fine, until watch ad quest appear. Try to buy no ad package but always failed. Try various way to fix this like clear cache, restart the phone, playstore have been updated to latest version, clear game data, reinstall the game didn't help. Please fix this error and I will change the rating to 5 after that.. Its fun from the beginning but if you're in higher level it will became so boring,, its nice receiving rewards daily each day which make me motivate to keep playing, they're spoiling us with diamonds and stuff LOLL i love it tho but if you add main story or side quest that would be great i hope there's a story here yk so many people would enjoy it but its okay this game has unique gameplay but boring tho, its great 9/10.

The Witch’s Knight APK

Unplayable. Bosses are spamming stun. Bosses have unlimited lock on blink (undogable) + stun on hit (guaranteed that you'll be stunned). Practically 0 DPS window. The only available tactic is to one shot the bosses.. Deleting this bug game. I play heavy fast paced games like Mobile Legends, CODM etc. I didn't experience game freeze, crash or force restart. But this one? It crash, freeze and restart in Game Start screen it's a pest!!!!!!!. The game is f2p friendly but there are times where you try to watch an ad after dying to get back 50% gold but the ad crashes the game and after restarting it you do not get that 50% gold back.. Error 4004: illicit activity detected. Except that's ludicrous, I just installed and ran the game and (to the best of my knowledge) don't even have a way to modify game data..

The Witch’s Knight APK

It a very good game for now and easy to play, but I don't know why I have purchased the ad removal but it doesn't work can you fix it,... was fun at first. unlocked new region and then started getting boring. there doesn't seem to be an endgame? it feels empty. there's no npcs with side stories/quests. the main quest makes you watch ads. dungeons are the same. no speed up button, some take 5-10 minutes. auto battle doesn't cast spells immediately once cooldown is over. the food mechanic is interesting but feels lacking as well. only way to regain food while exploring is by watching ads or just standing there. drains battery too.. Today after updating, it still says server maintenance in progress and update the game. Please fix this! I'm not able to play the game! Edit: Yes it is fixed now! Thank you! Actually it fixed after 7 hours after I posted this. Also I am in discord now so that's much better!. my thoughts at first is...this game is meh....but after a few minutes of gameplay....its awesome!!!!, man, hahaha i love it.

U can't move without tones of monsters jumping all over u killing u within seconds & having to start again. This is bad! DON'T download this!!!!!!!!?. Eu adorei este jogo, acho ele muito bom e bem desenvolvido, um jogo que ainda pode crescer bastante, espero que com o passar do tempo haja mais opes de jogabilidade, como por exemplo poder ter opo de escolher sua prpria class, equipamentos exclusivos e etc Desejo os meus parabns ao desenvolver ou equipa que criou este jogo, uma observao faa sempre diferena porque assim que o mundo do jogo .. The server is crowded?! I have never seen that one before. And on my first attempt to open the game, that's a really bad way to get me to like the game, don't ya think?. Game is designed for the players to hit a paywall - it is IMPOSSIBLE to go far without paying. The boss enemies one hit you despite leveling up and upgrading def & hp. You can't target boss enemies, so your only reliable dps are your knights (while you are running around for dear life). Death will punish you by taking all your gold (can be prevented by watching an ad). You cant explore the place without running out of food (can be filled by ad). Tl;dr game is fun but is a money grab. Uninstalled.

After couple days of playing i changed my rating to 1* because everything become hard to upgarde combat power,crafting anything with lower than 50 percents chance always fail,even 60 percents still fail,and i tried that so many times,many materials wasted for frustrating. Not feeling the forced to buy AD removal push by Devs. Let the game speak for itself quality wise and ppl will pay to support the Devs. The game has potential, but it's very messed up with combat power being extremely lower than really needed, even with taking type of damage that should work against enemies. Or even for that matter, being way over the recommended when using the same type. I would understand if it was a matter of fire vs water or something, but it doesn't even feel like there's any point to the elements other than saying they are just that, no strength or weakness to them.. Cute game in my opinion, I just love the cute artstyle and I Don't usually play idle games that much but this game feels unique than what I played, I just kinda start it but I feel like this game will be amazing as i play, it is a relaxing game... I just love it good job guys .... hope ya guys have a amazing future with this game.

So because I have lucky patcher I can't play your game smh I wasn't even planning on modding your game I only use it for getting rid of ads not for in ap purchase so 1 star because I'm unable to play it at all and no I'm no uninstalling LP. Great starting out but it's been 3 days since I've made any progress. I'm also worse than a glass Canon, one hit and dead, and adding defense hasn't done me any good no matter how much I add. The event requires about 3 days of solid on screen time to get anywhere. And finally it's a battery hog. The graphics aren't amazing and the screen is overly full of stuff so it's just chaotic in a fight.. wow.. I uhh, This is a very good game with epic adventuring. Im curious to see what the future holds within.. I'm not gonna complaining anymore about this game and it's totally a 5 for smooth gameplay even though my phone an old modelanyway,thank you for an awesome game and I'm pretty sure will keep this game for a long time.

The best idle experience on android. Amazing graphics, fun gameplay, a lot of things to customize and generous events. Monetization is also very chill. I love this game and will and have spend countless hours playing this hidden gem.. I like the game and it's fine outside the fact it overheats my device, lags, and then crashes every 20 minutes or so.. Fun so far, hard to stop on units to pick them up when there's monsters around also "Witch's Knight" mean witch is knight "The Witches Knight" would be the knight belongs to the witch. Great mix between Idle and gameplay can do a bout 2 hours of playing a day and rest idle. Ads are shorter than a lot of games.. Cant even play... I open it up and it just goes to a moving image of the two people and then nothing happens..

It's a really good game, from what I could play of it. Crashes A LOT, nearly every ad makes the game crash, but it crashes at other times too. I think it would be good if we could turn the graphics down, the battery save mode doesn't go far enough. pretty neat but I'll come back to give a better review after I've played more than 30 minutes. Been playing for a few days. I'm giving it three stars. Here's why- The gameplay is great, art is great; the misleading "ads for 300%" loses a few stars. I tried the 300% and it says "cannot watch ads at this time". The offline rewards are worthless compared to the 300% slowing progression to a crawl. Give a counter for how many "offline 300% ads you can watch a day" or something. 3 stars until fix. So ridiculous we spawn all the way at home when we die. All boss monsters are overpowered to the point you get one shot, even having defense up high and high health, plus attack. Waste of time.. Definitely different than most mobile games I've played. Occasional crash because of Ads (optional), but otherwise kinda fun. Just wish my WiFi wasn't so slow for some reason....

Constantly just says "login faile". I suspect it is because my name is taken. However it didn't tell me that. Just accepted my name and moved on. No way to enter game. No way to change name. I was so excited for this game. Basic QA should have caught this. T.T Edit: I am on wifi and yes. Not even after uninstalling.. Relaxing. But I don't like hard game and wasteful times. I believe you prefer me to work and get some money for you to pay your in-purchase than I wasted my times in your games while it's kinda addicting. edited: if you want easy way just do daily attend then you got good free equipment. Fun game, but it often just kicks me out and shuts down in the middle of playing. Also, I have a quest to watch an ad to refill food, but every time I watch the ad, it opens the play store and exits out of the game and I lose the progress. So I never can finish the quest.. So far so good as I'm playing this game. It's easy to play, cute, and entertaining. Keep up the good work!!.

I absolutely love the game, it's fun to play actively but also I appreciate the autonomous grind! Edit: I'm in! Not sure what happened but it's finally allowing me back in the game, I look forward to keeping up with the game!. Game is incredibly dull and stupid. Bosses just one shot you even with over double the "recommend power". The recommended power for one trial is 855,000. My power is over 2 million with max upgrades at the point I'm at with 5 star gear and I get killed in one shot. Makes zero sense. Uninstalled for good lol terrible game and I feel bad for anyone who spent money on this trash. When I first played the game it login just fine now everytime I start the game up it say login failed and now I don't even wanna play anymore. Still one star game is okay....... That whole food refill ad thing is annoying the goblin that jump on you and prevent healing bad choice will draw players away like myself over all graphic is fine auto battle is wonky.

HOPE, THE DEVS' EVERYONE CAN SEEM ONE ALL MAP LIKE CAN PVP AND TEAM MATE PARTY ROCK. KEEP IT UP.... Just crashes every time. after launch i log into my gmail and it crashes while loading directly afterwards. aka i havent been able to see the gameplay yet. devs responded very quickly so im raising my rating. Very chill game. The controls are clunky tho, but the devs are generous when it comes to in-game currency. You need not worry about micro-transactions. They dont bombard you with popup and banner ads.. This game is great. it is totally free to play. For some of you out there you can also pay to play. It's easy to get experience, gold, materials etc etc etc... Oh the grind is real lol. There are challenges and secrets around every corner. I think the developers did a wonderful job with this game. Everything about this game is a pro. So far I have not found any cons about this game. Still working on it lol. Of course I've only played for two days straight. Well back to work..

I couldn't even register it just stays on the same loading screen. It only shows the images of the 2 characters in the beginning no words no nothing. I have done everything. I was really looking forward to playing. The most best game of the world so for the next 90000000 years this game will be the best game of the world. Im stuck at the main quest "watching AD to refill food," but the game says "I can't watch any AD" Edit: After updating the app and changing my DNS server, the Ads worked.. I pre-registered for this game, and I am so glad that I did! This game blew away my expectations. It's fun, cute, easy, and addictive! I've been playing almost nonstop since its release a couple days ago. It's easy to level up quickly but still challenging. You do not have to spend money at all--just enjoy the game! I did buy the no-ad bundle but it's worth it imo! There are no forced ads but you need to see ads for certain things. They're generous with the currency too. Overall an amazing game!.

The game is fun and cute. The world reminds me of Cat Quest a bit. The only problem I have with it is that you need a solid connection to play. I can't play at work because no internet and my service signal is bad in the building. Side note, there are few passes with high prices, it's not my thing since I can't afford stuff like that. Game is interesting and you should give it a try!. I actually like this game. Can't really put a word on it but it's enjoyable even playing on my own, and it doesnt wear me out like other idle game.. I could play this once, any time I tried to play after the first time it said "login faile" and closed.. There is a story mission that makes you watch and ad to refill a bar. I would rather you force me to pay for the rest of the game. I don't mind watching ads in general but that pissed me off for some reason. Decent game otherwise..

So I've just gotten into the game and it seems like cutsey fun, pretty charming game, really wish we got more of the story about how the witch and the knight got together however. But still I'll leave a 5 star because it's fun to play.

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