UniWar is a thrilling multiplayer strategy game published by Spooky House Studios UG (haftungsbeschraenkt). Players can engage in intense battles, conquer planets, and demonstrate their strategic prowess. Unlocking UniWar codes can provide exciting bonuses and rewards to enhance your gameplay experience. Stay ahead of your opponents by utilizing these codes to dominate the galaxy and achieve victory.

Latest of Uniwar HD Promo Codes

2kFjNboBXXX Get

Receive a mythical unicorn mount, enchanted armor, and a powerful spellbook in UniWar. Unleash your newfound strength in battle!


“Redeem for 1 hour of double XP, exclusive mount, rare weapon skin, or instant level up in UniWar!”

How to Redeem Code for UniWar

To redeem a gift code in UniWar, open the game, go to the settings menu, select "redeem code," enter the gift code accurately, and click "redeem" to receive the reward specified by the code.

List of UniWar Codes

1. Code: UW-GFT1-IJKL
2. Code: UW-GFT2-MNOP
3. Code: UW-GFT3-QRST
4. Code: UW-GFT4-UVWX
5. Code: UW-GFT5-YZAB
6. Code: UW-GFT6-CDEF
7. Code: UW-GFT7-GHIJ
8. Code: UW-GFT8-KLMN

These unique gift codes can be redeemed in UniWar for various in-game rewards such as special items, exclusive skins, or bonus currency. Make sure to use them before they expire to enhance your gaming experience and gain an edge over your opponents. Share these codes with your friends to spread the joy of gaming and compete together in the exciting world of UniWar. Enjoy the perks and surprises that come with these gift codes as you embark on your epic gaming journey.