NameWarcraft Arclight Rumble
CategoryNew Game
ReleaseBlizzard Entertainment, Inc.

Warcraft Arclight Rumble is an action-packed game set in the fantastical world of Warcraft. The game offers players an immersive experience as they navigate through a series of challenging levels, battling various enemies and overcoming obstacles in their quest for victory.

Players assume the role of an Arclight Mechanic, a powerful warrior equipped with advanced technology and magical abilities. Their primary objective is to defend the prized Arclight Dome, a source of unlimited energy, from the opposing faction.

The game features a wide array of game modes and gameplay mechanics, including single-player campaigns, multiplayer battles, and cooperative raids. Each game mode offers unique challenges and rewards, encouraging players to explore different strategies and play styles.

As players progress through the game, they earn experience points and unlock new abilities, weapons, and armor. These upgrades provide additional options for customization and allow players to tailor their playstyle to their preferences.

One of the standout features of Warcraft Arclight Rumble is its intricate and detailed level design. Players traverse through beautifully crafted environments, from lush forests to vast desert landscapes, each with their own unique hazards and secrets.

The combat mechanics in the game are fast-paced and action-packed. Players can perform combos, unleash devastating spells, and strategically utilize their surroundings to gain an advantage over their foes. The game also features a variety of enemies, ranging from low-level grunts to powerful bosses, each requiring different tactics and approaches to defeat.

With its captivating storyline, stunning visuals, and engaging gameplay, Warcraft Arclight Rumble offers a thrilling and immersive gaming experience for fans of the Warcraft series and newcomers alike. Whether playing alone or with friends, players are sure to be entertained and challenged as they embark on their epic journey to protect the Arclight Dome and secure victory for their faction.

Warcraft Arclight Rumble MOD

I love this game. Have played regularly for about 2-3 months. Have all the minis & heroes. I do wish the exp wasn't so obscene. Even if you're willing to pay periodically it takes a long time to get characters to rare/legendary & past lvl 20. My arclight zones also don't usually show up when they're supposed to so I feel like I'm getting robbed everyday & idk how to msg support but it's the most fun phone game I've played. Hoping for more and more improvements.. Fun game, less time gated than most (but that means grinding a bit), but also the only game I've ever played that just freezes up completely. Regularly. That part gets really old, and I'm not sure I understand how the buggiest game comes from the largest developer.. The game itself is great and fun to play. The only downsides is there is NOT nearly enough content to keep people interested so our guild has to recruit every season.. On top of that difficulty is increased by the AI spamming things for free. I'm okay with AI having increased gold regen, but don't let them place 15 g worth of units all the sudden right after they just placed something. That's not strategy. This should be an easy fix.. I wasn't sure what to expect going into this but I was quite pleasantly surprised by the depth of strategy, balance of units, and uniqueness of every level in the game (there are no recycled maps or bosses). I've been having a lot of fun with the pvp and this is currently my favorite blizzard product. A lot of people have complained about bugs and crashes, but since I picked it up a month ago I haven't been experiencing nearly as many crashes so it seems they are working to resolve that issue.. **Update**. Changing to 1 star and uninstalling. Insanely broken enemy system. Broken enemies that summon way more minis than gold allows. Surges not active despite a banner saying it's active. Even had a level where the enemy summoned 3 Siege minis and 2 tank minis back-to-back despite me controlling all towers and gold mines. I understand the meta is "pay to win" but many games allow a lot of stress free game play without ever making a purchase. This is not one of them. Such a disappointment..

Warcraft Arclight Rumble APK

This game is really good, but too greedy, which ruins it. Wish quests were rewarding 5-15 gold per win and more exp. Also, the game constantly crashes, disconnects, unexpected errors occuring, sessions times out... REALLY ANNOYING! 1 STAR until this is fixed!. It's a good game for strategic gamers , a unit spawning , mana based game , great art and balanced units , Heroes with different abilities and upgrading will make you stronger. It's engaging and challenging. As a former hardcore WoW player I really enjoy the nostalgia of all the old familiar characters. It is not pay to win but if you want to notably progress than spending money is unavoidable.. Edit: There have been several big fixes but also a few new bugs, so it does sometimes still crash. Regardless, still really enjoying the game. Really like the latest update to PVP randomizing the land. Original: Super fun, but buggy. I'm really enjoying the concept, the number of things to do, the tie ins to WoW, and the gameplay. But it crashes a lot, which is frustrating. Hopefully they'll keep working on it , because I like this one even better than Hearthstone. I'd love to rate it 5*.

Warcraft Arclight Rumble APK

Fun Warcraft game. I'm surprised at how monetization is very out of the way. If you don't want to spend money on the game, you really don't have to! It's honestly impressive for today's day and age.. Really good, early to mid game.... Ideal for casual gamer. **Easily one of the best mobile games I've played!!!** Sadly, for more serious mobile gamers, looking for more engaging, long-term re-playability... Not so much. Serious sisyphean grind after few months == Here's hoping future updates can offer more varied and _satisfying_ gameplay, AND for more than a few minutes per day.. Love the game , the grinding is insane, but you would figure that if you don't want to Pay for upgrades.. most pay to win games are like that. The pvp still needs balancing.. when it makes your troops lvl 3 and yet you play against lvl 15 . Doesn't seem fair.. As usual from blizzards speaking from a veteran side of gaming with them, ill give 5 stars BUT, we need to compensate the lack of quests or farming, campaign would had been a good ideea even raids, multiplayer would skyrocket, see supercells games. That would be a great insight...

Warcraft Arclight Rumble APK

Constant issues, long loading time I'm on a brand new Pixel 8 and the game takes minutes to load, crashes multiple times a day, and has only gotten worse over time.. Played a lot since release, and here are the things that really bug cannot see the entire map during gameplay, sometimes can't tell when enemy minions are marching offsceen if I'm attacking some other place, really hard to seriously spend more time in loadingscreens than actually playing the game.3.the minis lvling system takes forever, it will take 1-2 years(if not more) of daily play to max collection,that is if no extra minions get added, obviously a lot more will.. It crashes sometimes but overall it's very well made. 60 and 120 fps options are needed for the whole game. The 30 fps menu is laggy. Game runs at 60 at least.. After downloading the game it keeps saying data corrupt and redownload please fix yall game i wont be putting money into it if yall wont fix it and your tech support sucks just fix the game ..

Game constantly crashes! At first I would avoid the missions that would crash but I have got to a point where I can no longer progress! The game crashes on certain missions and has not been fixed in months! Terrible look for blizzard, makes it seem like just a money grab.... There is still slight lag during battles. Every 5 seconds or so there is a 1 second lag and this happens during the whole battle. Also a suggestion, please add the option to sort minis from highest level to lowest level at the screen where you build your deck not sorted by mini type then level just the level of each mini.. Pay to Win. AI cheats. Bugs everywhere. PvE & PvP stale. Crashes on S23+. Each update introduces more bugs and more paywalled upgrades. Blizzard fumbled this game incredibly hard. It is no surprise they had such massive layoffs, their products are terrible. The only thing keeping me playing is that I lead a guild of friends. The ones who are the furthest in the game have spent ridiculous amounts of money. And for what? More frustration when the product doesn't deliver. Sink, Blizzard, sink.. Am upset in load times and difficulty settings am putting it on hold till some bugs get fixed and lowering stars aswell so as a revamp to this issue it's almost fixed but that's twice now that it's dumped me at the start of pvp and am losing positioning because of it am none to impressed about it.

The game design is generally fun and I enjoy playing, but like all gotcha games eventually things really slow down. HOWEVER, the biggest issue I have with the game is the painstaking updates to the game that have to happen, cannot even do them in the background. If this was a pc game then it would be fine, but not a mobile game. It's not fun to take a break at work hoping to play a little only to have a large in game update that takes over twice as long as my break time to update.. Don't waste your time if you want to play for free. The game will lure you in and then make it impossible to progress for free. People will say that you can grind lvls for free, but eventually, the game will lvl the AI out of reach. (Yes even quests. My avg lvl is 22 and I have to quest against lvl 25s) It takes way to much effort just to win a couple of quests a day for the daily tasks. I like the concept, but Blizzard ruined another game being greedy. Can't wait for this game to die.... I wasted over $30 on this game buying the little starter packs, and I can hardly ever play the game. The game crashes more often then not.. Was having fun until I purchased a special pack. The game crashed after the purchase & I received the gold but the tomes I never got nor got to choose which minions to give them too. R.i.p my money. Too many bugs..

Lag central. Sucks because I really like the game, what did you expect from Blizzard though, the game lags worse than any other game I've played.. It's fun apart from the crashes and freezes. Edit Feb 5,2024 about to uninstall because I can't stand the new app icon, that and all the bugs and still crashing and freezing, but mostly the icon.. Pure fun. Game looks and plays great. Getting to see all of the characters from the Warcraft universe has been a blast! PvE: Dungeons and Story missions with heroic difficulty & PvP with rotating maps! I can't wait to see what they do next! Bring on the coop!!!!. Game is fun for people who like to grind and not pay to win. That being said I've never bought in game currency and just spent a week locked out of the game because of some error code and the game wouldn't load. Just got back on and all my gold is gone and I just lost my clan rewards when I opened it. Blizzard your suppose to be the best game company. Is this the best you can do?.

Fun at start but then you hit grind or pay to win. You progress through pve fast a first but then you just quickly hit a wall where enemy is few levels higher than you. Grinding mini levels is a chore. You can complete Archilght events but they clear very quickly and you have nothing left to do but pvp where u will usually get thrown into matches where you either dominate the other player or the other player dominates you. There are no nice duels where matches go toe to toe. Recommend for 1 week. Game freezes/crashes a lot. 19/12/2023 - Can not play surges after latest update. 05/02/2024 Game still crashes a lot,updates do not seem to address this issue.. a really nice game the only problem is now that for the last 2 weeks the game is very lagging now the game play is now not so nice now because when i want to use something it ended at the wrong place where i don't put it and as i can see in all the reviews you don't even bother to come back at het people or try to fix the problems it's like you don't care it's all about money for you. Mine keeps crashing and I am losing points in pvp because of this. Very aggravating. Other than that like the game..

Update: Dropping this to 1 star. As others have pointed out the AI cheating is game breaking along with a slew of of other issues like low xp and gold gains. Even if you purchase the 20 dollar boost...the gains are simply too low. Original review: Very fun. Starts out easy enough and becomes quite challenging early on. The graphics are fun and everything feels well polished.. Overall it's a decent game. The content is great, and free. It's very casual and gold gaining currently is quite decent. Minis progression is better as you progress. The only down side is that each season's content is lacking.. At first was a great game to play but soon became evident you have to pay a ton of money to play. I have a pixel 8 pro and the game freezes from time to time. The loading screen takes 20 seconds or longer. The game is fun, but having to close the app and reopen it to fix it when it freezes, can be annoying..

The game is enjoyable and has a ton of potential. However, the connection issues, server lag, loading problems, download delays are horrible. Blizzard needs to invest som time and energy in getting these servers stabilized.. Fun but poor optimization. Every update the loading screen and crashes get more frequent. Loading screens on my pixel 8 pro is 30 seconds per fight. Used to be an annoying 10 seconds, but it keeps getting worst. Feezes in spot and becomes non responsive often (you need 9 dailies battle, will happen 4-5 time to finish your dailies), but at least it will usually pick up mid battle, exactly where you left off after you spend 5 minutes reloading it.. Ver very Grindy. Slow pace. Games great but of course you gotta pay to speed things up. The server constantly crashes. The AI just constantly spawn minis (cheat). I expect all this coming from Blizzard though. From every game I play from them it seems they hate their player base. Imagine spending lots of time or money grinding for a mini to level them and upgrade them. Only to have them nerfed the next week. Their core elements stripped render them B tier at best. Frustrating... I would have given it 5 stars because the first few days was amazing. Even if it is a heavily based grind game but Im at my breaking point on the game now. Not from grinding but from being unable to actually play. Between lagging in matches that I should easily win but lose, it closing randomly and don't get me started on pvp because it won't even allow me to do a match. I was hoping to find a way to fix these problems but I'm not the only one and everything they say to do does not fix it. SMH!!.

Cute, sure. I like the arclight surges. The PVP is actually unplayable with the amount of lag. Frustrating and not worth trying the pvp.. PVE is actually pretty fun and kudos on the dungeon design. It's been months without any new ways to play the game Game crashes back to loading screen after every match until you clear cache and then it comes back the next day.. Game play is fun. Other then that. It's Blizzards version of Raid: Shadow Legends. Where you can only get somewhere... if you buy buy buy. And it takes forever to get somewhere once you reach that threshold.. It was good before even the content are slow but recent nerf made my deck become obnoxious to best the archlight without spending so much every week.. This is the last time i trust blizzard game..

Way a fun game until they started nerfing PVP over PVE. Gameplay should be story first then pvp. Or keep them separate.. Unlimited pay walls. Unless your willing to spend upwards of 200 dollars a month on this game, you won't have a chance in any pvp and no amount of skill can grind +10xp quests to level up your minis that are 25,000xp such a disappointment from blizzard! Also full of Bugs and glitches.. Prices for "micro" transactions are insane! Disgusting cash grab from blizzard. Sad to see this is the direction of games now. The game is good but my only problem is to improve my progress account to save my game even i create battle net account it didnt connect my Progress please fix it.

I don.t get why you making the bot so aggressive, i.m at 119/160, heroics are a pain, stuck for 2 weeks already, lvling from normal quests are innexplicable, how can a 83xp quest help my 25k xp request from mini? And now, after an upgrade...even harder, for every mini i send, the bot counter me with 3 minis... I get is a pay to win, but if i have time to play it, don.t make me uninstal it because i don.t use tons of real money... Atleast stop making the bot so aggressive.... HORRIBLE GAME! players have DEDUCTED-coin-amounts, due to BLIZZARD's mistake!(Players STILL EARNED those coins)(Service of game is BAD!)We should NOT have to use GRID.ALL minis/boost/max out SHOULD be accessible at ALL times for exchange.This current feature WASTE players' MONEY!PvP should offer coins/arc energy,each match!We should be able to reselect talents; for FREE! It's a,"PAY TO WIN," game.Chimaera needs BUFF! THE (TEMPORARY) LIMITLESS ARCLIGHT SURGE, MADE THE GAME WORTH PLAYING.. This is a cash-grab clone of a different popular mobile game. I remember a time when Blizzard was the company being imitated, not imitating others. As a result, this game is a dissappintment for Warcraft fans, but a major victory for land whales!. At first this game is fun. Then when you hit match 50 the game play loop just gets dull and boring. Game is always throwing up micro transactions in your face and the prices are not good. Has the quality you expect from a warcraft game, but is soulless in terms of game play. More warcraft elements could have been added to make this game stand out, but sadly not using the I.P. to its fullest is this games ultimate flaw..

Finally something from Blizzard reminiscent of the "old" days. Simple enough to enjoy and complex enough to keep you playing.. Initial load time seems longer than ever. Terrible communication from the team about changes to the game. Long wait times for pvp matching. Plenty of better games out there. Don't waste your time with this one.. Bug ridden game. haven't been able to play pvp for a week and new client updates didn't fix it. Blizzard needs to hire devs, not lay them off. Go figure blizzard can't make a game without having massive issues and refuse to fix them. Game crashes way to often to be able to play..

Really buggy at times. I open tomes and dont recieve the XP ive even purchased goods and dont recieve them. Supports really tough to access.. The game has been experiencing a series of bugs that makes this game unsatisfactory. Session aren't stable during pvp Touch screen can be unresponsive at anytime Pvp sessions fail while you are still in them creating penalties for you in the ranking system This game is not worth its salt. I can't in good conscience give this game anything better than 3 stars. The bugs and glitches are everywhere. Sorry Blizzard, do better.. This was fun to start. The paywall is very intense though. 1200 to level a mini and 21 per quest? No thanks.

Fun game... Needs a lot of grinding and a but of strategy at higher levels. My go-to when I need a break from my primary game.. After the last update i couldn't open my game, so i uninstalled and reinstalled it. Now i can't even reach the loading screen to log into my battlenet account. I paid for this game because i liked it so much then, now if i can give you half a star i would.. Fun in the beginning. PVE content dries up quick. But the worst part is the loading time, constant crashes and laggy game play.. Great game but we need an option to kick players out of the guild that have been afk for longer than 2 or 3 weeks or even longer..

The game loads slowly. There are a lot of bugs that need fixing. On the plus side, it is very fun, but the gold is hard to farm and the PVE stops being fun after a while doing the same quests endlessly. PVP is fun until you reach 3k honor and face level 9 and 10 while your minis are level 7-8. Will gladly change my review if and when they fix all the bugs, improve the loading time and fixes the PvP.. They really ration the coins and the exp unless u buy. The pve feels super slow after lv8. The pvp is nowhere near what they claim "clean fight" when the enemies have 1-2 lv more than your minis, thats's why it' either super easy or super hard most of the time.. Fix your PVP issues ...... disconnecting when a match starts and keeping you from logging back in during the fight... Miss matching over power enemies in pvp ... laggyness The PVP part of the game makes me want to uninstall.... and PVP is critical in gaining rewards for your guild... I understand these games are geared for making you all money .... wish there was a way you could align PVP to have same lvl players fighting each other.. There are still so many bugs in this game and I'm slowly losing faith in the abilities of the developers..

The basics are there, but: badly optimised performance, lots of bugs, lacking options, and focus on spending real money really downgrades this game a lot. Please improve performance and/or give an option to reduce graphics. The new app icon: very generic and boring.. Was OK prior to patch 4.0. For some reason this patch instead of fixing issues and improving performance it did the exact opposite !? Now it's laggier, has visual glitches /artifacts , crashes way more if you minimize while it's loading and the game in general has been a huge pile of rubbish. Get your act together Blizz, I was actually excited for one of your products and it's been a while since the last time that's happened.... lack of characters, game has been out for over a year and hasnt really added much. Changed to a 3 stars.. there is still a lack of characters but some vital fixes are great.. The free surges have become way too difficult and it feels like I'm working too hard for so little gold..

Nowadays, if you see the word "Season" and you're not playing a sports game, stop playing. Any of these games with "seasons" just mail it in and hope that resetting everything (while adding one thing) will give you that dopamine rush. Stay away.. This game is just a scam, it get so hard you literally can complete anything to try to force you to spend huge amounts of money just to hit another forced level paywall. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE. Starts fun but becomes a Bobby kotick money scam.. It used to be that Blizzard would enter genres late and take them over. RTS, MMORPG, Dungeon Crawlers, TCG, and even those they didn't take over were good entries such as their FPS and MOBA. But this, this is just bad, unbalanced, and does not promote any kind of innovative deck design. You follow the few and I mean few meta decks or you lose. You see the same exacts decks in PvP over and over again. It seems designed to encourage transactions. As a fan of the company, I'm deeply disappointed.. Very fun, love the game style, but only issue is toooo slow, sometimes wont even connect and crashes a lot... even with a good wifi and a super tablet and is really slow and lagging, which sadly it makes the game very annoying... will update to 5 start if this gets better..

After 50 sigils, you hit the "campaign" paywall. Good game but after a certain level, they make it too hard in order to give them money. Too much grinding..

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