NameTreasure Master
CategoryNew Game
ReleaseGimica GmbH
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Treasure Master

The Beginning of an Epic Adventure

An endless treasure hunt begins. Treasure Master invites us to go on an exciting adventure that will end with crazy treasures. A huge number of crazy monsters, crazy confrontations, strong bosses and much more await us.

The Challenge Awaits

You need to endure any opponent, not miss a single one, and survive in the most difficult conditions. The more accurately you aim, the more points you will earn, and you will be able to move much further. Stay focused and be careful, as the game will progressively become much more difficult as you advance.

Endless Skirmishes and Hero Development

Take part in endless skirmishes, develop your hero, and move forward confidently. Enjoy the thrill of the battles and have fun for weeks on end. Eventually, you will be rewarded with crazy treasures, but the journey begins by defeating every enemy in your path.

Explore the Incredible Game World

Discover the incredible expanses of the game, expand your hero’s abilities, and immerse yourself in the stunning graphics. With each level, new challenges and adventures await, keeping you engaged and entertained throughout.

Confronting the Monsters

The world of Treasure Master is filled with a diverse range of crazy monsters. Prepare yourself for intense confrontations and challenging battles as you strive to emerge victorious. Each monster presents a unique challenge, testing your skills and strategic thinking.

Defeating the Strong Bosses

Along the way, you will encounter powerful bosses that will test your abilities to the limit. Strategize, adapt your tactics, and unleash your full potential to overcome these formidable foes. Each boss battle is a significant milestone on your journey to claim the ultimate treasure.

Unveiling Secrets and Hidden Treasures

As you delve deeper into the game world, you will uncover secrets and hidden treasures that offer valuable rewards. Explore every corner, solve puzzles, and unlock special items that will aid you in your quest for glory. Keep your eyes peeled for hidden surprises.

Mastering Skills and Precision

Mastering the gameplay mechanics and honing your skills is crucial for success in Treasure Master. Aim with precision, time your attacks effectively, and outsmart your opponents to emerge victorious. As you progress, your mastery of the game will be tested in new and exciting ways.

The Thrill of the Adventure

Embark on a thrilling adventure filled with excitement, challenges, and rewards. Treasure Master promises an immersive experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Hold your breath, brace yourself for the journey ahead, and prepare to conquer the world of treasures.

Download ( V1.0.54 )

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