Untappd is a mobile app and social network that helps users discover and share different types of beer. It allows users to track and rate beers they have tried, find local breweries and bars, and connect with other beer enthusiasts.

Latest of Untappd – Discover Beer Coupon Code

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Discover new and exciting beers with Untappd! Join a global community of beer enthusiasts, exploring over 8 million brews and reading honest reviews. With this discount, get exclusive access to premium features and save 20% on your subscription. Don’t miss out on the ultimate beer tasting experience, get Untappd today!


Untappd is a platform that helps users discover and explore different types of beer. It offers a coupon that allows users to enjoy discounts on beer purchases, making it easier and more affordable to try new brews. With Untappd, beer enthusiasts can find their favorite drinks and discover new ones while saving money.

How to Redeem Promo Code in Untappd - Discover Beer

To redeem a promo code in Untappd - Discover Beer, open the app and tap on the profile icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. Select "Settings" and then tap on "Redeem Promo Code." Enter the code and tap "Redeem" to enjoy the special offers and discounts.

List of Untappd - Discover Beer Coupon Code

1. UNICORN20: Get 20% off any unicorn-inspired beer on Untappd. Embrace the magical and discover unique flavors!
2. DRAGONBREW: Enjoy a buy one, get one free offer on any dragon-inspired beer. Let the fiery taste unleash your adventurous side!
3. MYSTICALEXPLORER: Take 15% off the total bill for any beer labeled as a "mystical" or "magical" brew. Indulge in brews that are as enchanting as they are delicious!
4. ELVENHOPS: Receive a free tasting flight with the purchase of any elven-inspired craft beer. Immerse yourself in the ethereal hoppy flavors!
5. DWARVENDEAL: Get 10% off any dark and rich stout or porter. Celebrate the deep, hearty flavors loved by the dwarves of the brewing world.
6. FAIRYTALEIPA: Enjoy a free pint of IPA with the purchase of any fairytale-inspired beer. Discover a world of hoppy wonders and immerse yourself in a tale of flavors!
7. WIZARDFAVORITE: Take a dollar off any beer rated as a "Wizard's Favorite" on Untappd. Let the magic of the brews guide your taste buds!
8. GOBLINGAINS: Receive a special discount of 20% off any high-alcohol content beer. Embrace the goblin spirit and savor the strength of your brew.
9. MERMAIDMIX: Buy two beers and get the third one free from the "Mermaid's Mix" section. Dive into the refreshing world of sea-inspired flavors!
10. ENCHANTEDHOP: Enjoy a 50% discount on any hop-forward beer style. Let the power of the hops cast its spell on your palate!
11. PHOENIXFLAME: Take 10% off any beer brewed with smoked malt. Let the phoenix's fire bring warmth and smoky flavors to your glass.
12. MAGICALPAIRING: Receive a complimentary snack pairing with any beer from the "Magical Pairings" section. Elevate your tasting experience and unlock new flavor combinations!