NameTop War Battle Game
ReleaseTopwar Studio

An exciting confrontation against the most powerful opponents. Top War Battle Game project invites us to fight the dark army. These tyrants have ruled our world for a long time; they fight, destroy people, and nothing can be done about them. Unusual strategy with TD mechanics. In this exciting strategy with tower defense mechanics, you must become the commander of a military unit that needs to break through the enemy defenses and get into the base to capture it and win the battle.

That’s to do it will not be as easy as we would like, and there are reasons for that. The difficulty is that the enemy defense consists of several groups of opponents. First, there may be a line of tanks, special weapons, etc. The trick is that each next frontier is much more powerful, meaning you need to think over tactics and strategy and only then go into battle. But there is a peculiarity here. It consists of the fact that you can combine the same troops to get a new, more effective combat unit.

Only you can stop them, destroy any enemy and become the strongest on this planet. It remains only to join this confrontation, gain experience and become a strong commander. It does not matter who you will be in this game; you have everything to win in any confrontation: the most legendary generals, and unique heroes who can fight the most powerful opponents. Build a robust base, use decorations, and make it perfect—a variety of combat modes, lofty sayings, wild monsters, and fighting robots.

The gameplay is straightforward to learn. In principle, there is no need to overthink here; here, you need to constantly combine troops to get more powerful armies that will effectively destroy enemy troops. That’s what the whole gameplay is about. You will compete with real players and bots. During breaks, you can buy various amplifiers and improvisations.

Top War Battle Game MOD

False advertising. Pay to win . Over complicated as you get higher levels. No manual for things .it funny how they respond to everyone else besides me. False advertising. Not the game in the ads. This is a base building game, not a run and shoot. Try advertising the actual core gameplay.. not what is advertised but its like last shelter, envoy and a few others. decent game play and optertunitys to advance quickly without spending. If you haven't played this game in a while it makes you basicly delete every app on your phone and I advice people to just uninstall and instal again your welcome. Might be a good game. Was in a library when i downloaded to play while listening to my music. There was no settings or volume button to turn off the sound. Wanted to hear my music, not the games. Uninstalled without playing..

Top War Battle Game APK

I just downloaded this game got my account up and now it's saying I need to verify it's me logging in and it won't even let me verify it's me so I want my money back or fix my game your choice if this stays out of court or not. Also I can't seem to get ahold of you on game so what difference does it make I sent SS and info but still this is twice this has happened it's like I can't even start my own account without it being compromised. Not only is this game a pay to win game, they even send notifications that don't go away until you look at them of players that spent money and won certain events. It's one thing to be behind just because you don't want to spend money, but it is another thing to be figuratively slapped in the face and see who won because they spent money. False advertising. Reply to the developers below: By "experience" those mini games you mean watch videos of those games? Those games are not playable. When you reach level 10 you unlock the ability to watch those videos. That is it. Extremely false advertising and extremely deceptive practices.. It's a pay to win game. And some people pay thousands of dollars a month to be among the strongest 10 players out of 1,000..

Top War Battle Game APK

They lie about gameplay. Would have a successful game if they put all their effort into making one of the fake games that they spend zillions of dollars advertising.. When I played this game it was awesome, now I think it is worst game ever. I saved game in Facebook account. Now I can't connect and play from that account. I hardly got level 80, whenever I try to play from that account, it will automatically start from level 1. False advertising... not the game advertised. Edit: The description for top war reads "Merge to upgrade" but that is not true, it is a clash of clans style war game. There is no actual pictures on the app store of the main game itself.. Don't install this game . The ads they show are not real . There is a section here called game centre, there you may find those modes you have seen in ads but you only have to play those modes o according to them and the same level repeated every time and every time you have to play them as they have instructed you. Worst game.

Top War Battle Game APK

If you want to compete, you must pay to play. Developers have become extremely greedy with the number of new game update releases.. I played almost 3 year. After last update I also feel like this game is for just pay to win. Last update of titan gear is totally big gap between paid and not paid user it's literally frustrating. Last update I also think that I can't continue this game. Developer and management of this game just to much greedy in last 6 month. They give big update in sort time when we didn't complete formation tech, heavy trooper chip now this titan gear. Its getting boring when you got on a higher level slow upgrade units Short play in radar mission Slow level up. PLZ STOP MAKING THIS GAME TOO PAY TO WIN, this game is my top 1 favorite game and I absolutely love it, but now I quit it because it's TOO PAY TO WIN ! I played this game for almost 5 years!.

It is a good game I am playing it for 4 and half 2020 it was a good game but afterwards it is a digusting game finally I deleted it today because I was not satisfied I was on level 60 . I spend 100000 on it but it was getting greedy other game like roblox,call of duty are not greedy it shows that it is of 400 mb but it is of 8gb my computer crashed because of its data It again and again show me to spend money I didn't like this game I spend my 1 million play points on this greedy game Ty. Totally slow. Game is always disconnecting and then giving the error can not connect to server. Always trying to download resources. Game gets stuck alot, and you don't get to actually spend a lot of time playing. Seems they're always releasing patches, and you have to continually update the game. Don't spend any money on any in game purchases. It's not worth it. And it doesn't really help you that much. You will probably lose out on the purchase. Probably a Chinese game.. Very p2w, toxic environment and very discouraging to new players, it has false advertising aswell which disappoints even more.. You hate Free 2 Play players so why advertise this game as Free??? Uninstalling due to obvious bias from developers and in-game support!.

I really enjoy playing this game, but always struggled to keep up with the flow since all the in-app purchases have been so expensive that you need to think 10 times before purchasing. Upgrading a hero to max requires 600+ shards, top war requires atleast $2 for one shard. Imagine the amount required to max out a hero without which it's useless to play with. And atleast 3 heros are required to do one attack. This is looting and even Google Play is responsible for this blunder.. I had this account I was using for a long time got it to level 40 I am sure but when I leave for two months I get back on and nothing works so thank you I now have to make a new account and make new friends. Not a game. Most things you can only buy, its like a store where everyone compeate who is more rich.. Worst experience after the game update! The app stoped responding after the update. Don't install this game. Wast of time!!.

Gave this game another try to see if there are any updates that get is any closer to the advertisements, but no, its still the same plus way more popups to buy powerups and simple game options. Just another game that tries to rip people off!. Awesome game!!! Leveling up is quick and easy. No need to spend any money. Can become a top player in this game in no time at all.. I'm very happy with this game, but the purchase price for each event is 2x more expensive than the previous year. It makes little sense, makes me reluctant to take part in every new event. Apart from that, you make the game update too often. In a week there are updates 4-5 times, maybe even more than that, I think that's not normal. Too frequent updates really make us uncomfortable. Please pay more attention, I hope there are slight changes that benefit the players too.. The game is really bad (haven't played it) I bet your thinking "wait so how did U do a review?" Maate I know as much as U do, have no clue I just did this cause I'm bored ya feel Lush gooooooo.

Clickbait ! Nothing like the ads, it's a base builder game something like boom beach but here even the actual gameplay is nothing but pre loaded animation.. This is basically a cash grab game you need to spend 15 dollars for a profile picture and the gems well all you have to do is buy 1 thing even if it's a penny and you get 100 million power this is basically only for pay to wins I played this when it was in early access and it wasn't like nothing like this but now it's just a cash grab it's still fun but it's just a pay to win game -Ezra bridger Edit-the devs talked about nothing about money and except join a strong alliance like come on devs. The game count on the plyer play every day change the sets of airplanes, tans and boats to a lower level that pus you lose units you work hard for weeks to created that why i delete the game. Been playing for a couple years now, finally powerful without much money spent. But tonight a glitch screwed me out of participation in an event I was looking forward to. Not happy. Unimpressed. Will give a five star review when the developers make this right..

The game is not bad at all, but it's waaaay to different from it's adds, if you watched an add about this game, don't trust it, it's a whole different genre and different gameplay.. Don't play it. You got no chance unless you start pending tons of money from the start. People that played for a while will be out of your reach anyway. Its a real spending game. Developers response. You can fain resources and join strong alliances. You can stand on your head if you want to. No way if you play will you catch up to the level of people who spend money or been playing for some time now. You ned to spend spend spend in this game.. Another one of those scam advertisements that don't come out really. Waste of time don't bother. In order for you to get to mini games you have to spend money, this is not a free game play as they advertise. This game is just money grabber, its pay to win, so i suggest Domt download it, the amount of money you need to spend is huge.

Game aint bad . Ads are minimum and are not worth the reward which is positive you dont need the ads to progress at all. Gameplay is fun. But whole purpose of this game is greedy . So 3 stars for keeping this almoat adfree and for a fun gameplay . -2 stars for making a mobile game pay2win wars .. Great game with plenty of things to do. Takes a little time to get used to but the events are great..

Download ( V1.405.0 )

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